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nice to see you are back with a theme release ;)

Indeed, it’s been too long. Thanks!

Good luck with sales.

Good luck. A bold theme. I like it.

Good Luck With Sales :)

I really like it. Those integrated videos and reviews look awesome for a videogame site.

But i would prefer a regular blog style with a full article or at least more text on the frontpage for every article instead of the picture on the side. but its just my personal view.

Thanks for the feedback!

You can actually do exactly what you’ve mentioned, without modifying the theme at all. If you aren’t using post thumbnails, that column will collapse and the text will go all the way to the left margin. And in Theme Options, there’s a setting to display full post content on post indexes. I will add another setting to disable post thumbnails, for those that have used them, but don’t want them displayed.

Ok, I am already in trouble. I tried to install the plug in suggested and it says I do not have sufficient permissions. I do not know what that means.

Send me a message via my ThemeForest profile, and we’ll figure this out.

Does this have dummy data?

Yes. Download and import this file via Tools -> Import -> WordPress in WP-Admin.

thank you


This is only my second WP theme. I really need to have the dummy data so I can follow you. I loaded it but the site looks nothing like yours. It is asking me to download some plug ins; Envato WordPress Toolkit and Soliloquy, but when I try to .. I get a message of not being able to be found.. I have checked spelling, etc.

Matt, I was able to install everything except the slider plugin, Soliloquy. No match found on Wordpress

Bah, sorry about that! I ran some tests on the theme just before release, and made changes that were recommended. Turns out, one of them broken the plugin installation plugin. I’ve just submitted a fix, so keep an eye out for version 1.0.1.

Nice and simple, I like it!

Good luck with sales man :).

Just a little thing: The comments are overlapping the avatar.

Ah, and i really miss that text “Author” from the Black Aperture below the post.

Thanks for the feedback.

Where are you seeing the comment overlapping? What browser and operating system? I haven’t seen this behaviour myself.

And you mean the author blurb and such on Black Aperture? I could add something like that to Conduit. I’ll put it on my to-do list.

I’m using firefox and is like that:

And yes, i mean this author blurb just like the Black Aperture.

That’s strange. The avatar size is set to 120, but scaled down to 60 via CSS . However, they’re being displayed at the original size in your screenshot. Also noticed the text is quite a bit bigger. Can you provide a link to your site so I can check it out? Toss me a message via my ThemeForest profile if you don’t want to post it here.

I love this, never post before I purchase, but I am really hoping this is the perfect fit of r a client meeting next week. Look forward to working with this theme.

Glad you like it, and hope it works out for your client!

Love the theme, its perfect for a client.

Once question before I purchase, we run our network on Wordpress Multisite. Have you had a chance to test this in a Wordpress MS environment? I look forward to your response.


No, I haven’t tested on a MS installation yet. I’ll add it to my list and will hopefully be able to get to it soon.

Matt you’ve done it again, great work man. Gonna be getting this one.

Question: Am I able to insert my own adds into the mobile versions of the theme? I sell ads in-house and I’m wondering if the theme takes any type of ad code.


Yeah, the only way to stop that from happening, is to disable zooming, which I didn’t want to do. I figure people might still need/want to zoom in on text or images. When you flip from portrait to landscape, it’s slightly zoomed in. You just need to zoom out all the way and it’ll fit properly again.

Is there away to disable zoom?

Yes, but you’d have to make a manual change to the header.php template. There’s a meta tag at the top which controls the view settings for mobile devices. You would need to replace it with the following…

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width; initial-scale=1.0, minimum-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0">

The maximum-scale attribute is the difference.

Nice theme – my second from you and even better than first. Quick question – my google adsence code keeps getting stripped down when i save it in the ads tab with the result that those ads dont show – seems to strip all the < script> type tags out?

Sorry about that! It seems the textareas in the Theme Options panel are stripping out scripts. I’ve just submitted an update (version 1.0.3) that fixes this. The demo site is now running 1.0.3 and has AdSense buttons and bigbox ads in the sidebar, so you can see that it’s working now. Keep an eye out for the update. Hopefully be released later today.

Do you offer support on This comments section is not very good for support.

I ask that customers send me a message via my ThemeForest profile for support. Easier to keep track of that way.

Also is there a reason why you chose to use add_image_size instead of timthumb.php?

Just curious.

Mostly due to the massive security vulnerability last year. It affected a handful of my freelance clients, and was a nightmare to clean up after. I figure that theme customers are less likely to keep their WP installation and themes up to date, and it’s simply too risky to include a script like that.