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I see it’s possible to indicate current page/menu item in the side menu. But is it also possible to indicate current menu item in the top menu?

No apologies, this was never worked in to the design of the main navigation.

Hi just rejigging a few things on my site.

In the pagination using the dark style, you can’t read the page numbers because they are a similar dark grey to the background (portfolio pages), and in the portfolio popups in the dark theme, you can’t read the page numbers or popup title because they are white text on white. This is the same in your demo.

I’ve tried to change this in the CSS but am struggling

Please provide a link so I can see what you mean and help you fix if its an issue with the theme.


paginations under the photos. I managed to change the white text in the photo popup to black, but that makes the text above the photo thumbs difficult to see now and I can’t seem to change it to grey so it is visible on both the dark grey background and the white popup.

For the lightbox popup, try targeting it specifically like this:

.pp_pic_holder {
    color: #000;

And try this for the pagination:

#portfolio .wp-pagenavi span.current, 
#content .wp-pagenavi span.current,
#portfolio .wp-pagenavi a, 
#content .wp-pagenavi a {
    color: #ffffff;

Try those anywhere towards the bottom of your CSS so it comes after the all the default theme’s styles.

Hi—is this template editable with Expression Web?

Sorry, no idea on that one. I’ve never used the software.

Hi - awesome template. I have a question re: backgrounds: I’ve noticed that when I load the alternate patterned backgrounds -and I love the bonus-wood the bg image does not extend for the full length of the page; it fades after about half the length. Same with many of the add’l bg files as well. Is this by design, or…?


Yes, these are the background images that were designed with the theme. I’m sure if you search the Internet you can find other tillable Wood textures that you could then apply through Appearance > Background of your WordPress admin.

Hi this is a very nice theme Good work. I have a question is the demo option toggle bar (colorpicker) with this theme ? is need the selections for projects .. and why does the give me errors ” No space between attributes.” can`t fixed?

Hi there – we have a WP version of Complexity theme – I’m a new webmaster here – cant locate purchase info and notice there’s no WP version any longer???

please confirm – and suggest how to upgrade, if needed



The WordPress version has been around a few years and has gone through many iterations. It is now called “Commodore”—Here’s where you can purchase it:

If the ThemeForest account you’re logged in with has purchased the original “Complexity” WordPress theme, the newer “Commodore” theme will be in your ThemeForest downloads page already for free. There’s no charge to update.

Hi. I have used Complexity 2 for a few years and i love it. I would hate to start over with a new theme but i would also like a responsive theme. Have you made an update that i can download to make it responsive?? Thanks for doing great work.


Are you meaning to post over here on the WordPress theme?

The “Complexity 2” WordPress Theme” is now called “Commodore”—It has been completely re-built on our responsive theme framework shared by most of our other themes.

If you want to download it, it’s free, assuming you’ve purchased the original Complexity theme. You will be setting up a brand-new theme, though. We are no longer supporting the old Complexity theme, however we are providing this brand-new theme as a free update instead.

The visual editor is not working… deactivated all the plugins and no change.