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I want to know that on my website I am facing a problem with images. All images are not showing in full size & getting cropped on laptop when someone clicks on detail page of project.

Please let me know what i can do to make it work.

link for the website: www.whorv.com

Regards, Karan

Hello Karan,

We are using different cropped image sizes theme wide, if you want, you can submit a ticket on http://freevision.ticksy.com/ and we can make necessary changes to show full sized image instead cropped one.


Hi there, i’d like to buy this theme but i have a question: if I use the accodion slider, a click will open the portfolio? Or can i link the images to normal pages? Thank you

Hello, thanks for contacting us. Well as you can see on this sample : http://contrast.freevision.me/portfolio-page/full-height-accordion/ Accordion slider displays portfolio items which on click goes to detail page. For sure you can set a unique URL for each item using shortcode manager. Best Regards

Hi you can answer me urgently to the ticket? Ticket # 428658 because there are a number of errors that must be resolved, I bought the time and I would like to be passed happy, does not work the page image gallery and video gallery page, also of the portfolio can not select more than one category, how should I do?

ok thank’s

prejudice I have also responded but we have to now solve the problems, I am waiting for response, the theme includes templates page I go to enter but do not work as you can solve? Who should I contact?

We are responding your tickets contentiously, please don’t pretend like we don’t care.


This looks unbelievable!!! http://themeforest.net/item/contrast-elite-photography-portfolio-wp-theme/full_screen_preview/6652245

Is there any way I can buy this in a plugin format?

Thanks Wzz

It’s embeded into the theme and yes no way to use as standalone.

Now I’m taking a chance… how much to customize such a plugin for me?

....its realllllyyyyy cool man!!! I’d even help on the testing of the plugin :)

Rgds Wzz


Thank you for caring but really we are not able help to develop a plugin with that component currently.

Thank you for understanding, sorry for we can’t help further.

Kind regards.

I am interested in buying the template, but have a question . In the home it is possible to combine a photo slider with a video? That is, leave a photo then the slider automatically show a short video of 10 seconds and then automatically switch to another photo? reference to what I want leave this page: http://locomotive.ca/ ( the video is in the fourth slider transition from the home)


We have bundled powerful Revolution Slider plugin with the theme, and displaying video on one slide and showing an image next one is possible.

Kind regards.

I also have problems with these shortcode, They do not appear immediately, but if you reload the page appear, you can solve this error? urgently



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Viewing your issues again.


I’m still waiting for the resolution of the problem

Responded already, we were just talking about different things, sorry about that.

before i buy this template, does it have protected galleries so a visitor can type a password set by admin ?

also can you protect posts?


Thank you.

With the update of 30 December 2014 we have added standard protection template of WordPress to following gallery templates;

--- Gallery : Thumbnail Navigation
--- Gallery : Visible Nearby
--- Gallery : Horizontal Grid Folio
--- Gallery : Simple Vertical
--- Gallery : Classic Full
--- Gallery : Accordion
--- Gallery : Megafolio

Kind regards.

Pre-Sales Question:

I’m interested in possibly purchasing this template, but I have several questions:

1) I’d like to know if it’s possible to use the full-height accordion as the main page.

2) Can I make it so that the accordion isn’t a slider, but is instead still?

3) Can I add words over each of the pictures in the accordion, so that it’s a title that lets the visitor know what page clicking on it will lead to?

Thank you for the information!

Hello, thanks for contacting us.

1- yes you can.

2-3- i think you are trying to do something different than it is. ? got what you mean but accordion slider isn’t working that way. You may search for such plugins. Thank you

Thank you for the quick response! :)

Sure thing. Feel free to ask further questions.

I answered: Ticket #428658 This is working well for you? (see screenshot), but I got to be kidding? also repeat the same things the gallery module does not work, you have all the data access but have not solved anything …

Viewing your issues again.


hi might have answer the ticket # 428658? thanks


Hi. Pre-sale question It is possible to hide title and description on the image in some portfolios/galleries and show it in another portfolios/galleries

Hello, thanks for contacting us. Please gimme direct URL which gallery you’re addressing I’d be more helpful. Regards

I’m talking about this: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=35i7ziu&s=8 it is possible to disable and enable titles and description for portfolios?

Hello, to do that requires a bit modification. Once you buy theme please open a ticket and state your request. We’ll assist you. regards


Giasher Purchased

! Amazing !

could not figure out how to open iframes in lightbox (fancybox has such feature) from thumbs, images, slides – would You be so kind to clue me the syntax?


Giasher Purchased

Thanks for flash answer, my issue is:

i would like to open most effective way my full screen html page by clicking on the post image/text. and for me prefferable possible ways are:

1. iframe in the lightbox

2. full screen page with embedded iframe

anyway, just tried already and iframe in lightbox works with prettyphoto other plugin

Again, thanks for 5+star thema


Thank you,

If you are about to use a page template with Horizontal Grid Folio, there are options to set an URL to open in lighttbox when you create a portfolio post.

But for other posts types there is no place to enter a custom URL to let it open in an iframe or a new window, requires customization.

Kind regards.


Giasher Purchased

Thanks! all clear

hi, i configured a footer wiget but i didn’t see anithing appearing on the website footer can you help me


Sure, currently I am checking tickets, please submit a ticket on http://freevision.ticksy.com and share more details, so I can take a look in place.


i can’t open a ticket i don’t have the theme serial i wrote you a bout that


Without further details and “purchased” badge with your message here, we can’t help you any further. Please submit a ticket or write on market from the account that you bough your theme.



adavenue Purchased

“Load More Posts” Doesn’t work, I am using template “Image Gallery: Categorized Gallery” with Grid layout Basic #13, when I click the button, nothing more appears and I have 90 image, they only show up when I change the load from 30 to 90, any suggestions?

Nope, I am already in. You know, there are many tickets and we can’t keep track of them in our mind every time :)



adavenue Purchased

Ok thank you – the lightbox is appearing for the next batch after “Load More Posts” is click, but the “description” is not missing from that second batch. Note the description does appear in the first batch of images

Responded, I will write more once I am done completely.


adavenue Purchased

Ok, I have to keep trying new things as I await answers to previous comments and questions. Here’s a new one. I created a testing site, upload your dummy data, imported a single image of a car “mercedes benz” and used the “create bulk post” to add it to your “image gallery”, it appears correctly on my desktop and mobile device, but when the image is clicked it does not open inside a lightbox like the others. The file is 1MB could that be the reason?

You can view it athttp://test-v02.automotivexposure.com/ , then click category and select “all cars” . Any suggestions?


adavenue Purchased

I have made an update to that response yesterday – have you read it?


adavenue Purchased

I haven’t heard from anyone for a day and half now – I will have to try to get this done on my own – it would be nice to be notified that you won’t be working on anything for two days.