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You can change the theme color under Appearance -> Theme Options -> Styling -> Primary Color.

Hello, I’m getting weird characters when using accents in the Contact form. I checked WP and it has UTF -8 support, the accents show everywhere else, but not in the mail received.


Can you pelase fill out a support ticket, use the link below.


I am a little ton between the htm and WP version please help me select one to purchase.


that simply depends on what you want, WP theme is a wordpess theme and edited via wordpress.

HTML theme is edited in a code editor. You need to know all about coding to edit the HTML template.

aruldesk Purchased

Construct Team Congrats ! on making a Century.

Wishing the Theme all success.


Thanks Aruldesk :)

moniquew Purchased

Many thanks for Construct Team. I like your theme.

I have a questions. After I set it up on my website http://tk.wideskytech.com/ and choose then home page 1, the slides look well on desktop. But when I look at it through “iphone” or “SamSung smart phone”, the slides disappeared. Would you please instruct me how to set the slides correctly? so it can show up on smartphone?

Thank you very much, Monique


The slides disappear because the onebyone slider is not responsive, we use a fallback image. Set the fallback image in the theme options.

The flexslider on home page 2 is fully responsive, and so is the slider on home page 4.

Have dropped a support ticket to you regarding the updating of the contact details in the options is not updating the contact page/template or displaying the google map.


Thanks, we will get to it soon. When did you download the theme files? We sent in an update that fixed this issue ,the new files were available on September 10th.

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Hi Again! I am still having blank pages after I save or submit! Please help? or just tell what can possible cause this? I have brands nu 3.4.2 wordpress install with the this theme..thanks



Did you fill out a support ticket? If so, please wait for a response.


moniquew Purchased

1. On your description, this template will fit wordpress 3.4, does it fit wordpress 3.4.2? will the responsive design works for wordpress 3.4.2?

2. I select home page 1 theme option, There are 5 gray round icons(which looks cool), but can we switch them with our own icons represent our products? if yes, how to replace it?

3. At the home page of your sample of “http://themeforest.net/item/construct-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/2979247”, under blue social network, there are 4 sections, content, recent tweet, recent posts, and stay connected form. But after I installed, and selected “home page 1” as the theme option, I did not see those 4 sections. How can I add those 4 sections under social network?



1. It shoudl work fine, we have not tested it yet though. Only certain sliders are responsive. I listed them above in your other comment

2. Because of the cool effect the icons have (raise up when moused over) the icons can only be changed out by replacing the smae icos that are there. Find the icon image file and make a new one exactly the same size, then save it under the same name and replace it in the image file.

We are looking into making this easier for a future udpate.

3. Those social networks ar set in the theme options, there is a “social” tab, go to it and set in your credentials. it wil show up then.

Im ready to press the button on this theme. but some users are experienceing problems could you tell me if these are easy fixes?


The issues that were reported have been fixed, contact form, logo issue. And if there are other issues that are reported, we are issuing updates that fix them.

Please note, every user has a different level of experience so we get all kinds of support quesitons. Thanks.

Monique: I believe it would be compatible with the 3.2.4 version of WordPress. However, I cannot say that the responsive designs work for this version. I will check into this. For the icons, you cannot change them easily. You will need to change them via the CSS files. Finally, those three sections can be added in the Widgets section of the Administration panel.

Your worry about the responsive design earlier posted, can you send us a ticket at support@sixserve.com with a screenshot attached? Thanks!

Nightwinter, most of the problems are easily fixed or are being fixed by our development team. With every new thing there are small problems, but we’re ironing them out :)

Vstrose, it is really up to you which you should choose. If you prefer WordPress over coding, go WordPress. For a first time website owner, it’s best to start off with WordPress unless you want to learn coding.

moniquew Purchased

DaveR158 or Contruct Team,,

I tried to send email to support@sixserve.com, but the email delivery is failed. Can you tell me how to submit ticket?

hi, Contruct Team,

We just purchased your theme: http://themeforest.net/item/construct-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/2979247 The theme looks awesome, we love it!

But we encounter a few problems, would you please help us in your earliest convenience?

1. Since it is responsive design, we purchased it for using on iphone, ipad, or desktop. But after we installed it, and choose “home page 1” as our home page, it works well on desktop computer. and then we tested it on iphone or samsung smart phone, the slides do not show up. Instead, it shows up a small icon with a question mark. You can test our website at: http://tk.wideskytech.com/ with your iphone or other smart phones. Can you fix this problem soon? Because we try to launch it soon.

2. The 2 gray round icons on the iphone is not centered well. It is slightly left. can you make it centered well?

3. On the portfolio, we can add items, but we do know where we can add images for that item, can you instruct us step by step?

4. On “about us” page, we chose “left nav”. but then we donot know where (or which file) we can add sub nav? which file or page should we work on to get some sub nav at the left.

Looking forward your response soon. Monique


1. Have you set a fallback image for home page 1 in the theme options?

2. We will be doing this with the next update. ETA is Saturday.

3. This is done via the WordPress media system. If you look to the right when creating a portfolio item, you will see the ability to set a featured image. This will be the primary image for that item. To add more images, simply upload them in the WordPress image upload popup, a slideshow will be created automatically.

4. To add more pages to the left nav, simply create new pages, set the parent of those pages to your main left nav page, and make sure the template is set to “Left Nav” as well.


For faster support, please submit a ticket! We are able to handle support requests MUCH quicker through our ticket system.

You can email sales@squidix.com or support@squidix.com, or use the URL at the top of the item description.


Also, there seems to be an issue with the latest version of the file here on ThemeForest. The bug with the contact form not displaying the address set in theme options has been fixed. If you are having this issue, we are working with ThemeForest to make sure the latest version is available directly through the site.


Is this theme child-theme compatible?

Thanks David


Well any theme is child theme compatible, but we have not taken it into account nor have we included any special functionality for such.

Can I mix and match my homepage layout under the slider?


The home pages at this point come together out of the box, although mixing and matching is pretty easy if you have basic HTML skills.

Filled out a ticket regarding XML importation issues similar to other people in the comments. Might want to think about including any special instructions that are necessary to import properly in the documentation.

Basically I successfully imported the XML file, and changed the ‘top menu’ under appearances to be the default menu, but none of the pages/or posts that exist on the themeforest demo site were created on my site.

Just posting this here for other people that are interested in purchasing the theme, looks like support has been on top of issues, so hopefully this is resolved painlessly.


We have received your ticket and will be assisting you directly on your site shortly.

There is no special method of importing, most likely this is a WordPress issue or possibly something to do with upload limits on certain users’ hosting accounts.

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Can you tell us the image size for each type of sliders.

We can put create appropriate image for the slides.

Lot of themes define them for easy usgae of the sliders.

Are can we change the image size any where?


We will include this in the documentation for our next update, for now, the info is below.

The onebyone slider (home page 1) and moover slider (home page 7) are unique since you can use many different elements in them, but I listed the general size for them. See below!

Home page 1 – 960px x 434px Home page 2 – 1000px x 429px Home page 3 – 960px x 360px Home page 4 – 940px x 381px Home page 5 -684px x 350px Home page 6 – 940px x 338px Home page 7 – 960px x 357px

aruldesk Purchased

If combination of Home Page Style and Sliders are avilable it will give great.

Any way Great Theme !


Yes we are going to look into adding the ability to user any slider with any home page.

thanks for the feedback!

Prosegan Purchased

I had my blog with another theme. When i bought this theme and installe it all my post dissapear. I already create the “Blog” page but i canĀ“t make my post appear. Please help.


Please submit a ticket with a link to your site, and admin access (if that’s possible).

veitm Purchased

Hi, I came round the comments page after having problems updating infos at contact page, and as far as I went it looks like you guys did have something going with that. I downloaded the theme only a couple days ago… Any instructions I should follow? Thanks!


Yes please download the theme again, we submitted te udpate days ago but it never got accepted until the other day so you are running na older version.

Re download the theme and install it, the contact page bugs are fixed. If you have any other support issues, please fill out a ticket and we’ll assist you that way faster. The link is below, thanks!


There are still issues with the Contact form. The street name, civic no, etc. are not being parsed properly. For example, the zip code might be displayed next to the Phone label.

Any reason why Theme updates cannot be applied within WP but have to be done manually instead? Does this mean I have to restart customizing the theme from scratch every time you release a new version?

A fast code fix for the contact form would be highly appreciated!


That’s due to the way the contact form is designed. We will fix this with a later update but as of now the address can only be 2 lines.

And no, for reinstalls you can just upload the file, all your settings will still be there.