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And another WOW from me. May I ask how long it took from beginning to the end?

Definitely bookmarked. Keep it up!



About how long it took me, it’s quite hard for me to tell: I ran it as a background project for many month, while working on other projects… I’d say around 400 hours – I spent lots of time polishing it and writing the doc.

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(I’m the guy that had previously asked you about adapting this for jQuery Layout .. haven’t gotten there yet)

Another question, I’m attempting to use this admin skin throughout an ASP .NET site .. I’ve just completed the Login page, but I’m having trouble in general with forms.

In ASP .NET, they use a single-form pattern .. and due to the way I have to set it up, the form usually wraps around everything in the body (usually). I know that the CSS isn’t really setup in this fashion .. but I was wondering if you had any suggestions?

Thanks, I love this skin – and I certainly love the challenge of attempting to use it in ASP .NET.

Kori email: http://scr.im/byter


Email sent!

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Hi there,

I have purchased your template and think that it’s great!

One question though, can you advise which icon set you have used so I can try to find some more matching icons? Both for the large icons and the small ones.



Thank you!

The small icons are from the Fugue Icon Set, available here, and the large ones from the Web Application Icon Set available here.

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Great thanks!

Shame there are not more icons in the large icon set though :(

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Amazing job with the constellation.psd.

Unfortunately the constellation.psd is 20.4 mb and takes over an hour to load in ps-cs4 and I have two 2 gig ram chips. I can imagine others with less installed memory.

I’ve broken the constellation.psd down into six manageable files and created jpg screen shots for quick view of each.

let me know if you are interested in a copy for distribution. It could benefit others.

I’ve zipped at 3.6gb

I love skin. Thanks again. William

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This is amazing. Thanks so much.

Curious, are there any blog themes and/or web themes that work together with this? It would be great to have a bundled pack.

Thanks again! I appreciate all your hard work so I don’t have to!

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Amazing work mate! love it!


Thanks a lot!

This skin is awesome! I’m wanting to integrate it with wordpress as an admin area though, but I can’t figure out how to do it. Does anyone know how or know of any tutorials that could teach me? Thanks

I just purchased your template and started to adopt bits of it. I have some requests or suggestions to make it easier to site developers to use sections of your template.

1. Must have a Contact-Us form – most ideal is a working form to display errors, etc. on page. This can be used to create other custom forms. The simple form provided is insufficient.

2. The date field pickers don’t work or is not provided. Most templates in Themeforest include working samples.

3. It would be great to have a working calendar.php sample to show features of adding/deleting/updating events and scrolling of months, dates, etc.

4. The psd file included is huge and takes awhile to load. Perhaps you can split this up into several files.

That’s it for now. Thanks and I got the template running so far.


Thanks for the suggestions!

I am already working on a calendar php lib, it will be included in a future update. I’ll notice you when it is available.

About the date picker, you can use one of those : http://bit.ly/rXs5, http://bit.ly/usNiB or http://bit.ly/5lEnMq. I’ll include one in the next update too!

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Hey, I know this is a rudimentary question but can you tell me how to make the default submit button to be the blue “button”.

i.e. I want [input type=submit] to be the same style as [button] so I can have the nice big blue button instead of the default submit button.



I think the easiest way is to append a new class (ie: .big-bt) to every declaration of button in the file common.css:

button, .big-bt { ... }
button:hover, .big-bt:hover { ... }

Then just add the class .big-bt to your submit input, and enjoy ;)

Hi and congrats for the excellent design! Will this work for a shopping cart admin?



Yes, you can use it to build whatever you like, it just depends on your coding skills ;)

Is 3 the max number of columns for layout? We were hoping for a minimum of 4 so that we could have 25%/75%, 50%/50%, 75%/25% and 100% layouts.


The template is build on the 960 Gris Dystem, with up to 12 columns – have a look at their website for more infos.

So no problem for using 4 columns ;)



We noticed an animated .gif on the table named table-loader.gif. Do have that designed to only keep animating while the table loads, or is it just non-stop (if the latter, that would be very annoying).

Additionally, on the subject of the table, could you update some of the values so that they vary such that we can see the column sorting in action? You currently have every table value set identical in each column for every row, making it impossible to tell if the sorting is functional.

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Just bought it and I’m in love!!! :inlove: :bashful: Loving every bit of it except that I had to change the font family to Helvetica instead of Verdana! :)


Hey, thanks a lot! :)

Dude, this is amazing! Would you like to work for an incubator?


Thanks! What kind of work do you need? Please send me a private message on my profile, thanks!

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wow it don’t work for me



Can you tell me what’s not working?

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This is the most I’ve commented on here. I have a question that maybe you can help with. Can you tell me 2 things:

1. Scrolling on the page is extremely slow.. what do you think is causing this? Is it the block-content boxes with block-controls added? I don’t have too much on the page. colsx3-left and colx3-double-right with a few boxes.. nothing major.. just a table and a form and scrolling is just killing me.. was wondering if you had any updates to this as to a way to speed it up.

2. Block controls.. How do you make one active and the others not? I don’t see this in the demo or docs.. Right now when I display multiple block controls one of the little icons has the indention showing its active and the others not, but I need to be able to define that.

Thanks and sorry to be such a pain.


Are there any modals? Having both onclick and hover style would be very beneficial.

Does the table sorting work out-of-the-box, or are the arrows just there for show still needing custom code to be written (we can’t tell since your tables contain identical row data)?


There are no modals yet, but I am currently working on a custom style, it will be included in the next update.

Table sorting is not effective, you’ll have to code it yourself or use an existing plugin, there are plenty! ;)

wow! absolutely awesome – fantastic – unbelievable!

includes a perfect documentation – just great.

thank you.


Thanks a lot! Really glad you like it!

This package is rock solid, but there’s always room for improvement. After buying and reviewing thoroughly, we found a few “wants” for you to consider for future releases.

1) We’d love see to actual jQuery code for table sorting. A number of other admin packages on here have this feature, and this package could really use it too.

2) We love to reduce the header a bit and instead of having the iconic tab menu at the top, simply have auto-sizing textual tabs. This will let the height of the header be reduce quite a bit.

3) The ability to either use the “skin-name” in the header (as it is now) or quickly deploy a graphic logo with some css styling.

4) Modals. It would be great for things like the “About” and “Help” buttons in the footer and nav-bar. It would also be great to have them for use on general content, both onlick and hover.

5) A simplified way of changing color schemes.

Also, enhancing app functionality, whether through jQuery or PHP would be great, such as a fully-functional email/chat feature to go with those visual elements you created, a more robust DB-based authentication system with anti-session hijacking and anti-sql injection would all be great. I would even be willing to pay for that as an “add-on” to the theme (though including it would certainly catapult your theme way to the front of the pack).

Overall, it’s a really good theme as it is now (some speed tweaks would be nice).

Nice job. We’ll certainly have fun with this one.


Thanks for the suggestions!

I’m already working on a custom modal. I could also provide an icon-less version, this could be usefull for sure!

The speed issues are due to the mini.php file being used to load css/js. If you just load them normally, everything speeds up immensely. It’s likely due to that script preventing caching of those css/js files.

FYI , doing so has resulted in a 50-70% speed increase on page loads.