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nice work :)


Thank you very much :)

Thank You AdiPurdila!


Thank you very much for the purchase :)

I noticed the details say “Compatible Browsers IE6 , IE7, IE8 , Safari 4, Safari 5, Opera”

Is this compatible with anything else? IE9 , Chrome, Firefox (versions)...



Yes, it is compatible with the latest versions on Chrome, Firefox and IE9 .

Kalle Purchased


I have problems with the integration of a .wmv video, could you tell me please insert here the code for this integration ?


Hello Kalle,

You need to host that video somewhere (eg. YouTube, Vimeo). After that, you simply copy the embed code they provide and paste it in your template :)

Hope this helps!


Kalle Purchased

Hi again,

or best a video code, which is also playable on android devices.

Thank you very much :o)

Hello, I just bought your template and I am looking to do some color for the second part, where the Products Name and Free Trial or Video are located. Also looking to make it the full width like the top header. I am trying to make the second part look like this websites “blue area”, http://www.magicmembers.com/

Let me know Thanks


Hi and thank you for the purchase :)

If you wanna color that section you must find the class: productHeadingType1, productHeadingType2, etc in the CSS file (the class name depends on the page you want to customize). Once found, you can apply a background color to that or an image to match the link you sent me.

About making it full width, it’s not really possible without changing a big chunk of the layout. It was built from the ground up to fit inside a 960px wrapper, so making it bigger would mean making the other elements bigger as well.

I hope this helps :)

Hello friends

I love your landing page. however i have a couple of question: I have a responsive wordpress template and i am wondering is i can use your landing page without any conflict with my template? and this landing page need to be in a different folder or just using a regular page and use the html code? Thanks



This is not a responsive template so you might have some issues when switching between pages on a mobile phone for example. And I do recommend using a different folder for it :)

Thanks for your answer

What icon set are you using? I would like to get more in this same series…

Also, if I buy the full site version of this, can I use code from that template in the landing page version?

Thank you!


Thanks for the purchase :)

Here’s the icon set I used: http://www.tutorial9.net/downloads/nixus-icon-pack-60-beautiful-premium-icons-free/

The full version is very similar with the landing page, so you should be able to grab some content from that and paste it in, depends on the content.

Also, the full version also contains the landing pages.

I am trying to add some hyperlink text underneath the image on the index_buy.html page, but when I do using <figure><figcaption> it adds the text above the headline.

How can I add some text just below the image?

Thanks for your help!


You need to add that code just before the separator div:

<div class="horizontalSep"><!-- --></div>

Hi, I have a problem with the display in my site http://www.rent-a-copier.ro/inchiriaza-gratis-un-copiator/. Pls help. I certain I did everything in the tutorial. 10x!



You seem to have a CSS issue. I think you added an extra /css/ folder inside the first /css/ folder (your file paths are ../css/css/master.css). Try moving the css file in the parent css folder.

Mult succes :)


Actually I added a few extra /css in the code. 10x for the help


Thanks for your previous help. Can you help me with another thing? I’d like to swap the elements on the video page. So, move the video player element to the left side and the email box to the right.

When I just cut and paste the code, it knocks everything out of whack.

Is this possible?

Thank you!


Hi Daniel,

It’s possible :) You need to swap two class names: fr and fl. So, look for this:

<div class="productText fl" />

and swap with:

<div class="productText fr" />

Do the same with the video container. Change fr to fl.

After that, go to the CSS file and serach for this:

div.productHeadingType4 .productVideo

You need to change the last padding value from 17px to 0px.

That’s it, let me know if it worked for you :)


Thanks again Adi. I also want to say that your two video tutorials for Mailchimp and WordPress integration are great. So helpful. Looking forward to more landing pages from you… do you have any more in the queue?


Glad you liked the videos :D

I have a bigger, business WordPress theme in the works, stay tuned :)

This is a very nice theme that I use for my corporate landing page. I was wondering if you could eventually add Linkedin, Google + and eventually slideshare in the sprite_social.png. I feel this would also help other buyers since the focus is clearly business and for business linkedin is the best channel. I’m looking forward to getting your feedback on this one.


Hi and thank you for the purchase :)

I think you’re mixing up the themes somehow because I’m not using sprites for Conversion, using normal images to show the social icons. Are you referring to the BottomLine theme?

Hi AdiPurdila,

Thank you for your landing page; I will be using this to collect internet leads and build a following. I need some help with maybe making the name and email fields ‘required’ and include some Captcha integration to limit any spam. Is this something you can help with? or may have some code already created for this?

Best Regards,



Hi Steve,

Thank you for the purchase :)

Making the fields required and CAPTCHA protected is something you must do from a PHP script (usually the same script that gathers those leads and stores them somewhere or sends them by email).

I recommend you use an email marketing service like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor since those provide validation on the forms.

I hope this helps.

Nice template! Can’t find instructions to activate the forms? Can you help?


Hi and thanks for buying,

You need to use a separate service for that. Example: MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, AWeber, etc. I’ve made a tutorial on how to integrate some of those forms with Conversion, just check the links in the theme description :)

I love the theme, but why aint it possible to upload it into my wordpress installation? :)


Well, this is not a WP theme first of all. If you just wanna use the pages as templates in an existing theme then check out the video I made about WP :)

Hello my friend. I have bought this theme today – I like the look and feel of it… its pretty neat..

but I have one problem… I am would like to add a drop down select box to the form. But when I try and use form#trialForm input[type=’option’] { or form#trialForm input[type=’select’] { The element does not style correctly

I have copied the class name over <select name=”deltime” id=”deltime” class=”ie6InputFix”>

Hope you can help your new customer out asap, thanks


Hey and thanks for purchasing my theme :)

Styling drop-down elements with CSS is a bit tricky, most of the traditional rules don’t apply.

I suggest you read the following: http://www.456bereastreet.com/archive/200701/styling_form_controls_with_css_revisited/

antonisk Purchased


Enter your email below to subscribe to our weekly newsletter.”

Once a user submits his email address i need to receive an email with the user email address. Is that possible?


Of course. You need to use MailChimp, Campaign Monitor or a similar service. See the item description, I made a video showing you how to link the template to the email service :)

Hi Adi,

is it possible to add extra fields for Mailchimp?

I want to add optional buttons (are you a member yes/no) and an extra field for surname.



With the proper code from MailChimp yes, it’s possible. You’ll need to tweak the form markup a bit, but it should be pretty easy.

Hey I just bought the theme and it won’t upload to wordpress 3.5.1. I’m using the latest version of firefox.




Hi Alex,

Thanks for buying :) Unfortunately this is not a WordPress theme, it’s a static HTML template.

Are you referring to the WordPress page templates I made the video for?