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Hi I ma trying to add the codes for google webmaster tool, is there a particular tool in the template? If not, which is the correct position in the CSS to enter the code? Thank you! Paolo

You don’t have to add any codes for google webmaster tool, but you can.

You can add an html file to your server and not have to change any code.

Or, you can add a meta tag to header.php—somewhere before the closure tag.

There is no CSS that has to be added or altered.

Hi! Great Theme, thanks… I am however running into one issue with the homepage slider not working when I activate the Ecommerce plugin “Cart66”. Something must be conflicting with the script. I was curious if there is a way to fix this problem? I have little experience with editing script, so perhaps your expertise will help solve this problem. Thanks!

Jonathan Stovall

Please email me directly through the form in my profile. I have a fix in mind that will likely work.

Hi timstl, I bought your template form ny website (www.idea-re.net) and I found it great! However I am in the need of add a further language (English, now it is in Italian). I am using WPML plug in, but it seems there are some issues (for example, I am not bale to create the main bar in English and I can not create the home page in english). Any suggestion? Kind regards Paolo

Hi timstl, our blog template seems like not working properly. We cannot see anything put on the sidebar (we created a special sidebar for this page, same as on other pages). We can’t see any comments neither, actually it seems impossible to enter them on posts. Rest of templates and pages works fine. Thanks.


There’s probably just a step you missed when setting them up… if you want to send me an email using the form in my profile along with your URL I can take a closer look.



Ok thanks a lot Timstl

I have purchased the template but i can not ge the slider to appear, all that appears is

“Not Found

Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here”.

I thought the template would come up as the preview, therefire easy to customise

No, sorry, the theme does not include all of the content that the demo does. You have to add your own content to the site.

There is a setup.xml included that offers you a basic structure to work from, but you still need to build your own content.

Also, please note, if you’re seeing that error message you haven’t switched WordPress to use a static homepage yet. This isn’t the case for everyone – some people want the blog on the homepage – but if you’re trying to emulate the demo site you’ll want to switch over to a static homepage.

Thank you for the reply. I can not see though how to add the slider. I have read the documentation and looked everywhere to do this. Please advise on how I add this to the page

A couple things that may help:

In newer versions of WordPress, custom fields are hidden. You have to use the “Screen Options” menu on the top right to enable them.

Also in newer versions of WordPress, “Thumbnails” are referred to as “Featured Images.” Functionality wise, it works the same, but the wording has changed since this theme was built.

Hi timstl, the drop down menu has stopped working. I have tried reinstalling the theme and have tried recreating the pages. Any tips on how to fix this problem? Thanks.

It’s most likely a plugin conflict. If you email me using the form in my profile, I have a fix you can try.


I have a problem with the home slider…. I really don’t know why it just stoped working one day when I added a post… I did the ussual: type post select pic and add the custom field featured with the number of appearance… when I pucblished, the slider stiped working and the only picture that is on there is the one for the post! all the others are not int he slider… I thougth maybe I need to re-number all so I did and still it did not work! do you know why tis is happening??? dies ut haveto be with the new wordpress updates?

the url is: http://www.wbc-rgv.org/

please let me know ASAP !

thanks for the time


Hi, I can’t seem to figure out how to enable the comments section for the blog and portfolio. I’m not sure if I accidentally deleted something or if there is a check box that I am overlooking.

The url is : http://www.colleeneakins.com/paintingbymilan/

There is an option in the CPackage control panel for that. However, I will be verifying compatibility with 3.3.1 this weekend, so there’s a chance there is an issue with the latest version of WordPress.

I need urgent help with the theme on my page…. I updated the theme and now the menus are crazy… I also think that there is no compatible with a translation plugin I have but it was working just fine before the update…. and now there are some pages that are now showing even if I have them right in the many manager…. also I need to figure how to take the footer menu to its minimal (where it only shows the main menu)...... please help!

I am using the light colored theme

On the top of the page where the pages are listed horizontally – Home, about, contact us etc there is a line directly beneath this which is red in colour on the page selected, the rest of the line is grey in colour,

my question is what file do i locate and what information do I change to alter the colour

I have searched through but can not find it

In style.css look for:

ul#menu-main-nav li.current_page_item a, ul#menu-main-nav li.current_page_parent a

The color will be a property there.

edit: sorry for the delayed response. If you need additional help please email. Thanks.

Hi Tim

The drop down menus on some of my pages have stopped working.

I have emailed you on this problem, please can you help?


Hi Tim,

Hi Tim,

I just bought this theme for a friend of mines website. Its going great just have one question. I am having problems adding the slider to the front page and editing the front page in general. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and I can’t find instructions on how to do it. HELP PLEASE!

Got your email, will reply now.


Just purchased this theme, really liked the look of it and the features are pretty awesome too! One thing I didn’t check before purchasing was that it is a fixed layout, not responsive.

Any plans on making it a responsive layout? It is normally one of my top priorities when looking at themes, but just didn’t check this time. Not having a responsive or even adaptive layout these days is a big no-no!

Complete Package pre-dates responsive layouts… or at least it was released when responsive was just starting. As of right now I am not working on making it responsive. However, I am working on a new framework for new themes, and will likely adapt my old themes to use it. I can’t say when that will be, though. Probably not soon.

Hi Tim, although this isn’t a relatively new theme, its still great to use and very user friendly. Are you still providing support for any issues? Not that I have any at the moment. :-)

As you can see this is a super delayed response. I provide support via email, but don’t check the comments very often. Feel free to use the form in my profile should you have any questions!

Hi Tim

We had the home page slider working but it has suddenly stopped and we cant see how to set it up again.

We have the settings page for the slider but how do we add in an image.

We produce a lot of Wordpress sites for customers but just cannot work this out – we also cant see how to add it in the theme instructions.

Can you please point us in the right direction (PLEASE) as we need to get it live ASAP :-)

Thanks dp