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Hey, You know what is missing in this template? A DASHBOARD ! :)

I think you should consider to add a dashboard page.

other then that, it’s a great template. good job!


Dashboard wise, what are you looking for. Quick link kind of buttons, statistical graphs, etc? I’d be more than happy to have a go at it, as well as including it in my next admin theme that’s coming soon.

+1 for batuhanicoz

But otherwise, great theme!


I have a multi-authors WordPress blog.

The default back-end is a bit too classic and technical for users.

I am wondering if this admin skin supports multi-authors? (Not multi -sites) My members (authors) should only be focusing on writing articles and read announcements and change profile etc… They should only be viewing their own posts, comments, media, profile whereas Admin (myself) can view all users’ posts, comments etc… Users should not be changing any settings, plugins etc…

Also, I am using Theme My Login, is this compatible with it?

This admin skin plugin will not cause any conflict with the theme (front end) that I am using right?

Btw, I am using the latest WordPress 3.1, does it support WordPress 3.1 Menu?

regards, Will


This admin theme is html/css and is intended for developers to integrate into their own CMS ’s and backend’s. It does not support any version of wordpress I am afraid.

Great great theme!

Would love to see the ability to hide the sidebar (make it slide in/out). Sort of like the weadmin theme also on this site. As an extra, the dropdown that is now at the top of the sidebar could be placed in the header instead when the sidebar is hidden.

I will probably add some more suggestions as I integrate this theme, which I just started. Hope you don’t mind :)

One thing I did notice was a flash of unstyled content in the sidebar. (showing all the menu elements opened up for a split second before hiding them and only showing the relevant ones for the section (on page load)).


By all means, keep the thoughts and problems coming. The more feedback recieved, the more likely the admin panel is to be updated usefully.

Thanks for purchasing, and giving feedback.

Best regards,



Well, just today I was working on updating the sidebar to include my own navigation links.

With PHP I add class=”current” to the

  • element that is currently active.
  • One thing I’d like to see is that the class could also be added to the sub elements. I tried this, but it resulted in the following:


    Only afterwards I realized it has to be added to the parent

  • . So there is no way to show which sub element is currently active (though I could easily add this)
  • At the moment I need to add it to “pages” instead of “create new” (the sub element).

    Also, if it’s somehow possible, I’m not a big fan on having to click on “pages”, wait for the slideout, then click on “edit”.

    I added an URL to the top element expecting that it would go to that page but your javascript seems to block that.

    If there is a href that points to an URL , I think it should just load that URL immediately. Then on page load it will have the submenu open.

    To get rid of the flash of unstyled content in the sidebar, I changed your js a bit:

    Got rid of window.load in document.ready: (or is there a reason for this I don’t know?)

    $(document).ready(function() { SidebarMenu();

    $(window).resize(function() {

    and in the sidebarMenu function put these two first:

    var SidebarMenu = function() {
        $('ul.navigation li ul').hide(); //Hide all sub nav's

    Instead of in the if / else after other commands.

    Ok, I’m posting a lot of stuff here, would it be better if I emailed you from now on? I’ve taken a look at wordpress admin and like how they do the sidebar.

    They have the links which you click on and it immediately loads that page, but also a triangle button which slides out the sub elements when clicked on via js. Perhaps that would be a nice solution. (only if the href points to a URL )

    As for a dashboard, that is indeed missing. I’d simply like to see some more box styles, as well as having a header for each box. (Different bg color/gradient). Let’s not forget tabs either.

    Oh, and one other thing, are you sure that button elements can’t be styled exactly like the fake buttons (links) you have now? I’ve seen other templates do this. Would be great if this theme could.. Don’t want to break standards over this.

    kidino Purchased

    The menu and navigation, why does the “Demo Pages” becomes “Demo” when you visit it the second time around and onwards? Any fix to this?


    Ahh, well noticed. There’s a bit of a flaw in the way that the jquery for that menu selects the text to display on top of the dropdown. I’ll get this fixed and updated for you a.s.a.p


    Any update on some of the functionality requested? Any new version coming soon? (Just finishing a web app with this theme)


    I am currently working on the final touches to a new admin panel theme. Then I will turn my attention to Control Admin and look at improvements that can be made.

    Amongst some of the things you have mentioned, I also want to look at the visual appeal of the admin panel. If you have any thoughts on what else can be improved in the theme, please email me at matt@qwibbledesigns.co.uk

    everton Purchased

    First I would like to congratulate the QwibbleDesigns did a great job in this template. I look forward to updates for this template. My current and only problem is the impossibility of set a dropdown < li > as active. I even tried making changes in javascript, but do not know how. I ended up not succeeding. Waiting for a solution, thanks for all.

    Continue with your excellent work.


    Thanks everton.

    Do you mean in the sidebar, or the dropdown selects?

    everton Purchased

    the sidebar menu (ul, li) , that seems like a dropdown. well i’ve developed a dynamic menu, but on page refresh, i’need to set it dinamicaly using something like a class=”active” for example.


    You set set the class of current to the navigation link in the submenu’s relating to the page you are on, and the dropdown menu picker will automatically select the right menu text to display.

    If you still have problems with this send me an email via my profile.


    everton Purchased

    Thanks a lot QwibbleDesigns !! This Template is PERFECT !

    noobcola Purchased

    Great template, just what I needed for my simple cart admin panel. My only issue is that there are like 1000 icons that are not used (I assume). While this isn’t an issue uploading via FTP , syncing via FTP or SVN takes forever. Other than that, great work!

    Any updates on this? It’s been about half a year that new features have been asked for….

    jeffmace Purchased

    Is there anyone here that can tell me how I can edit the Edit – Preview – Delete links that appear on the hover in the table views?


    You can edit them in custom.jquery.js


    jeffmace Purchased

    Thanks, but how can you use them for more than one page? For example, if you are editing products, categories, news, users, etc, they all don’t have the same edit page link?

    So it might be like categories.php, products.php.

    So i guess you are going to have to make several jquery functions for each one?


    I suppose you could detect what page you are on with jquery and vary the links dependent on what page you are on. If you need different links for each table row I guess you could pass in array’s or something but this is more than I had planned for since this theme is built for developers.


    Mate, here’s some changes I made. Qwibble doesn’t seem interested, so I’ll add it here:


    (replace this with the old code in custom.jquery.js)

    you’ll need to add custom attributes to the tr

    tr data-controls=”2” data-edit=”..” data-preview=”..” data-delete=”..”

    The data-controls needs an integer, and specifies the column where the controls are going to be added (here the second column).

    Right now you’ll have to add all these variables. I was going to change it so that not all are required but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    fliriano Purchased

    This template is exactlyI I was looking for.

    Easy, nice and great desgin.

    Thank a lot QwibbleDesigns.

    But I have some issue, how can I give a value to a each tr in Edit / Preview / Delete, because I did improvingtheweb suggest in all tr I have the same value as last tr.

    See code: <tr> <td><input name="RowSelected" id="RowSelected" type="checkbox" value="1" /></td> <td><script>$('tr').data('controls', 2);$('tr').data('edit', 10);$('tr').data('preview', 122);$('tr').data('delete', 44);</script> Apple finally release the iPhone 4</td> <td>Steve Jobs</td> <td>Apple</td> <td>apple, iphone, iphone os, phone</td> <td>184</td> <td>12.06.10</td> </tr> <tr> <td><input name="RowSelected" id="RowSelected" type="checkbox" value="2" /></td> <td><script>$('tr').data('controls', 2);$('tr').data('edit', 11);$('tr').data('preview', 567);$('tr').data('delete', 877);</script> Apple finally release the iPhone 4</td> <td>Steve Jobs</td> <td>Apple</td> <td>apple, iphone, iphone os, phone</td> <td>184</td> <td>12.06.10</td> </tr>

    I will appreciate your help.