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Very clean design, good luck with sales!

Absolutely stunning work guys, great job!

Thanks guys! We worked hard on this one!

Perfect Theme for an upcoming project! Can wait to use! Good luck with sales!

Thanks Noblecode! We appreciate it!

Awesome, thanks for the purchase!

Great work ! :)

Thank you!

Shame it wont upload. Everytime I try to upload it i get an error on chrome after about 95%.

I see below that you got this worked out! If you were getting server errors then that is to the theme, its your server. But it sounds like it worked for oyu, thanks for the purchase!

Great theme! Looking forward for more! :)

Thank you!

Everytime i upload this theme, it goes to 100% and then goes to load the next stage and i get the message saying it failed to load the page as the server timed out or something. I have a very fast upload as well. Any help please??

replied above, server issues are not theme issues. Glad you got it worked out!

I had the same problem then had success by installing the extracted Construct file into themes via FTP

I tried installing the entire package three times, didnt work, so then installed the extracted construct file and got the message above.

How do i do it via FTP ?? im new at this

replied above, but for other users who need the info, you need to log into your ftp, and then copy the theme folder into the correct folder below …

wp > wp-content > themes

Where do we go for support the link in the documentation doesn’t work….I changed my logo in theme options and its not updating..I did install the demo XML is there a way to undo that or is that what may be blocking it?

We’re so sorry, our support ticket system is currently down due to a server issue. We are getting it fixed, for now, please post a comment here and we will get it answered for you. The link in the doc is correct, its just down at the moment.

Thanks for the purchase!

It’s back up, use the below link for support.


Housepax…if you can get into your FTP you should be able to open the Construct folder and place it into the WP_Themes folder…

thanks MBTruck!

Finally worked properly

Yep, if it was a server issue it probably came back online for you. Thanks for letting us know!

ONe question, if you go to THEME OPTIONS and then you change everything around and click changes…..what page do you then view these changes on? When i go to VIEW SITE , I dont see any of these changes. If someone could please explain this and then i wont ask anymore. thanks

Make sure you are hitting “save” or “publish” depending on the page you are making changes. Once oyu have saved your changes, go up to the top and click on “view my site”, your changes will be applied if you saved them after making them.

Let us know if you need anything else. Thanks!

Thank you my friend :)

This is a great looking theme! Very well done and a seemingly excellent value (more so than the usual fare IMO ).

Is the side navigation a custom post type? Is there a taxonomy attached too?

I’d like to see an option for the side navigation to load link contents without refreshing the page in a future update.

@HousePax – Try to be patient and avoid spamming the comments section. Queries like yours are better suited to contacting the author through their profile page.

How to FTP should be simply a Google search away. Help yourself out why you patiently wait. Remember support is optional here rather than included with your purchase for ALL Envato marketplace purchases.

If you feel you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, please consider hiring a professional to avoid any future headaches.

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Did you remove all the comments above then? Is everything ok, ,do you have any questions for us?

Just let us know :)

Support site is below! Please visit it if you have any questions!!


I was looking at your theme and wondered how you were handling Testimonials, Staff and Services? Are these shortcodes? From screen shots I see you using Custom Post Types for Portfolio and FAQs.

These are mostly just HTML and can be easily edited in the visual editor. Also, anything that’s a shortcode he will see on one of the shortcode pages, there are a bunch of them. And we can possibly add to the shortcode list for future releases.