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Hi Before purchasing can you advise:

- to change colour of template is that through .css or does each button etc. have to be replaced

- is thie IE10 compatible? doesn’t show in your profile

- is the responsiveness issue fixed? have the changes been made to the current download or do I have to manually fix?



1. Do you mean the colours of the theme (background, header, etc)? If so, you can do this through the CSS.

2. It should work with IE 10, but it is not supported at this time. Check IE 10 with our demo here: http://demo.squidix.com/construct

3. We have been working on the responsiveness issues and do not know of any pending ones at this time.

Terrible template that requires major knowledge of programming. This template was promoted as if it was easy to modify, with little to no programming knowledge required. However, I have spent 2 weeks trying to modify it, and it still does not properly work! The template is full of glitches, and should not be offered any longer on Themeforest. It needs work. I want a refund. Please let me know how to go about it.


We cannot provide refunds on any of our products with Envato. You will need to contact Envato. Further, we provide full support for our clients if they have issues with the theme and because you’re not specific on what exactly “glitches,” I cannot provide support on that.

In addressing your problems with customizing the template, you did order the HTML5/CSS3 version of it, according to where you’re posting this, and so programming skills is necessary to edit this template.

hrl8ta Purchased

There should be a warning on this template that it requires very high level programming skills to do even simple modifications. Very little documentation. This template was not designed to be modified. Has many glitches. Overall way beyond my programming skills. Wish I could get a refund also. http://2.envato-static.com/assets/smileys/crying-c214a0c08de3c69e7f22469036bb7f39.png


I’m sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied. However, as it is an HTML5/CSS3 theme, it goes with the territory that you will need to have a good deal of programming skills to edit the theme. If you want, you can purchase the WordPress theme which has a great deal less of programming and a great amount of documentation.


Do you already have a fix for the resolution problem on mobile devices? I asked a month ago for this and you were working on it, so that’s why i ask now…

Thank you Mathias


The issues with responsiveness have been fixed.


Oke thank you very much. How do i get the fix? Do we need to link to an extra css file?


You will need to update and change out the CSS files.

Lanky Purchased

Update: I purchased this, but see that it doesn’t render properly in IE9, and that is on your demo page. See the “Services” page – circles don’t highlight, circles too close to text. Can you advise how to fix this?

How does this template get 125 reviews averaging 4 stars with these issues? Am I missing something?


Can you please send us a support ticket so we can look into this? Thanks!

gerardoh Purchased

Good Morning,

I purchased this theme and was able to edit it easily. The problem that I am having is when the site is opened in Internet Explorer it breaks apart. It asks for the active control to be ran but it still doesnt fix it. How can I fix this issue?

On your demo page it appears just fine. Why is that?


Most likely this is something you have added to the site aside from what’s on the demo. If you haven’t added anything and it works fine on our demo, that doesn’t make sense and you should open a support ticket so we can look into this further for you.

Hi, before buying I wonder if you are solved the verifying and sending the form data of contact.html page. thanks!


ok, I see that this method does not validate the required data before sending.


That is correct. You will have to add your own custom PHP programming to do that. This is a very basic PHP tutorial.

I viewed the demo on my iPhone and some items on the home screen disappear when going from vertical to horizontal orientation. For example the box where it says construct is flexibly This is a widgetized area…. under the slider disappears.

responsive.css line 625

.text_bar h2, .text_bar .widget { display: none; }


style.css line 72

.text_bar .widget { top: 0px; right: 0px; position: absolute; } are causing this particular one.

The slider does not render all of the information nor does it progress to the next slide automatically or give an option to manually click to the next slide (default home page). When will a fix for this occur? I purchased this anyways because it is nice and has a lot of features. I can fix the css very easily and in a few minutes just i would like to not have to dig into the js to fix the slider as that will take me a bit longer (not my greatest lang.).


Can you please make a support ticket? Thanks!

skworden Purchased

After digging into this for a couple hours i have noticed that there are of divs to display:hidden or none / visibility: hidden; for some reason in the responsive aspect of things.

I noticed you styled them to re-size with the screen but why do that if they are set to disappear?

Can you please explain why?

i.e. the one above and here is another just for example

in responsive.css line 400
body .oneByOne1 {
    display: none;
    visibility: hidden;

so in tablets / mobile the slider it doesn’t display.

update: I guess you couldn’t figure out how to make any of the sliders re-size with the screen I’m assuming that’s why it defaults back to just an image not a slider.


Yes, the mobile sliders is an image because the sliders are not responsive. We do not develop the sliders

skworden Purchased

Another note: why does the tab content disappear when you put a div inside of the tabbed area?


<div id="tab-5">


That’s a JavaScript issue. We are unable to have divs inside the tab.

Theodorou Purchased

Hi I have a problem with the hompage 7 the sliders does not work in IE 8…Does anyone know why?


What exactly is the problem with it?

Netglobes Purchased

First of all i would like to congratulate you for your template. Consruct is one of the best template available on themeforest.

Secondry, I have a problem with the hompage 7 the sliders does not work in IE 8 ? IT is simply not displayed, you can check in your demo theme online http://demo.squidix.com/construct/index7.html just open this link in IE8, you will find the error.


Please submit a support ticket with a screenshot. Thank you.

Alegori Purchased

Construct is 100% responsive and can automatically adapt to any screen size. Try resizing your browser window to see the adaptation.

Did you fix it ???


We have fixed the responsiveness issues, yes. Sorry for the delay in replying.

Hey I have a quick question. I have been able to change the background color of everything, except the background of the OnebyOne slider on Home Page 1. How do I go about changing the color of the background of this slider from that light blue? I have replaced all the code for the old color to the new one, but I still see no change. Any help is appreciated.


Your support ticket has been answered.

Hi, i’m searching to buy the image of the woman with the dice. where can i find it? thanks !


Can you please contact sbarrow@squidix.com about this? Thanks!

plaigaiou Purchased

Hi i want the cirlces.png image to make a copy with diferent icons and put one more down from the other. how can i do it?



I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking. Could you please clarify?





You can. You may have to adjust the CSS a bit, but for the most part you can do it all within the backend.

Hello, i have buyed this theme, and i’m now trying to adapt it. I asked a question on Squidix support 3 days ago but no answer yet…

I try to ask my question here : how can i use the sidebar with other page-type than blog and portfolio ? I would like to have a page with a sidebar on the right and 3 text columns + some pictures in the main content.

Moreover, the wrapper containing typography is different than the one containing other elements, so i can’t mix them…

Thank you


You can have a page with a right sidebar by using the right sidebar layout.

Hi There, before I buy this theme, I have checked the theme in all browsers. I have noticed that the slider effects aren’t the same in internet explorer than they are in Firefox, Chrome and Safari. It needs to be identical in every browser. Why is this?


I am not sure what you mean. They should be fairly identical. Please create a support ticket with screenshots here:


Hi There please can someone answer my question asap about the theme that I would like to purchase. I would like to start working on it and if it doesn’t work the same in all browsers then I will purchase another one that does. Thank you.