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Help, I have just purchased this theme (Concept) and all I get is a blank page when I activate it??


Has this menu problem been fixed in the release version yet?

I can confirm that the version in the Downloads section of ThemeForest is outdated (last revised 9/10/10).

@epicera – Everyone who tries this theme on WP 3 .0 cannot get the menu functionality working. Something is broken. Can you give us a date for the next version which will fix this issue? We’re all dead in the water.

Is this theme working or not?

There seems to be a lot of discussion over the menus and other random errors (because of WordPress 3.0+).

I like this theme but I’m not certain if I should buy it if you are no longer supporting this theme.

I ended up buying your theme in hopes you are updating it.

However, I get this error after I uploaded the theme and went to my website.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:\wamp\www\wordpress-3.04444\wordpress\wp-content\themes\concept\index.php on line 173

Pretty annoyed.

Warning: Do not buy this theme until errors have been dealt with.

20 days since last question regarding update.

This is a sexy theme so though I would ask again, is it functioning with WP 3 .0 + yet and is there an update in the works?


FYI to use the ‘feature_thumbnail’ on index.php you need to amend lines 104 & 110 and add php. should look like: <?php the_permalink(); ?>

also line 143 index.php missing php

Why is is that the documentation associated with this template (Concept) does not match the template (Concept)?

Where is the update?

Kudos on the support forum but questions are not being answered. We have the right to have a theme that works as advertised. Featured posts are not working!

Heya Tx,

The update went up last week – which version are you using at the moment?

Thanks! Brandon

I have to agree txhoudini … The menu bar don’t work with wordpress 3.0!!! Its horrible. I use the latest version which can downloaded from here.

Please fix the problem and report back!


Dear Epicera,

A lot of people who have bought this theme are having issues. It would be good if you addressed them. If the theme has been updated, then you should post it here in the revision changes that the theme has been updated.

Would appreciate you answering some of the questions above, as they also pertain to us.

For example after upgrading to the latest WordPress edition, we cannot see the custom fields any longer.

One can only assume this is now an unsupported product….?

I hope not as it is a great looking theme. Compact and to the point.

I’m sure an update would push a good few more sales through. Myself included. :)

I bought and I like it, but there is a problem with the sidebar does not display correctly in all sidebars!

Then there is the problem with the Homepage Banner, NOT show anything! :(

I was read the support forums and realized that there will not help to people with problems!

Web developer thinking only about the money, but not for the help! In the support page you even can’t register to ask some questions and it is completely unfair!

I paid my money on this theme and i need support! Otherwise I would get your money back!

If nobody not respond to this post I will start to act a different way!

I just bought this theme and it DOES NOT WORK . I purchased it because it says 3.0 compatible. I get an http error.

Wasted $32 here. This theme doesn’t work. Feel being cheated!

just don’t buy this theme…

  • it is not fully compatible with 3.0+
  • the homepage Feature Section imagery does not resize, you must manually control your imagery
  • the homepage Feature Section does not truncate your post
  • the homepage From Our Blog does not have imagery for a reason, again, you must manually control it
  • the homepage Slider requires writing code. though simple to do, this is not a CMS
  • Cufon is not implemented properly, which causes the scroll to stop at every heading within certain browsers
  • almost every aspect within the “preview site” that looks nice is actually controlled by numerous tags and handcoded CSS
  • the documentation is written for WP2 .8, not WP3 .0+
  • the Custom Fields options listed in the documentation are no longer supported
  • the list goes on and on…

you will feel robbed if you get this theme, unless you are willing to backup your whole WP Install/Database, then reinstall WP 2 .0+ and work from a dated, and limited, version of WP.

can we get our money back?

Agreed, the author should make the updates so that it works with WP 3 .0+

It wouldn’t be that hard. Shall we all complain to themeforrest about this author?