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Aikindesign … yes you can use dreamweaver to edit the files. you don’t need anything else, unless you want to edit photos and then you need photoshop or other image editing tool

rikkekring … scripteers will need to answer this one.

Monique … we are working on the WP theme right now and doing it as quickly as possible, we can’t guarantee a release date though, it should be this week but we can’t promise that. we’re trying as fast as possible

shishm … this is not a wordprss theme, the demo says HTML on it, not wordpress and the name of the file is HTML5 /CSS3 template. Where are you seeing its a WP theme?

Jeffer, please let us know what bugs you are referring to and we will get it fixed.

Dutchess .. I apologize, if scripteers told you there is no script, then there is no script. I misspoke. But we will try to include it in a future update.

shism2 Purchased

When I select “live preview”, it shows that it’s a wordpresss theme.

Can you send me that link? below is the link I get with live preview, it says HTML template

decena Purchased

I do not speak English … help me confugurar the contact page, try many ways. thanks

Hasty1 Purchased

Hi, the B&W fade effect doesn’t work with the unzipped files, or it works on the online demo website. Could you please tell me what’s wrong ?

The oneByOne slider doesn’t seem to scale down to work on an iphone. Has anyone else already figured this out?

Hasty1 Purchased

Oups, it’s > Hi, the B&W fade effect doesn’t work with the unzipped files, BUT it works on the online demo website. Could you please tell me what’s wrong ?

Hi, just a quick question is the slideshow in dreamweaver format? If I needed to changed the images inside the iPhone & laptop.

Also would they be customisable in wordpress version?

Thanks, Sean

The screenshot at this page shows it as a WordPress theme? and I found it by searching the WordPress theme section of this site…


Hasty1, The B&W effect doesn’t work cross domain, it only works if the images are on the same domain.

Thanks for contacting us, Dave

I really like this template and am considering purchasing it. Can I use some of the jQuery icons and incorporate into another website I am building? Are the graphical icons included with this template?


biotronicit, I don’t see it in the WordPress category. I also don’t see any part of the screenshot that says that it is a WordPress theme. It is made clear that this theme is not WordPress, but instead HTML /CSS3.



WA6 ,

Thank you for your feedback on our template, and I hope you continue with your purchasing hopes. You may use the jQuery icons and incorporate it. The graphic icons are included in the template. These icons are downloaded for free from iconsweets2.

Thanks for contacting us,

Dave Russell Jr

Please look at the screen in the image: http://themeforest.net/item/construct-responsive-html5css3-template/2839226

It clearly states, “Wordpress Theme” on the Monitor, the iPad, and the iPhone.

If you can’t read it, I can take a screenshot, highlight it, and email it to you if it will help.

Do you have plans to make/convert it to Wordpress?!? I would pay for that.

Hi biotronicit,

squidix is making a wordpress theme. It is a great looking theme and many others have been requesting it as a wp theme. You can check the previous comments for an eta.

kahrenr Purchased

Hi Squidix,

Sorry for a noob question.

But when I copy the html files, stylesheets folder, scripts folder and images folder into a new directory folder and create a new site linking to it, in both Dreamweaver and Komposer the layout is broken?

The menu is just a long vertical list and the layout blocks are all over the place in Komposer.

Can you offer any advice to solve this?

Cheers Kahren :confused:

Construct-Responsive Theme Do you have plans to make/convert it to WordPress?! ? I Want buy & Convert to WordPress Please give me permission.

Sorry Screen-bfa, the wordpress theme is almost done, we are developing it ourselves.


Hi there, nice theme and very well built. I have a problem only with IE9 (haven’t tested with other versions of IE): The drop down main menu gets under the slider. Can you tell me how to tell the menu to display always in the foreground? Thanks and keep on with the excellent job.