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Hey, it’s been a few months and I’m just checking back with you to see if you updated the responsive mobile mode concerning thumbnails. We are about to launch our company any day now and we would love to use your theme. But we need that capability. Any chance you can get to that update in the next few days or so? Thanks so much, mattbrett!

Well, it’s been more like a couple months. ;) But yes, I’ve got a new version on the go, and I’ve brought post thumbnails back into the mix for the smaller phone layouts. I have a couple more things I’d like to sort out before I release it, but should be out early next week.

Thanks for your response. I’ll look for the release! Oh hey, any chance to have the capability of several categories on the home page in addition to Most Recent? I think I asked before, but that would be great for what I am doing. I like Most Recent, but I’m also thinking about giving a taste of my different video categories if it’s possible on the homepage. Just a thought for you if it’s not too difficult. In any case, thank you for that update in advance! I know you’ve been very busy moving, so I think it’s really cool of you to update this!

Version 1.1.4 Released

  • Post thumbnails are now displayed on mobile phones. Previously hidden at 480px and below.
  • New, bigger size for post thumbnails, only used in mobile phone layouts. Run Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to ensure new size works properly.
  • Added Facebook Open Graph meta tags for optimized sharing/liking on Facebook. Corresponding options can be found in the Misc. tab of Theme Options.
  • Added Google meta tags for optimized sharing on Google+.
  • Added WP-PageNavi to homepage posts index widget.
  • Added a bit of CSS to ensure embedded tweets scale properly.
  • Fixed a bug that made 125×125 ad buttons appear stacked instead of side-by-side, even on bigger screens.

Is there a manual or how to guide for this theme?

There’s a pretty extensive help section in Theme Options.

Is it possible to remove the borders on featured pics and other pics?

This theme works excellent ! :-)

Answered via email, but in case anyone else is interested in a solution…

A little bit of custom CSS rid you of the borders and padding on images. Add the following to the Custom CSS box in Theme Options…

.content img {
    max-width: 100%;
    padding: 0;
    -moz-border-radius: 0;
    -webkit-border-radius: 0;
    border-radius: 0;

The last bit of custom CSS wasn’t 100% accurate. I’ve created an FAQ item where I’ll keep an updated version of this snippet.

Hi Matt

Your template works like a dream :-)

Just wondered if you got any preferred WP backup service/plugin that you now works well with your templates. That you have tested your self. ( Im talking about backups of the whole site and “disaster recovery” )

There is so many plugins/services out there and it’s very difficult to know witch one to trust.

CEO Vidar G. Apps4outdoors

Yes, there are a number of services, and they’ll all pretty solid. If you want a free automated backup solution, I recommend the WordPress to Dropbox plugin. I use this for my own site, theme demos, and client sites. Works like a charm, and no monthly overhead.

Thank’s for the advice

Then I’ll try out Wordpress to DropBox :-)

hi, love the theme and would buy it with a few SEO improvements, related to multiple H1’s on pages:

- home: there should be only one H1 (keeping headline H1, and making Most Recent titles H2) - category page: make category title H1, change blog posts titles to H2 - single: weirdly the first recent post title is H1. it should not be

also: pls fix the “& errors” by replacing & with &. and any other errors if possible

thanks, looking forward to the fixes and buying your theme

thanks re: H1’s

another Q: do you have any plans to update the theme in the near future? do you have a list of improvements or new features in the works?

reason I am asking: I like the theme a lot, but finding the header a bit lackluster. could the social icons be brought over from the blackaperture theme? plus perhaps a search box, and an upper nav bar would make the header much better

placing the slogan currently next to the title is a waster of space IMO. above the fold/top of page real estate is way too valuable not to fully utilize it .. even for a minimalist design. you’d probably sell more as well …

No, I don’t plan on making any of those changes you’ve mentioned. I suspect you’d like be happier with another theme.

loved your tone, thanks for the laugh best of luck

Hey Matt,

Working with laying out my site with the template. Installed Soliloquy, but getting following plugin needs to be updated message on top of dashboard. As far as I can tell no option to update, and settings says I have been verified for automatic updates.

Also the slider I created doesn’t center on the page in IE, Mozilla, or Chrome? Any advice on how to fix it? is the site.

Ah, fixed the homepage slider issue. Something didn’t copy correctly. But the plugin needs to be updated is still displayed, with no indication that the current plugin can be updated.

Should this be dismissed and ignored? It seems to be affecting activating some of the addons.

There’s a sub-menu for Soliloquy and one of the items is Updates. Click on that, and it should prompt you to update, if there’s one available.

Hi Mattbrett. I am trying to add video slides to Soliloquy on my homepage and I’m not having any luck. I followed the detailed instructions posted here by a former commenter, but there was no video/image options to toggle between. Perhaps you can figure it out and let me know. And then post the step-by-step instructions in your FAQ tab for others to find easily. Thanks!

Also, maybe I missed it, but when you post a video is there some way that the featured image gets automatically generated from the embedded video? Do I need to manually capture and upload a snapshot of each video that I post? Thanks.

Yes, you need to manually add the image for each video. There are ways of capturing thumbnails automatically for some of the bigger video sharing services, but it would require using the TimThumb script to resize them, and for security reasons, I’m no longer using it in my themes.

If you’re using YouTube, here are instructions for grabbing the thumbnail they generate for your videos.

Mattbrett, I solved the Soliloquy slider issue. Soliloquy needed to be updated after installation. Although Wordpress claims that they will automatically notify you of updates, they did not notify me. So I had to manually update Soliloquy. When I did, the “Embed Video” check boxes appeared.

Glad to hear you were able to get it sorted out! Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. The Soliloquy website was actually offline for a few days, and I was going to refer to it to give you accurate instructions. I should have thought that the plugin may needed updated.

Yes, Soliloquy did go offline for a short time. Did you see my previous question about video post thumbnails? Thanks Mattbrett.

I purchased this theme. I love the collection of fonts, but is there a way to alphabetize the lists? I’m losing my mind trying to find the fonts I want to use. lol

Hmmm, no, not really. They’re sorted by most popular. What you could do, if you know the name of the font you’re after, is click on the select menu so you can see the option, and start typing the name. It will jump to the font you’re looking for, if it’s in the list.

I also figured out that if I know the first letter of the Font i can keep pressing that button and it will cycle to the next font that starts with that same letter. Much easier to find the font that way. thanks again.

Version 1.1.5 – 02/04/2013

  • Fixed a bug that made the nav appear above image lightboxes.
  • Fixed a bug with pagination on indexes that only had a single page worth of posts.
  • Fixed some bugs in the options panel which were introduced by version 1.4 of the Options Framework plugin.
  • Added an option to easily remove image borders from the entire theme.
  • Added a new button style, so authors can make nicely styled buttons that match the theme out of any hyperlink. Simply add the class “button” to your link tag.
  • Updated bundled version of Soliloquy to

Nice update! Like the new buttons option. Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for listening.

No problem!

Love this theme. Sweet. Keep it up Matt.

I’m having an issue with the blog section. I’m not sure if I did something to screw it up. Unable to get a page to display my blog entries. When I go into the setting to setup a static page for my blog area that page shows the home page. Looked at the help section. Didn’t see anything that seemed to help.


Please send me a message via my ThemeForest profile and be sure to read my support policy.

Great looking theme – am considering it for my restaurant review site, but I have questions:
  • Could I customize to have user comments ONLY through their Facebook login?
  • Could I customize to have multiple review criteria/ratings that aggregate into one overall rating per post? And add aggregate of user reviews?
  • Customize to have individual posts (rather than site as a whole) “liked” on Facebook?
  • Customize to have content “pushed” to the site’s Facebook page?

Sorry if these are rather noobie questions.

Your questions, answered…

  1. The best thing to do here, would be to use Facebook comments. I haven’t looked into it, but I’m sure there’s a plugin for this. Otherwise, it would be a minor change to the single.php template to replace the standard WP comments with Facebook comments.
  2. Not out of the box, but you could use a plugin like GD Star Rating to add more advanced reviews.
  3. Yes, there are numerous plugins for adding Facebook Like buttons to posts and pages.
  4. Again, you can use a plugin for this.

Be sure to check out Facebook for WordPress for all sorts of great resources for integrating the two.

Having an issue with the Homepage-Reviews widget. Cannot fit 8 images on a single line. I am sure it has to do with the width of the review featured I am using. Unable to find the appropriate size to use. Thanks!

Just bought the theme and I am having the same issue with the Homepage Review widget as @twenty02si. You can see the issue on

Hey Matt, I added the code as you specified but still have the same result. I added the 8th review image so you can see what I mean. I also sent you a replay to your email as well.

Thanks, I think I’ve figured it out now. Will follow-up via email and we’ll sort this out, and get it patched in the next update.

Looks amazing… Thank you…

Hello Mattbrett,

How can i create a page similar to the Videos page

Having the thumbnails, titles and the index-style. Appreciate your help. Thanks

That’s simply a category index. In the demo, I have categories for blog and videos, and created a menu link for the the videos category.

The recent answer regarding the category index, that seems more than a little non-intuitive. Especially to new Wordpress users (like me who had no idea that that’s how it worked until I saw that post). Might want to add that to the help file.

You’re right, my answer wasn’t very intuitive, but I’m of the opinion that customers should have least a basic knowledge of how to operate WP, and that it’s not my responsibility as a theme developer to educate them. In the help file, there is a section for navigation menus, which is accompanied by the following…

If you are unfamiliar with Menus, please refer to the WordPress Codex