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Hi Tim Wicked theme you got here!

I was wondering how many pics you can add to the portfolio, i.e. what is the max of pictures you can add?

looking forward to your response.




I don’t have the code in front of me to check, but I think it’s something like 9999. If for some reason it’s lower I can tell you how to change it… it’s just 1 number in a file that would have to be changed.

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Hi Tim, do you get my private message? Cheers, Micha


I replied to your email yesterday. Did you get that?

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i tried to use the theme on WP 3 .0 but got error “Incompatible Archive. PCLZIP _ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Invalid archive structure”. Pls advice. or can i get the latest copy of this theme?



The theme works fine with 3.0 if you downloaded the latest version from TF. The zip you download contains other files besides the theme itself. Make sure you are just taking the THEME directory called “cpackage” (not the PSDs, documentation, etc) and placing it in wp-content/themes/.

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TQ for your answere. i sent to u email. please check. TQ again

First, thanks for this great theme. I am using the theme for my site, www.cillahollowayevents.com

I am having difficulty in getting the posts to appear under the blog section. What is the process for setting up the blog?


Check out the “Finishing Initial Setup” section of the documentation. It sounds like you haven’t set a “Posts” page yet. Once you do that posts will automatically appear in the blog section.


Thank you so much for your prompt response to my question. As a follow up, I would like to exclude the Featured posts from the blog. How do I achieve this?


The slider shouldn’t show up on the blog page, so I assume you mean leave the entries themselves out of the blog… That feature isn’t available. If you’re interested in having it added you can email me directly using the form in my profile.

Hello Tim,

I am considering to buy your Wordpress Complete Package theme for a multilanguage site. One of your customer, DOMEGA , had a problem in may with the plugin. Do you know if DOMEGA solved his problem ?

Thank you.



I’m not sure if he did. And to be honest, I’m not sure of the support on the plugin. It’s not one I have experience with.

Hi Tim, Thanks for a great looking template. Unfortunately, I can’t get the featured images to show underneath the main header on the homepage. As far as I can see everything is installed correctly, and I have uploaded a featured image.

What am I doing wrong? Can you help? Sarah design.walker@gmail.com

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Hi Tim! Thanks for a great template, the install was a breeze, however, unfortunately I can’t get the slider to show up at all on the homepage.

It’s driving me crazy. As far as I can see I have everything installed correctly and have a “featured image”. Can you help?

Sarah design.walker@gmail.com


There aren’t really any specific directions I can offer beyond what’s covered in the documentation… Have you added a featured image, and added the appropriate custom fields?


I added a featured image to your slider. Everything seems to be functioning normally.

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Hi Tim,

Installed v.1.1.2 and running Wordpress 3.0.1.

The front page is not displaying the byword and middle column but the footer still shows up. It will show the slider but underneath it gives me the message, “Not Found. Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.”

Any ideas? My sense is that I am missing something simple but cannot figure it out.


Most likely you haven’t set your wordpress install to use a static homepage. You do this in Settings -> Reading.

Please email me if you have any more issues. There’s a form in my profile. I don’t check the comments here every day.

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Great theme! Clean and fantastic.

One issue. Contact form boxes. The label text inside is not disappearing when a user goes to write inside, rather it just overlaps. Am I missing something?


The labels slide right when the user clicks on the text input and fade a bit. Once the user starts typing they fade out all the way.

I haven’t had any reports of their being a bug with that. Check out the demo and see if it’s working properly for you: http://themeforest.net/item/complete-package/full_screen_preview/102744

If there seems to be an issue with the demo, please let me know what browser/OS you’re using. If the demo is working fine, but your contact form isn’t, there may be a problem with how you have it configured.

The fastest way to contact me is through the form in my profile—I don’t check posts here on TF every day.

Hi there, I keep coming back to this theme as it’s pretty much exactly what I’m after.

I have two questions before I buy if possible. Is it possible to not have the slider on the home page, and is there a way of having a “full width” page with no sidebar at all?

I’m fine if it’s just a case of commenting out code (although I guess, would this invalidate any warranty?)

Thanks a lot.




The slider can be disabled in the theme settings.

There is no full width template included, but one could easily be created. I charge hourly for theme customizations, or anyone with html/css knowledge, and a bit of wordpress experience could add one.

There is no “warranty” really, at least with me directly. ThemeForest may have their own warranty rules, I’m not sure. But as far as I’m concerned if you buy the theme you can modify it however you wish. You just can’t resell or use on multiple sites without the proper license.

Hi Tim, thanks for that. That’s answered everything perfectly. Hope you have a great Christmas.


Hi Tim

Great theme

I created 3 custom sidebars and and added a custom menu to each one.

I was hoping it would display just like the first sidebar item on your theme demo here http://themeforest.net/item/complete-package/full_screen_preview/102744

But instead, it took one of my 3 custom menus and replaced my main nav.

If you look at my homepage http://trainwithme.co.za/ you’ll see the 2 nav items are actually supposed me sidebar items for a page called Volunteer http://trainwithme.co.za/?page_id=18

Have I overlooked something?

Thanks Rob


I’m not exactly following… The custom wordpress menus are just meant for the main nav. Custom sidebars allow you to create different sidebars for each page, but they don’t have any support built-in for custom menus within custom sidebars. There is an option to display child pages in the sidebar as a sub menu, but it doesn’t use the WordPress custom menus for that.


Ok Thanks Tim,

I thought you used a custom menu to display the child pages.

Just so the other people reading this know: The correct way to display your subpages in your sidebar is to go to

CPackage options in your dashboard > Pages > Check the option “Enable Subnav”

Thanks so much for an amazing theme! Rob

Hey Tim,

First, I love this theme. It looks fantastic. However, I’m having a small issue. I built a site on a subdomain and got it all finished, once I transferred it to the primary domain everything works fine except the titles and “read more” button in the CP slider. You can view the problem here:


Any idea what the problem might be?

Thanks! Brian

HI Tim

I’m really struggling to figure out how to navigate to my blog post?

I have a page called “news and views” which I would like to display my blog posts. How do I get it to do that?

Thanks Rob

Please ignore my above comment, I’m new to blogs. The answer is to go to Settings > Reading, and choose any page you like to display your posts.

Well done on a great theme Tim

Thanks for this great theme! I would like to filter the posts that show on the blog by category but I cannot find the blog template. Where do I go to modify the blog code?




Hi Tim

For some reason my drop-down is not appearing when I hover over the nav. I don’t think I’ve touched it, but do you know what I might have done?

Also, of my featured items in the slider, only one is working, it’s like static, and there are no links underneath it to the others like there should be.

Do you know offhand what the problems could be?

Here’s the link http://trainwithme.co.za

thanks Rob


It looks like a plugin is conflicting with some of the scripts. There’s an easy fix for this, just email me directly through the form in my profile.

Hi Tim

I’ve got the exact same problem as bbruemmer up above.

I see his website is working now. My client is expecting to go live today.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks so much Rob