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Is Conduit good to upgrade to 3.6?

Yup, it’s good to go.

The “featured image” doesn’t show up within the actual article post. Is there a way to remedy this?

You can put the image manually into the post content. From experience, most people use the featured image somewhere within the post content, so I’ve always stayed away from automatically inserting it via the theme to avoid duplicate images in posts.

hello my partner purchased your theme, however we’re having difficulties with the format. the homepage is off and misaligned compared to the screenshots you posted. here is the link to our site could you shed some light please, thank you

Great Job man !! I like it :D GLWS

Can this be made to have a full-width header image above the menu?

Not without writing a bit of extra code. You’d have to edit the header template, and add some custom CSS.

Hi Can you tell me if it’s possible to have the main image slider on the front page smaller, so that some text can fit to the right of it?

Ignore my question. I bought the template and I can see it can.

Good stuff, thanks!

Any plans to update this to the current Wordpress! :) This template looks great, just want to make sure it’s compatible. Thank you!

Yup, Conduit is good-to-go! I recently released an update, but didn’t need to make any changes for WP 3.8.

HI, in your demo the slider keeps moving even though want to watch the video. Can the slider stop once the play button is selected? I am talking about the YouTube video with the guitar player.

That’s the slider’s behaviour. If you keep your mouse over the slider, it will pause it. But starting a video doesn’t.

Hi Matt!

First of all. this theme looks great! Great, great work.

Second, I am wondering if you think there would be any difficulty deploying an HTML5 game to a site using this template. Any thoughts there?

Thanks! I don’t see why there would be any conflicts, or anything to prevent to the game from running.

Cool! I picked up the template. Thanks!

Can people make their own accounts and upload their own video’s

Hello, This theme is perfect for me and I’m enjoying my fumbling first steps with WordPress in figuring it out. I’ve managed to customize it to fit my needs, though I’m struggling to figure out how to remove the post count on a category index page. My terms might not be spot on, so here’s a link:

I’m using it for promotion, making it look less like a blog site, and though I’ve read plenty on how one does this, the pages usually refer to php files I don’t find in your editor (or buried in the theme/wordpress files). I bet I’m missing something simple but could use a nudge in the right direction Thanks for the elegant theme!

Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you’re enjoying using Conduit.

You can hide the post count by adding a bit of custom CSS. Go to the Theme Options panel, and select the CSS tab. Enter the following and save.

#index h2.heading span { display: none; }

That should do it.

Ah, perfect! Thanks!

I have a couple of quick questions about the conduit theme.

1. What code needs to be edited for me to position my custom header logo(left and/or right)?

2. How do I remove or modify ‘Most Recent’ in the ‘Homepage: Post Index’ widget?

I just figured the logo out, but still need help on the widget

Duh, I found it in the theme options

Hi there – love the look of this theme. Do you know if it is compatible with any membership plugins to make certain videos only visible to paid members?

It should be fine with any of the membership plugins. Conduit uses regular posts and pages, so I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be.

Hello there, love the theme. Customized to our liking, however how can we edit the css stylesheet? We’ve tried the custom style sheet on the theme options with no success. The style sheet on the editor tab only gives author description. Any help would be appreciated.

The CSS tab in Theme Options should work. Not sure why it wouldn’t. If you want to edit the stylesheets directly, which I wouldn’t advise, you’ll find them in the /conduit/css directory.

Hey there, Still loving the theme but found a couple things I’m struggling to change and thought I’d ask directly. Using it for a promotional site with no current desire for RSS feed, but I have a dollar sign link to the feed near the bottom of all pages. Can I remove this? I’ve found various guides to doing so but many seem to relate to the individual themes and I didn’t want to tamper without knowing better.

Also, my page that shows multiple posts has an odd “C” at the bottom right that navigates to page 2, then p. 2 has a “B” at bottom left to go back. Are these open to edit somewhere? link to show all this:


Thanks for the very quick fix! Not sure about the font, works in Safari but not Firefox (where I see the B, C). Is that something I can update/replace or change to an alt font?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. What I’ll do, is replace the icon font with Font Awesome in a future update. I didn’t use Font Awesome back when Conduit was released, as it didn’t include many social icons, which are used in the footer. Now there’s plenty. Can’t give you an ETA, but hopefully in the next few weeks.

Great, thanks! No rush for me. I appreciate the response regardless.

Have purchased the theme and the zip file does not seem to include documentation. On the demo site your blog displays properly, is there a shortcode to display the blog or a page template we are missing?

Documentation can be found in the Theme Options panel.

Been happily running Conduit for two years. Now that WP 4.0 is officially released, I’m just looking for guidance on whether there are any known issues with WP 4.0, or any planned updates/fixes of Conduit as a result of WP 4.0.

Just tested out the demo site, which is now running WP 4.0. All good! No updates required.

Hi Matt -

I purchased the Conduit theme about a week ago and have been running into problems when I try to install the theme. I followed the instructions included in the txt file but once I preview the site or go to the live site, the theme is not displaying correctly. It is showing up as a plain white page with blue text and hyperlinks. I’m not sure what’s going on but it doesn’t seem to work for me? Please help.

Go to the Theme Options panel (found under Appearance) and hit the save button. Style settings need to be saved before the theme is displayed correctly.

Hmm..well that gets the navigation to show up, but everything else still appears broken. It doesn’t display any of our posts it only shows them as tiny links on a white page.

Sounds like you haven’t added an widgets to the homepage template. Please refer to Initial Setup in the Help section of the Theme Options panel.

This may sound like stupid question, but how do I place two images next to each other on your theme? It works for me on any other theme, but not yours.

I want to place two small images next to each other, but when I do, it makes one image go underneath the other. What can I do?

Is conduit ok with Wordpress 4.1?

Yes it is.