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Hi I emailed support but never got a response or a ticket number? I imported the demo content but the homepages have no body content and i’m not able to add anything.

Also is there a way to add spaces into the table shortcode?

I created you a login and emailed it to you on Sunday from wowanna@windonwater.com email title “Help On Construct”

Hi i was able to get the homepage to work. Thanks! i still have an issue with the tables though. I was wondering how do can you reorder the FAQ’s? is there a pluggin?

Hi, I have sent you a few emails recently but have had no reply (please see below):

I wonder if you can help me with the Construct theme please.

Is it possible to have the home page 6 slider moving on a timer, rather then manually using the arrows? Is it also possible to do this with the Client Slider?

I also asked in February about the portfolio items only allowing me to add one image and wondered how I can add multiple images as shown in the themeforest demo. You advised you would ask your developer but I have never received a reply.

If you could get back to me asap that would be great.

Many thanks


Ticket ID: 433505


Hi, I am still waiting for a response & help please?!


We are working on your ticket. Please bare with us. We will answer it before the end of the day.

Yes i would also appreciate a response on my Ticket. I really need to get this website launched for my client. Thanks!


What was your Ticket ID number?

Hello, I bought this theme and installed it a couple of days ago on my website, however this line of text keep showing on all of my pages: “PLEASE INSTALL THE BREADCRUMB NAV XT PLUGIN!” I didn’t find any plugin of that name, please help. Thank you.


To clarify a bit further than my colleague,

Please go to Plugins > Add New. Search for “NavXT”. It should be the first result.

The plugin is by John Havlik.

Just install this and you should be on your way!


thank you! I was having another issue for the blog templates. They seem to not work correctly. I am creating a page called “Blog” and assigned it one of the blog template but it is showing a completely different template (Homepage template). Any help please?


Can you please create a support ticket so I can help you further? Thanks!


hi…am I missing a discussion forum where we can ask questions, or is this the place to do that? Hate to be a Negative Nancy, but your documentation could really use beefing up. (For instance, including something about that Breadcrumb plugin mentioned above, which was one of my questions as well).


Thank you! We will be working on the documentation in the near future :) Let us know if we can help you!

Send me an e-mail directly at drussell [at] squidix [dot] com if you’d like!

hey guys is there a fix for the twitter widget? It just shows this: 15917 Day(s) Ago (on your site as well)


We are looking into this problem. It is most likely because Twitter updated their API.

Hello, if anyone is wondering how to quickly change the animation effects for how the slider items come in. Go to wp-content>themes>Construct>jquery.onebyone.min.js, comment out the animation styles you want at the top using /* /. Mine looks like this: (function©{var a=”fadeIn”,”fadeInUp”,”fadeInDown”,”fadeInLeft”,”fadeInRight”,”fadeInRight” /,”rollIn”,”bounceIn”,”bounceInDown”,”bounceInUp”,”bounceInLeft”,”bounceInRight”,”rotateIn”,”rotateInDownLeft”,”rotateInDownRight”,”rotateInUpLeft”,”rotateInUpRight”,”fadeInLeftBig”,”fadeInRightBig”,”flipInX”,”flipInY” */


I purchased the template and able to configure it completely. But I am facing some issues 1.) For responsive the menus are not working. If I check the code it looks like <div class="menu"><ul><option class="menu-item-2 menu-item-depth-0" value=""></option><option class="menu-item-47 menu-item-depth-0" value=""></option><option class="menu-item-13 menu-item-depth-0" value=""></option><option class="menu-item-49 menu-item-depth-0" value=""></option><option class="menu-item-15 menu-item-depth-0" value=""></option><option class="menu-item-17 menu-item-depth-0" value=""></option><option class="menu-item-51 menu-item-depth-0" value=""></option></ul></div>

2.) I have used homepage5 “Unleash slider”. Is it possible to have the slider moving on a timer, rather then manually on mouseover?

Thanks Anusha

Just bought the theme and am working my through how to populate it. Can you answer a quick question.

How can I decrease the height of homepage slider 1? Can you copy and paste the code for which php editor to use?

Thanks in advance


You can do this in ‘stylesheets/jquery.onebyone.css’ and it’ll be:

.homeone .oneByOne1 { background: #63b4d2 url(../images/moover/moover_shadow.png) center top no-repeat; }

You’ll need to add a height attribute in there. For example:

height: 400px;

Sorry I also need to find out how to edit the twitter text “Stay connected with us in your favorite flavor!” Thanks again


You can do this in footer.php :)

Early signs not great! How can I influence the logo size without it overlapping the slider? Is this in the .php editor aswell? to fit all my logo in the size has to be way to small.



You can do this by changing the following in ‘stylesheets/style.css’: .header { padding-top: 20px; position: relative; min-height: 88px; z-index: 1001; }

You’ll need to change “padding-top”

Thanks for the support guys. just 2 more questions and i’m ready to launch! 1. Where can I edit the text for the social network bar. I’m using firefox and i think the them might have some bugs? 2. The same question applies to the quote bar. Where can edit the text and the linking page?

Thanks in advance


1) Go into the file “Footer.php” and you’ll see where it says “Stay connected with us in your favorite flavor!”

2) This is a shortcode, [quote], and is actually assigned some attributes.

1. Title, which is going to be the large text.

2. url, which is going to be where the “Submit” button links to

3. the content in the shortcode which is the small text.

So the syntax looks like:
[quote title="TITLE" url="#"]Test[/quote]
As you can see, the large text is “Title” where the small text is “Test”.

Squidix, how the compatibility with IE8? I see that you only listed IE9. Waiting for your answer.



We don’t have any known issues with IE 8. You can check it with our demo, however.


Is it possible to change the header background graphic on all the sub pages?


If you go into style.css you should see something like this:

.top_title, .social_block, .text_bar2, .btn_col:hover, .team_option4 ul li .rate p span .blue {
background-color: #54a8c7;
As well as:
.top_title {
background: #3fa3c9 url(../images/text_bar2.png);
margin-bottom: 30px;
position: relative;

You’ll need to change the background colors to what you would like.

hetul Purchased

we are using version 2.0.2 of your theme. I would like to know if there are any updates to this? and also if the 2.0.2 version if compatible with Wordpress 3.6?


We do not know any known issues with WordPress 3.6. There will be an update shortly and you will be notified. This update will fix all issues with the Twitter widget API.

Hi Guys

Really grateful for your prompt feedback. All of your support has resolved my issues, however there does seem to be a problem with the responsiveness of the site.

When responsiveness is switched on the logo overlaps the menu bar on my iphone? Can you help as this looks unprofessional – how can I resolve this? My logo size is 180px x 98px.

When responsiveness is switched off I only see half the page width for the template pages so I do not have a solution that works currently.

Thanks again in advance


If you look in responsive.css, you might be able to add some padding between the menu and the top. That should fix it up for you :)

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I’m having an issue with the linking of the first “large icon” in homepage version 3: — http://themeforest.net/item/construct-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/2979247 — It doesn’t work on your demo above either. Also the linking of the banners in the slider doesn’t function. What can I edit to fix this? The other two large icons link fine (in the 2nd and 3rd position).



Can you please send in a support ticket with your URL and admin information so we can look into this for you?

The linking does work on the home page, actually. We just have it set up to a ”#” slot.

Minchcon Purchased

Hey there, I have a ticket open #196129. I can’t seem to get the banner and first large icon to link. Let me know!


Hey guys, is there any way to place a captcha like field or human verification within the contact form so as to prevent spam?

Something like this


or this


or this

an additional field that asks user a random math question: What is 2 + 5? and is required so that user can prove he/she is human.


This is possible to do, but you will need to edit the widget and/or template files for the Contact pages. We may add this feature to the theme in the future.


Can you provide the code modifications to implement this? I have been waiting to see if it gets implemented in theme to no avail. Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the code to implement this as this would be an extremely large amount of code. This would be something we would be able to do for a custom development fee.

Hi. I am using the construct theme. How do you edit the slider and add your own text in Homepage1 ? please help. I am not finding a way to do this


You will need to do this in Appearance > Theme Options > Home Page 1