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After browsing so many themes, this one seem to be the one I need to have. By looking at the comments, I’m wondering if it would be a good ideai to buy it.

Those of you whobought it, would you have done it again? Do you regret it?

Hi ,

for some reason I am missing the 1. Go to Appearance > Theme Options 2. Go to the home page you are using 3. Scroll down to “Icons” 4. Click “Add New” I do not see it on my page option


Can you please make a support ticket and include screenshots within it? Thanks!

iwsayers Purchased

any joy with the slider – changing the background colour ?

I sent an email via the support site – and then replied to your email with login details as requested

need ot change the colour to green….

Also – responsive version turned on – the site looses the slider on both the iphone and ipad

if we turn off responsive design – its the same

Please advise ASAP – trying to setup a site for a client using this …

iwsayers Purchased

I managed to finally find and change the slider background for the main home page 1 slider

in > Construct > stylesheets > jquery.onebyone.css

on line 144 – change the background colour to what you need. The admin panel doesnt allow / fix this when you change it…..

.homeone .oneByOne1 {background:#c0ce00 url(../images/moover/moover_shadow.png) center top no-repeat;}

please fix this theme – it has so much potential yet so many issues

now i need the responsive side fixed – please

how do I AD OR REMOVE AN ICON UNDER THE social NETWORK? theme options?

hi great theme, but it lacks the 404.php page how to thank you

hi I would like to integrate recent_work_slider title = “Recent Work” in the home page, thank you


You can do this by either editing the home page’s template file to recognize the code for the recent work slider or you can edit the template file to read the post and add your content via the WYSIWYG editor.

I am working on my client’s license with the theme and i find that i cannot import the xml file at all !! everytime i try to import it says failed !! just a couple of media get imported and everything else fails !!

any insights ?


Can you please file a support ticket and we will import the data for you.


already sent you the details via ticket..


Can you please provide the ticket number? All of the tickets have been answered or escalated to the developer.

pmcruz Purchased


As you can see on comments before, it’s got lots of bugs. The description is pure false advertising whrn they describe it as having an “excelent support”, and when they ask you to submit a ticket, the purpose it’s just to gain some time.

I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR 1 MONTH FOR THEIR ANSWER TO A TICKET, regarding a simple, stupid problem related to the translation.

Now I’m just frustrated, tired of this, I’ve lost a lot of time and money with this and I’m still at the same point where I was a month ago.



We have answered this support ticket, and I apologize about the delay from the developer. Sometimes the support on here can be limited. We ask for support tickets so vital information can be transferred. We simply can’t ask you to post a password to access your instance on this.


That doesn’t really matter if 1 month after I’ve sent my support ticket, explaining my problem with full detais of my proceeding, all I get from you is excuses because it’s morning, because it’s afternoon, because it’s the weekend, because i’t raining, because it’s the holidays, because your ‘developer’ having a lot of work, and asking me to be more patient, and that you soon will get back to me, bla bla bla… That was your ‘answer’!


I completely understand where you are coming from, and I apologize for your experience with Squidix. I hope, in the future, we can assist you better if you decide to purchase from us again. I have, honestly, tried my best to assist you and have replied to your ticket and continiously escalated your ticket. We appreciate your input, regardless, and I will be speaking with the developer for you. I apologize sincerely for any inconvenience caused. I believe, from what I see on my records, that your ticket has been satisfied. If this is not so, please let me know and I will do my absolute best to assist you further. Thank you for purchasing from Squidix, and I am again sincerely sorry.

another error, unable to install the XML file constructdemo.wordpress.2012-11-19 I matter and once again nothing, empty, if someone has an idea thank you


Please file a support ticket and we will import the content for you.

Love the theme but is anyone else having issues importing the XML file constructdemo.wordpress? everytime i try to import it says failed. Any solutions?


If you can make a support ticket, I would be happy to import the data for you. I have no problems on this side with the import, however, the import system on WordPress can be quite glitchy sometimes.


I don’t know if this is something that has been fixed or if it just happend for me but I found a weird bug in the theme, in the admin part of it. The selectboxes in the “Theme options” section are invisible. If someone stumbles upon this problem the solution is to remove a dot in the file ot-admin.js on line 366 in the class selector for “select-wrapper”. So change from ”$(this).parent(’.select-wrapper.’)” to ”$(this).parent(’.select-wrapper’)” :)


I appreciate your telling us this. This is a Option Tree development mistake, and we do not develop Option Tree, however I will let them know in hopes that their next update solves this. Thank you again.

Hi there,

Simple question. How and where should I place a new favicon.ico?

My best, Carlos

CarouselMedia is more like it, thank you very much

flywithnelson must insist, repeat the manipe about 3 times and it works. good luck

carlosvieirareis put your favicon to the root of your site: www

Hi ,

how do I make the slides shown on this link to get into auto mode

Contact us page http://themeforest.net/item/construct-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/2979247


hello, theme options > Home Page 1 (One by One) > OneByOne Option: SlideShow (yes / No)

Nevermind. I found out. ;)


Thank you so much!!! I was wondering about those buttons :)


To create a 404 error page, do the following…
1. Download full_width.php from the /wp-content/themes/Construct/ directory.
2. Open in your favorite editor
3. On line 26 replace “<?php the_content() ?>” with your 404-page content of your choice.
4. On line 16 replace “<?php the_title() ?><span><?php the_subtitle() ?></span>” with what you want your title to be.
5. Cleanup the comments on lines 3-5 as necessary
6. rename file to 404.php and upload to /wp-content/themes/Construct/

This should give you a proper error page that looks like a page in your site.
Hope this helps.