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I’m running Concept 1.2 under WordPress 3.1.2 alpha. My website is festivalesdepop.com.

When I’m in the pages section trying to edit any pages, the Custom Field menu that usually appeared below the main contain section has gone. It’s not showing up anymore, so I can’t edit the “secondarytext” value that I have entered in this page.

Are there any other people having also this issue with the custom fields?

Great Theme! Just one problem, the homepage callout doesn’t seem to be working. I tried it on this domain and nothing showed up.


Any ideas why ?

Will this theme work with WP 3 .2?

BW. Athen

Toally burned. Menus / formatting broken on WP 3 +. Wasted $32.

Shame, nice looking theme but I’m not buying now I’ve just read recent comments. However I’ll be keeping an eye on any fixes.

Curious if this theme is supported anymore? I just downloaded the most recent version and am having similar issues to those posted. For starters the admin panel appears broken. Some settings are not being saved properly. For example, as ofirbeigel mentioned, the homepage callout or “banner” does not work. Appears to be some menu issues as well. Theme says it is compatible with WP 3 .0 but it appears it is not. Is this being addressed at all? Anyone…... anyone…....

@everyone Seems the FTP download link is NOT updated at all… Here on Themeforest website the “item page” shows:

August 2011: Now Wordpress 3.2 compatible!
and also
August 14: Version 1.1 Released.
Not clear though august 14 of what year! I suppose it was 2010.

I’ve just downloaded the theme file but “date last modified” (windows) is January 6th 2011. Also there is a folder called “Concept WP 2 .0.1” suggesting this is the latest version. The “stile.css” file instead has “version 2.0.0.” inside the header comment. So which version is it?

@themeforest How is this possible? A designer who states latest updates have been in august 2011 but downloading the file all files have january 6th 2011 as last modification date. Is anyone checking this? Any chance contacting this dude?

I know there’s been trouble in getting the Homepage Banner (callout box) to work for some. I found the fix looking back through this discussion forum, and I thought I’d resurface the fix here.

If the banner doesn’t show up when you select “Yes” that you want it to appear using the Concept theme panel, it is because the PHP code is case sensitive and there is a small error in the code as you downloaded it.

Using the editor function in Wordpress (under “Appearance”), open up the theme-panel.php file and change the 12th line of code to

$yesno = array("yes","no");

The problem is that “Yes” is indeed different from “yes” in PHP .

Then, go back into the Concept theme panel and select “yes” (now appears in lowercase) in the Show Homepage Banner box and you’re banner will now appear.

Hopefully there is an obvious answer to my question…

On the home page my blog posts are being posted in their entirety rather that showing a summary/excerpt. I’ve gone into settings/reading and I have the box checked to show only a summary, not the entire post. So why is the entire post showing on my home page?

Can someone help me out…



I got stuck on the same issue, but I found it in the directions.

you just type <!-more-> where you want the text to stop.

It’s kind of neat, because it is replaced with a link that says, “more…” and then that link leads to the post, and scrolls down to that point in the page.

Still…. it would have been nicer to have them actually use the except field.

Hi, theme looks amazing, really want to buy, but from what people have said in recent comments I am unsure, I would like to know if all the issues have been resolved yet? Thanks in advance.

1. the Slider does not show (it appears to load, shows for flash of a second)

2. in concept admin panel, whenever making changes to a Homepage Blurbs etc, some other parts earlier saved disappears

3. footer menu (in the concept admin panel) cannot be edited

Hi, I’m running concept 2.0 and just installed the dummy content and all of the menus are out of place. Also there is no index for my main page. It appears with issues on the page referenced, and doesn’t appear at all in the sites main url. foodandfinancehighschool.org

Won’t be buying this, thanks to all the commentators above, saved myself some dosh – shame there seems to be more and more “widowed” themes with no support – perhaps they should be deleted if support drys up – just a thought

Hi arpadthemeforest, I’m getting the same problems as you, but I have sorted the footer problem with a plugin called exclude pages. If we’re not getting help from the author maybe we can try to help each other. If you edit each page and un-tick the box, that page will be left out of the footer.

1. the Slider does not show (it appears to load, shows for flash of a second) 2. in concept admin panel, whenever making changes to a Homepage Blurbs etc, some other parts earlier saved disappears 3. footer menu (in the concept admin panel) cannot be edited

SIFR which renders the headings doesn’t seem to work on this theme anymore.

Hello there!

Nice theme :)

I want to point out one huge bug though: in all browsers on a Mac scrolling is impossible when a header font is under the cursor. Scrolling stops and the page doesn’t move.


This page shows is clearly. Good to check out! I suggest replacing the font with Google fonts will do the job.

Cheers! Tom

I posted the solutions to common bugs and problems of this theme in the developer forum, but it seems that these comments are more active, so here is the link: http://support.makedesignnotwar.com/discussion/1670/solutions-to-bugs/


Is the “get started” button at the bottom only available for the web-based theme and not for Wordpress? Also, can the button be customized?

Doesn’t work in WP 3 .x