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hello, this template suports the language Portuguese( Brazil) ? Thanks

and a how do I Install in html pages?


How much do you / would you charge to integrate this into an App/System? If not, could you recommend anyone to help us put this gorgeous admin skin into a amazing Health Hub project?

thank you in advance,

Hello, where is the users guide documentation doc in the template zip file cause I don’t find it, regards

How i install this admin panel please if someone just can give me the way

Unfortunately looks like this project is dead. There is no support of any kind from the author in more than 4 months now :(

@AptexGmbH, there is no install system to this template, this is just a skin for people building their own CMS/admin.

@transworldorg there is no document for documentation. You must unzip it, for example in your local server. Then access the documentation like this: http://localhost/constellation/doc/


Viperay Purchased



can someone help me to put Grid view sortable and search to work?

Thx in advance


Some operations don’t work in demo. Why? If i buy this template, does it works?


@pimorkon does it component’ work?

When you click the modal opens the screen but is only loading the page

function openTeste()
            title: 'Teste',
            url: 'ajax.modal.html' ,
            height: 500,
            width: 1000,
            resizable: false,
            closeButton: true

The ajax – modal.html is in the same location as the page that tries to load . Thanks


DisplayInline has been sold out to MantraThemes we are taking over the things and the we are in process of transformation.

Thanks -Shak


snoop29 Purchased

momentumizer did you get help with building your Health Hub? I can help if you still require development. We use ASP.NET as programming language.


DisplayInline has been sold out to MantraThemes we are taking over the things and the we are in process of transformation.

Thanks -Shak


Viperay Purchased

Im looking for the form process scripts for all the forms or am I suppose to write those myself?

is there any pie chart available in the theme ??


nazeem Purchased

Hi MantraThemes.. Good to hear there is some one taking over this theme.. Please let us know your plans for this theme.. Plan to do any updates or only bug fixes ?

I am currently stuck with modal window.. Want to open the model window on full window.. not sure how to do this. Any suggestions plz ..



gorio Purchased

Documentation doesn’t work in chrome.. how to fix it ?

Hi new owner,

I bought your template and I think if i buy this template all components “it’s work!” but all components aren’t work. Do you think fix bugs? A lot of things missing. :crying: :confused:

How to initialize closed Accodion?

Does anybody support this theme anymore?? Or anyone who buys it is just screwed!!! Very nice theme for not to have some kind of support…