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Fantastic! Thanks!

There will be another update in the coming days to fix some issues that came up with the final 3.0 release. Just minor issues, nothing that will cause problems using the theme.

Hello, I’m about to buy your grat theme, but there is still a little bug that anoying me : with IE6 , the sublevels menus appear under the slider. Is there a simple way to fix this ?

Best regards


Let me look into it this evening. This did not used to be the case, but it’s possible during the 3.0 upgrades the problem started occurring. It’s also possible the demo site just doesn’t have the most recent IE6 stylesheet.

Either way, no it’s not a huge deal, and will be fixed with this upcoming update.


Thank you very much !

May I give you a little suggestion ? : your theme would be on of the greatest If you could add some shortcodes, as you can see on some others themes like this one : http://themeforest.net/item/cloudy-2-in-1-unique-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/97767

I guess its a lot of work, but such a great result

Best regards



Yeah, great idea, and my theme does have a couple shortcodes, but nothing like that. That is something for a new theme… I wouldn’t want to spend the time working 50 shortcodes into this one.

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thanks – i had problems finding the “Set Thumbnail” link for the slider image. I added the slider image to “Featured image” option in the post editor and it worked great!


I can’t figure out how post archive pages are set up. I’m using more than one category and when I create a post and set it to a particular category it and view it the breadcrumb shows it under a category of the same name as the post bypassing the category i’ve set it tool

My category pages are also only showing the first post that is associated with it.



Figured out the problem, was something with the new 3.0 menu that I hadn’t realized.

Nice theme.

Fantastic theme! With no WordPress experience, I was able to build a complete, professional website for my IT business in less than 2 weeks thanks to this theme. Tim was a great help as well – extremely knowledgeable, providing prompt responses. Thanks for the great work, Tim!


No problem. Thanks for the comment.

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Tim – beautiful theme!

Everything works great but (as a Wordpress newbie) I can’t figure out how to style the footer so the widgets are different widths.

Right now the widths are 299px – 299px – 300px. How could I change that to be 249px – 400px – 249px?


There is a class on the first widget called “widget-first” and a class on the 3rd widget called “widget-last” ... so what you could do is change the CSS so #footer-column-container div.widget has a width of 400px. Then add styles for #footer-column-container div.widget-first and -last that set the width as 249px.

This takes some CSS knowledge… most importantly you want to make sure the styles properly cascade so the -first and -last widgets receive the right widths.

Hey Tim,

Am I overlooking a setting to have the latest post show up in one of the three areas in the home static columns.

I’d like to have two of the columns automatically update to the latest posts without having the person making the post have to go back into the Home (Static) settings and changing the post which is supposed to show up.


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I’ve tried adding custom sidebars to my pages, but it’s not working. Here’s what I’m doing.

1. Add a new sidebar in the admin section 2. Adding widgets to new sidebar via Appearance -> Widgets 3. Specify sidebar on page via Replace “Default Sidebar” with “my new sidebar”. 4. Click “Update” button

When I click the update button, the sidebar does display – the formatting seems to be incorrect as it shows in the main content.

I’m running WordPress 3.0 on a fresh install. What am I missing?



There are 2 known issues with the custom sidebars.

First, the main “blog” page must use the default sidebar. All other pages and posts can use custom sidebars.

Secondly, if your host doesn’t support PHP short open tags the sidebars and some areas of the admin will not function properly. One person reported this problem a month ago—actually his comment was almost word for word what you just posted, oddly. If your host cannot enable php short open tags email me and I will work on a fix for you. Most hosts that I have dealt with can turn it on, though.

If neither of those are the cause of your problem, send me an email (form in my profile) with a link to your site and I can take a look.

Hi Tim, I would like to use this theme with Wordpress 3.0. Does this theme supports WPML widget? I would like to make the webpage multilingual. But some themes do not support WPML in the main page’s slider part, or some button texts do not appear in text format for example. Wanted to get information about that support subject. Thanks in advance for your reply, Cheers!


I will test the theme with WPML this evening. I believe it will work fine, but I’d like to run a check on the latest version.


Hi Tim, Did it work fine with the final version? Thanks for your support, Cheers!

Thank you! Waiting for the results then!


Sorry, been unavailable. I will test today on my dev server and let you know.


I didn’t realize you have to provide or buy translations with the WPML plugin, so I can’t really test for sure, sorry.


Hi Tim, Cant you just try with random words? just for the homepage slider area? I guess it will work fine with the posts, and normal text areas. Thanks.

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Hi! how to create different galleries? not seem to be clear on the instructions.

It’s deep linking with the new menu options?

I’d downloaded again and when is installed stills remains to be the 1.0.2 version

Thanks in advance



I’m not sure what you mean by different galleries. Maybe use a plugin like NextGen.

As far as the menus go… the demo site is using WP 3 .0 menus. What problem are you having with them exactly?

Howdy. I’m using the Complete Package and it’s looking great!

I have a question for you though. I’m using the slider on my home page and I would like to customize the text that pops up on the featured image.

I can do it with the blog posts by including a caption, but I don’t seem to have the same option when it’s pulling the featured image from a page.

So it winds up pulling the text from the page which tends to be too long. Again, I’d like to shorten it up like I’m able to do with the posts.

Do you have suggestions on ways to customize the text that goes with the featured images on the slider when it’s coming from a page, instead of a post?

Thanks for any wisdom you can share on this!


Thanks for posting here. I didn’t want to confuse others on the HTML template page by answering on that item.

I think I’m following what you’re saying—by caption, you mean excerpt, correct? If you specify and excerpt for a post it will use that as the featured text, rather than generating it.

And yes, you are correct you can’t do this with Pages. However, there is a plugin called “Page Excerpt” by Jeremy Massel that will add an excerpt box for pages. I have tested it with featured pages on this theme and it worked fine. You can find it by searching for “page excerpt” on your wordpress admin’s plugin install page.


Strongly considering your theme for purchase. By reading the comments I already figured out I need the plug-in’s Page Excerpt and NetGen to do what I want, so I have a few other basic questions:

Can I do the following with CSS or otherwise: 1) Change the background color on the main pages? 2) Can I make a continuous footer (left to right) 3) Can I make the Newsletter sign-up integrate with my Mail Chimp (or export to it)? 4) Can I put static text in between the 3 feature buttons and the footer? I need static text on the home page for SEO purposes.



Yes you can do all of those things. However, they are all things not built into the theme, so they will require some CSS knowledge at least.

1) Yes you just need to change the background color in the CSS .

2) Also just requires a CSS change, and possibly adding a div in the footer.php.

3) Mail Chimp provides a widget for WordPress, so you could use that, and then change the CSS to style it similar to the current Newsletter Signup.

4) Yes you would just have to add HTML to page-home.php and style it, or add a feature to the admin area to make the text editable through the WordPress interface.

If you aren’t able to make these changes yourself shoot me an email via the form in my profile. I provide support for free for features built into the theme, and charge an hourly rate for customizations.


Thank you. Since superchris confused me a little bit with his question about the sub menu widget, I’ll go ahead and ask… can I put the testimonial box on any page? I would need to customize that on “sub of a sub page”. I’m guessing yes.


Yes you can put the “Highlighted Block” widget (used for testimonials on the demo) on any page.

Sub menus aren’t actually a widget. They work a little differently.

Hi, bought your theme and its great. Two questions though.

How could i make the sidebar sub menu widget appear also on the sub pages?

regards Chris


That’s not currently available… It would require some reprogramming of the menu. You can contact me via the form in my profile if you’re interested in having it done.


Just to clarify on this:

The “sub menu” shows child pages of the current page. If you go to a child page, which also has children, those will show up. However, if that child page doesn’t have it’s own children, the menu disappears, and the user has to use the breadcrumbs to get back.

Hey thanks for your quick response on my plug in question for the slider! Your suggestion worked like a charm. Thanks again!

Okay, so now I have a new question for you.

On the slider on the home page, it turns some photos into tiles and shows them multiple times. And with other images it just shows them once without the tile effect.

How do I make so that it doesn’t “tile” any of the images for the slider?

Is there a specific setting or do I need to add a plug in?


And again… I’m loving the theme. It’s looking great and we’re getting a lot of great feedback!



The settings for the slider are in the Theme’s admin section. You can change the effects and other options there. There are 2 sliders, and a bunch of different transitions for each one.

I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be showing the “tile” for some images, though. It should be the same for each one. One of the sliders is pretty resource-intensive, and the transition may be lagged on your computer… especially if you’re using IE. I guess that could make it appear that not all of them are tiling, but you would have to be pretty lagged.

If you email me a URL using the form in my profile I can take a look.

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Hi Timtl!

First, I’m creating this website: http://www.aepb.es/ with your template.

My idea is to have something like a portfolio or gallery to show business in an area, something like a thumbnails that when you press on it, show a description of the business, adress, etc, with a few images inside, as is normally shown in a post.

So I need to create a page called “Associates” with the configuration of a portfolio as you had in http://cpackage.timgweb.com/portfolio/ but not using the name “portfolio”, just the new one, called “Associates”.

Can I have several pages as portfolios displaying deferent information?

I have no idea how to do it…

In the wordpress theme area, appear in info that the version of the template is the 1.0.1, and I’d downloaded a week ago again, an upload in wordpress again and still show me documentation for the old version. Did you upgrade the files here in themeforest for the new version or did I need to download from other place?

Please, contact me on jose@caravelledesign.com



The version you download from here is the latest version. The documentation may not contain the right version #, but your WordPress admin area should say the latest version. If it doesn’t, then you must not be overwriting all the files. The version # is contained in style.css.

If “Associates” is the only “portfolio” page you have, that is fine: You can call the portfolio page whatever you want. You just need to choose the “Portfolio Template” when you create the page. The option is under “Page Attributes.” You will also still need to put the posts you want to feature in the “portfolio” category as the documentation says. The portfolio template will only pull from that category. Basically you’d be keeping everything the same, except the page title.

The theme is not built to support multiple portfolio pages. You could use the “portfolio” template on multiple pages, but it will always pull the same posts, because it pulls from a specific category. So they would all have the same content.

If you’re interested in having some custom templates built to support multiple portfolios I can do so. Just use the form in my profile to contact me.

Tim – Thanks for all the help. The site is looking great and I’ve really appreciated your quick responses.

I would recommend this theme to everyone!

Thanks! mitchmatthews.com

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Would you be able to tell why this error on http://mybusiness-coach.com/ just started popping up a few days ago?

The error is:

Webpage error details

User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8 .0; Windows NT 6 .0; WOW64 ; Trident/4.0; GTB6 .5; chromeframe; SLCC1 ; .NET CLR 2 .0.50727; .NET CLR 3 .5.21022; MS-RTC EA 2 ; .NET CLR 3 .5.30729; .NET CLR 3 .0.30729; OfficeLiveConnector.1.4; OfficeLivePatch.1.3; .NET4.0C; InfoPath.3) Timestamp: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 20:05:36 UTC

Message: Object doesn’t support this property or method Line: 1 Char: 1 Code: 0 URI : http://mybusiness-coach.com/wp-content/themes/cpackage/js/scripts.js?ver=2.9.2



Please email me directly with the form in my profile. I have a possible solution for you. It’s most likely a plugin conflict. I just ran into this yesterday with someone else.