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I have no knowledge of coding, but need to urgently add a phone number option to the contact form. Can you please help?

sawmri Purchased

Its now been a month with no support. I have posted here and written multiple times to the support site, as directed.

I think it would be prudent to inform those interested in purchasing this theme that support will not be included. Its very disappointing to put so much time into creating a website, only to scrap it because the simplest thing won’t work.

Sorry to see that ThemeForest includes vendors with such a shaky record.

Hi there,

Great theme! I’ve used the page builder with 4 columns to build grid on one of my pages where I’m displaying video thumbnails (4 columns x 7 rows = 28 videos, named Video 1 to Video 28). It looks great, however, when on mobile, instead of collapsing the columns in order of rows, I end up with the videos in order of columns (ie. Video 1, Video 5, Video 9 and Video 13 and so on) instead of per row (ie. Video 1, Video 2, Video 3 and Video 4 and so on).

Any workaround for this issue? Thank you in advance!

Also, any way of setting a fixed height on the text boxes but still keeping them responsive?

has anyone notice if the hover thumbnails work in ie8? I’ve tested on to different browsercam services and the thumbnails do not show up. This is when you are portfolio grids or any images that hover and show titles.


if there is no support here you should not be selling you product. Portfolio images do not show up in ie8 but you say your theme suppoorts ie8. How about a response please?

Hello I am trying to figure out why I cannot get my home page template to actually show on my index page, Can you check. It shoudl be home page template 1,....wide layout.


Please help, maybe if you DM me I can proivide a temp log in for you?

For the Blog page I need to have the title say blog or something else. Right now it’s echoing the first post. I see in the support forum there’s an open ticket dating back to September. Please advise asap, seems like such a simple, logical request. Also the page builder seems to not work


Wow, still no support? Anyone looking to buy this theme be aware you will get zero help.


For anyone having the same issue here’s how I fixed it. Might be a better way but this worked for me: in library/header/header-pagetitle.php find this around line 27:

if ( is_home() || is_singular() ) {

and replace with: if ( is_singular() ) {

Then (around Line 42) after : slicetheme_pagetitle(); } ?>

Add in: <?php if ( ( is_home() ) ) { ?>


<?php } ?>

I want to know if this theme support WordPress 3.8 or no ?


I have a client that just purchased this theme and I can’t find any support…. What’s that about? :zipped:


I am looking to resize the logo, specifically the height. It doesn’t seem to work via the groove theme options page. I tried entering the height and width in different ways (eg. 100 px, 100, 100 pixels, 100px..etc). I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Please help! Thanks.


Can anyone help me with the following:

1. I haven’t be able to activate the languages selections in my template. 2. I do not have the short codes options in the menu of the page editor.

Since the author does not reply, I am recurring to anyone for help.


Hey there,

since WP 3.9 update is out – the shortcutlist in editor won’t work anymore. Besides that, I have problems with pagebuilder.

Any upgrade? Thanks, Roman

The ST Icon is gone with WP 3.9! What to do to get the Shortcodes back? i need the Flexslider very urgently.

Can anyone help as to why I cannot see the Shortcods icon in my visual editor? Also I cannot seem to apply a template I have creat with page builder…..just goes back to wide page nothing saved.


I’m having the same problem as @jamessavino1 and my web team has found it related to the fact that the new version of WordPress (3.9) introduced a big upgrade to the visual editor TinyMCE. This new version of TinyMCE is incompatible with older TinyMCE plugins. Concord uses a heavily modifed version of zillashortcodes for the tinymce button, so we can’t update the zillashortcodes directly.

Has there been an update to the Concord theme to fix this issue with the shortcodes? If so, how can we download an updated version?

And if not, when will there be an update to correct the error?

Thank you!

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The page builder keeps throwing out my pages. I have had to recreate pages 4 times because of this. (See image) Why does this happen? How can it be fixed? Please help me! Thank you!!!