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zehntech Purchased


We bought your theme two days back. we tried multiple time to install the theme on bluehost.com , but we are unable to get it working. somehow the header is not on place .. just sent you PM….


I’ve replied via email.

ogaryov Purchased

Hello! Great theme!

What are the requirements for hosting (server, modules, etc.) for this theme?

I used this theme on hosting with CPanel – it worked! But I regulary received notification from the hosting support of the overload on the server. Then I moved the my website with this theme to another hosting with ISPManager – Theme isn’t displayed correctly. :(



Do not use overselling hosting
Select hosting using CloudLinux and LiteSpeed (9x more faster than Apache)


The little icons showing on top of the menu items, where does one choose and create a icon for menu item?


Add icon from the “css classes” menu => http://oi42.tinypic.com/dnixat.jpg
here you can select the icon http://themes.slicetheme.com/concord/?page_id=80


hivesoft Purchased

Hello, very nice theme but I think I’ve found a couple of malfunctions.

Page edit mode When I click on the button “insert shortcode” and select one of the options that require lightwindow, I get a blank page as the answer.

Setting up the page template as a Blog, Portfolio or Sitemap; Save the page, the value is reset as “Default Page”.


Hi, is there an easy way to make a custom header that combines 1 & 3? I like the layout of #1 but I want to have the logo above the toolbar, like in #3. I don’t mind overwriting one of your presets for this customization.


If you dont mind, just provide me your cpanel/ftp & wp-admin login, i will help you
Sorry for the so late reply.


Any updates on this, I’ve emailed you twice

I have chosen the boxed format for my website, and my footer area is still in the wide format.



no problem with footer widget

I want to put in the right corner of the template the Widget TranslateThis button, to enable people to view the site in the language that you like. How could add?

It is the third time I write this, without response. This also wrote specialized forum, but no response.

You need to edit “library/header/header-1.php”
add this code in the line 15 (after nav)
<?php translate_this_button(); ?>
add this css code in the “css/layout.css”
#translate-this {
    position: absolute;
    right: 0;
    top: 20px;
Sorry for the lack support, Thanks.


I have a problem. When I try to save theme options, error appears. Any ideas what is going on?

Thanks for help :)




Wait until the page load is complete, then save changes

Hi, I was just curious if the support forum is the best place to ask questions after purchase? I have posted, but haven’t been able to get a reply in the last few weeks. Thanks!

roxy_sway Purchased

I have a pleading request and you would be my hero if this were a new release as an update soon (very soon ;-)). The site I’m building will have a really active blog which I anticipate to be shared to social media frequently and the current version of the theme I have does not have any social sharing as a part of blog posts.

If this feature already exists I must just not know where to find it … would you point me in the right direction?

If it doesn’t exist, do you have plans to add it in the near future? I’d much rather use something you’ve added to the theme than install a plugin.

Thank you for your consideration.

PS – can you add Instagram to the social icons too?!

I would like to buy this theme however, it seems your support reply turnaround time is over a week – sometimes even longer!?

I would like to buy this theme however, it seems your support reply turnaround time is over a week – sometimes even longer!?

Hey I updated rev slider and it seems I can’t activate / deactive it and the videos in the slider are not clickable on Android.

I’ve been in touch with Rev Slider but do you think it’s some overlap with your theme that could have broken something? I just added it to wp-content/plugins/revslider

Thanks! Matt


Great theme! Quick question – how would I go about changing the portfolio permalink to a custom permalink? Ie: change ?portfolio=testpost to ?test=testpost

Thanks in advance!

sawmri Purchased

I have tried to contact you on your web support site, without response.

On iPad and iPhone, the top menu items open menu items below them, but do not allow one to select those pages linked to them.

To clarify, I have six second level items listed on my main navigation menu on my home page. On iOS, if I click one of these second level links in the main navigation menu on the home page, a new submenu opens, with third-level pages. If I click on a third-level page, I go to that page. But if I click the second level item for a second time, it just closes the submenu with third-level pages.

This is unusable.

Is there a setting to change this behavior on iOS?

Thank you.

sawmri Purchased

Yes, sorry, menus don’t work, and my website won’t work for anybody on iOS. I would hope for a reply.

sawmri Purchased

Thank you for no reply. I’ve got a menu that doesn’t work, and I’ve emailed you several times over a few weeks, with no reply. I am going to dump the theme and start over again. I think any prospective purchaser should be aware of the issue, and the lack of support before they buy.

xxtoni Purchased

I was quite disappointed to learn that the testimonials don’t auto-rotate. I’ve added the testimonials part onto the front page and I need them to rotate.

Is there any way to do this ?


Hi, Is there a way to change data format displayed in post meta? I need dd/mm/yyyy. Regards


I’ve sent an email to make an export of PageBuilder. You can give me a hand?


Hi there,

We recently purchased this theme and we’re having some issues getting the icons showing above the nav.

We’re running WordPress 3.6.1. The custom css class isn’t appearing in the menus for us. Is this no longer supported in this version of WordPress or is there code we can add to enable this ability?



Firstly, very much like the template – user friendly and looks great. Made an error however – I changed the permalink for one of my pages and now, despite all efforts, the menu has malfunctioned. In particular, I cannot create subpages in the header menu, which is useful in header style 1. Please advice.


Problem solved – issue with chrome