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Review: 0 (Zero Stars) Theme Quality: Poor Support: Nonexistent Documentation: Barely adequate

Since I can’t seem to be able to provide an official review (I wonder why!) I am providing one here. I think it is reasonable to expect with a professionally developed theme that it actually work in the basic features advertised, that some minimal level of support is provided, and that the documentation is more than barely adequate. None of these are true with the Converge theme I purchased.

The piecemaker slider does not work. The code provided in the documentation refers to directories that do not exist. My best guess is that the author did not use this slider much and that it did not get ported fully to Drupal 7.

When I made an effort to obtain support I was initially hopeful, because I got a response indicating a willingness to help by a request for logon details. Since then I have received no response. I have made repeated attempts and I think I provided as much detail in my questions to have my questions answered on that basis alone. I am disappointed.

The documentation seems to be written as an afterthought. Although probably adequate it is not the level I expect from a professional Drupal themer.


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