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Just downloaded the 1.1 version. Awesome theme and the auto shrinking full screen video embed is fully working now. If you’re looking for a different theme that can show individuality while still looking professional then this theme is for you! :)

Awesome! Thanks for the recommendation.

Version 1.1 – 06/29/2012

  • NEW Font management. Choose from 300 of the most popular Google Web Fonts.
  • Updated font icon (IcoMoon) to include new Twitter icon.
  • Removed restrictions on the responsive video script, so videos from any service will now scale with the rest of the site.

Version 1.1.1 – 07/03/2012

  • CSS Browser Selector, Modernizr, Respond.js now load in the head instead of the footer. This fixes some layout issues in IE7 and IE8 .
  • Changed how styles are applied to post and page content area, to improve compatibility with third party shortcode plugins.
  • Fixed missing star icons in reviews, which was caused by the IcoMoon update in version 1.1.

Hi, I’m using two 300×250 ad boxes in the page sidebar containing adsense, together with a banner ad at very top.

It seems that since I updated to theme version 1.1.1, on loading any website page on my site, both these sidebar ads disappear. The ads may flash on for a second then vanish, but if I then refresh the page then they appear. Top banner ad is ok.

This is happening consistently in Google Chrome, and is hit and miss in Firefox. I get the same result whether I do it via the 300×250 ad box on theme options, or embed the code in text widgets.

Please send me a message via my ThemeForest profile and provide a link to your site so I can check it out.

Hey Matt. This posts navigator (pages) seems confuse to the subscripters, there is some way to make it simple? In the Black Apperture with WP-PageNavi plugin the theme has shown the number of the pages, how can i do that here?

Previous/Next buttons are confusing? In any case, I can add support for WP-PageNavi in the next release.

WP-PageNavi would be great, some people are complaining of this mode.

Version 1.1.2 – 07/10/2012

  • Adjusted review star sizes and alignment for mobile devices.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented custom links in reviews from being displayed.
  • Fixed broken images in Theme Options when using a child theme.

I like this theme. Any way to make it more obvious which slides in the homepage slider are videos other than saying it in the caption? Maybe a play button, or a film icon? I’d rather reserve the captions for content description. Thanks!!

Also, have you considered moving either the captions or the circles to the top of the window so they don’t overlap each other when the captions are long, or when there are more than three slides? Just a simple suggestion.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to flag a slide as being linked to a post that contains video. Soliloquy does support video embedding, though. So you can embed a video right in the slider, instead of having to link to it. Check out the demo site—the third slide has an embedded video.

The circles can be hidden all together, which is what I would recommend for a slider with lots of slides, or long captions.

Actually, whatever you did as an update fixed this issue. Now the third slide has a play button that appears in the center as a default, so it’s obviously a video. Good job. Before, you had to click on the third slide window once before a play button appeared, and twice before it would begin to play. Now, it’s the first click. Much nicer.

There is a little overlap of the sequence circles over the YouTube frame that makes it look odd. They may be better located under the slider. But overall, very good.

Few more questions:

1. Can I create drop down pages under the video menu tab for different video categories like sports, restaurants, healthcare, etc?

2. Have you considered making an alternative homepage with thumbnails underneath the slider window for people to scroll through? I would love that capability!

3. Do you have any client testimonial widgets? Maybe a small testimonial slider would be great.

4. Does the blog page or video blog page have pagination? Any limits to how many?

5. How many slides or videos can you put in the homepage slider?

6. I was resizing the screen to check out the responsiveness. I notice that the video thumbnails in your demo under “Most Recent” disappear when the mobile is oriented vertically (portrait), but reappear only when the mobile is rotated horizontally (landscape). Can anything can be done about that?

7. I like the comment buttons. Anyway you can add a “like” or “share” button to your posts so that people who visit can help promote your content? That would be awesome.


Thank you, mattbrett, for your detailed responses. I want you to know that I appreciate it.

6. Ah, okay, I understand your intention. Since I do video production, my concern is that the homepage would lose video thumbnails in mobile mode. Mobile users would have a different experience than the desktop users. All they would see is text. Also, when you lose the thumbnails, you lose those clickable links, too.

To save people from scrolling on small phones, maybe you could anchor an up arrow on the bottom that sends users back up to the menu at the top. Just a possibility.

Good point, and I’ll take it into consideration. The post titles are still clickable, though.

Hey Matt, when i index a video on the post, there is some way to put the video below the post instead above? Sometimes the videos above are not a good idea, like in this post

You’ll have to uncheck the “Full Width” option if you want them to show up in the post content area.

Your site looks great, BTW !

Thanks, but there is some way to remain the aspect of full width and put the videos after the posts instead before?

Version 1.1.3 – 07/28/2012

  • Added support for WP-PageNavi.
  • Fixed a bug which affected icons in Chrome/Windows.

Thanks again for all of your hard work Matt!

You’re welcome!

Hey Matt, the PageNavi seems doesn’t work, there something to do to activate it besides install and activate the plugin?

You’ll need to be running the latest version of Conduit, which is 1.1.3 at the moment. Once you’ve upgraded, install and activate WP-PageNavi. That’s all that’s required.

Thanks, but i already have the 1.1.3 and the last WP-PageNavi. I also already clean the cache and nothing, the plugin seems doesn’t works.

It should be working—I updated the demo site with 1.1.3, installed WP-PageNavi, and it worked with no issue.

Please send me a message via my ThemeForest profile and include a link to your site. I may need WP-Admin access to further assess the issue.

Weird. The homepage slider is acting a little erratic tonight in the demo. I wonder why. Maybe you’re just tweaking something on the demo.

The play arrow doesn’t appear in the center of the third slider. Then, if you click on the window of the third slider, the video loads and begins to play, but the slider doesn’t pause, even if the curser is hovering over the slide window. I can’t get it to stop sliding while the video plays.

Yeah, I see what you mean. There have been some new settings added to Soliloquy lately, that I think might be acting up. For now, I’ve disabled the automatic rotation of slides.

Any idea when the automatic homepage slider will be fixed and activated again? It was working really well for a while there. Thanks!

It’s fixed now. A plugin update sorted out the issue, which was caused by conflicts with the YouTube API .

Hi matt, first I’d like to say im VERY pleased with your design, and I honestly have not bought a theme until I saw how well yours fit my needs. Once I bought it I was suprized at what it had, that I didnt know i needed! :)

So the one major thing that I want to see if we can resolve before my site goes public is the fact that it looks different in every browser I use. IE internet explorer (poopy), Firefox & Chrome both look good. is there a way to fix this?

Also, when i upload a logo it doesnt actually apear anywere. but I have not tried hard at all to solve this.

Sorry in advance if im missing something super oviouse. Thank you, Jesse

Please send me a message via my ThemeForest profile and be sure to read my support policy. I’ll likely need to take a look at your site, so include a link to it in your message.

I am seriously considering purchasing this theme. I just have a few more questions.

1. On the homepage, I see video thumbnails grouped under one category or headline labeled “Most Recent”. How customizable is this theme? Can I show sample thumbnails under multiple category groups on the homepage like, “Sports”, “Restaurants”, “Arts”, etc. and put See More buttons near each group?

2. Have you thought about adding a third grid option to your blog pages in which each blog has a playable video window that extends the full width next to the sidebar and placing all the text underneath each video? This way visitors can stay on that category page, scroll down the page, and just play one video after another.

3. I did not see any sample Vimeo linked videos. Will this theme handle Vimeo the same way as the YouTube videos?

4. Have you thought more allowing the homepage to display the video thumbnails in the mobile portrait mode? Full responsiveness will be crucial to my website.

5. When will the homepage slider be fully functional again?

I am so close to making a decision. Thank you so much. Your theme is beautiful.

MattBrett, I just emailed the above questions to you. Looking forward to your response. Thanks!

Received, but I’ll have to get back to you on Monday. It’s almost quittin’ time, and I don’t work on weekends.

Hi! Great Theme! I’m working on

What’s the difference between Homepage Slider and Soliloquy?

I’m trying to add Vimeo videos to the slider on Soliloquy, but can only add photos… maybe I’m missing something and just not seeing it. Where can I embedd video in the Homepage Slider like you have on your example slider. Thanks!

Glad you’re happy with Conduit! Your site is looking great!

What’s the difference between Homepage Slider and Soliloquy?

Honestly, I didn’t even test the Soliloquy widget. I figured it would be easier to instruct people to use widgets that were built by myself, and this way there are no surprises (if a plugin dev dramatically changes a widget, etc.).

I see that you currently have embedded videos in your slider, so I assume you’re good-to-go on this front.

Hi Matt, Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I was able to figure it out. It’s not quite that obvious and took a bit of searching to figure it out, ha! I’ll write it down here.

If you want to embed videos in your Soliloquy slider, here’s how:

Put the Homepage: Slider widget in your Dynamic Homepage. Ignore the Soliloquy widget.

In the Soliloquy Tab, add your photos. If you only intend to add video, add any photo. It doesn’t matter and I’ll explain why.

Once the photos are up, click the pencil edit icon. You’ll see this toggle description: Image Link – Select the type of link you want to use for this slider. You can switch between Normal Link and Video Link. By default, it’s set to Normal Link. Toggle it to Video Link. New fields will pop up where you can set the Vimeo link. Save and Upload.

Set the Soliloquy code in the Homepage and once the Homepage Slider widget is there, it will pop up.

Regarding the photos, if it’s set to normal – it will show the photo. Once it’s set to Video Link, the photo disappears and only the Video shows up on the slider, so it doesn’t matter what photo you use. The photo you upload will be the photo you see when you edit, so for the sake of organization, it’s best to upload a pic with just the text name of the video in the center, so you’ll be able to easily identify the order of your videos when editing the slider.

Hope that helps! Great theme! And great installation instructions on the sample website. Often, you don’t see this until after you purchase and download so it’s nice to have an online option available in a separate window while we work. Thanks!

Thanks for the write-up. I’m sure people will find that useful. Unfortunately, there’s isn’t much in the way of documentation on the Soliloquy website, and video embedding is a new feature.

Hi! I like your theme. I tested your theme on an iPhone. The video and photo thumbnails weren’t visible. Is there some setting you can turn on or off? I would like thumbnails to be visible on my phone if I buy this theme.

Removing the thumbnails for phones is something I did to optimize the experience for that platform, but I’ve had a few people ask why they’re missing. I’m going to completely re-do the mobile layouts in the coming weeks, and will make sure thumbnails are visible across the board.

Awesome! I can’t wait to see it! I hope you do it soon. I’d love to use this for my site! Thanks!

Hey there again brett, probably a noob question but ive been trying to work on it all morning.. I put the hompage slider into use, and now the hompage sidbar does not work for me. What am I doing wrong?

If i figure it out ill post back ;)

Please send me a message via my ThemeForest profile and be sure to read my support policy.

All I needed to do was put the “hompage: Post Index” into the homepage.

That’s strange. The Homepage: Post Index widget doesn’t have anything to do with the slider, and is not required for the slider to work.

Hi Matt, When do you think you will update this theme with the video thumbnails visible in the mobile format? Thanks!

I was hoping to have it done already, but I’m backed up with work at the moment. Sorry, no ETA .