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Hi will there be a wordpress version of this great theme? best regards, masiar

Hi masiar,

Unfortunatelly, no, no Wordpress theme for this one.


Thanks for the great template,this site is making me such a lazy person :-) I do have an issue with the drop down menu and ie9 and I wonder if you have come across it? In ie9 the drop down menu is under the youtube video I have embed on the home page. Cheers Mark

It seems the problem lies with the YouTube video, they do that sometimes.

A simple fix is to add:


to the video embed code. Let me know if this works for you :)


Cheers that worked well ( ?wmode=Opaque” ) worked but you sent me on the right path thanks..

Glad it worked :)

Hello Adi,

Fantastic template! The only thing I don’t see, is a tutorial on modifying the .php files. Am I missing something?


What do you want to modify? The send.php file?


Yes, that’s right. For some reason, I cannot get it to forward a message to my e-mail address.

Hmm, send me the file in an archive to my email: and I’ll have a look.


I can’t for the life of me figure out how to load the images in the “image gallery”. Also, how do I change the window size for “vimeo” videos if I want it to play bigger.



Hey Mark,

Each image in the gallery is contained within a
<li />
element. Here’s what an image should look like:
<a href="<insert your big image path>" title="<insert image title here>" rel="prettyPhoto"><img class="borderImg preloadImg columnHeading" src="<insert your portfolio image here>" alt="You can choose to show a single image in your portfolio lightbox" /></a>
And here’s one of the default list items in the theme:
                <a href="img/default/rockstarFreelancerBook.jpg" title="Single image" rel="prettyPhoto"><img class="borderImg preloadImg columnHeading" src="img/default/portfolioImgHalf1.jpg" alt="You can choose to show a single image in your portfolio lightbox" /></a>
                <h4>Single Image</h4>
                <p>You can use the lightbox to show a single image in your portfolio. Click the image above to open the lightbox.</p>

                <a href="#" class="flatButton">Read more</a>
I hope this helps :)

Love the landing pages…How to integrate with wordpress platform? Do I need to do any special coding to integrate?


You need to do a bit of coding, but it’s not complicated. See my video below for instructions:

Hi. How do I send the form submit information to my email?

Advice would be appreciated. Thank you Al

Hi Al,

Are you referring to the contact form?

Hi Adi, I also would like to have the theme for wordpress. You could make me happy.. ;-)

Is the portfolio sortable? It doesn’t seem to work on your demo either. 2,3,4 col portfolio none are sortable.

Hi and thank you for the purchase.

Unfortunately, the portfolio is not sortable—it just has the HTML structure if you wanna add that functionality later on with your own script.

I can recommend the following article if you wish to add such functionality:

I hope this helps :)


Looks easy enough. Thanks

Hi, in which map should I upload this template in filezilla ?

Hi, in which map should I upload this template in filezilla ?


I like the template very much, but I find it is not mobile-friendly. Will you optimize the template for RWD?

I really want the great website template has this feature. Thanks.


Thank you for the interest in our template.

Unfortunately we do not plan on optimising this for mobile, but we will be releasing a brand new theme in the near future so hopefully you will find that useful :)