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Can you send me the import file so I can import everything you show in the demo and modify from there?


The design isn’t responsive (“wooden board” & “elegant” colour scheme) – at an iPad the sidebar is under the main content, that looks horrible. when would there be a fix?

I’ve extend the with of the sidebar for ads. It works correctly. The Flexslider wich im using needs to extend to. But i’ve no idea how to. check: www.voedzaamensnel.nl to see the problem. Does anyone has an solution for me?

WARNING: BUYER BEWARE!!! i’m doing an install for someone who purchased this theme and i have to say at first glance it looks great but the level of support is pathetic. theme support claims they’ve gone on holidays but it’s been like that for months. Some indication of time would be good. failure to address the most basic questions is simply absurd and i would advise against anyone purchasing this theme until support is assured. The demo itself may contain modifications and certain things aren’t included.

hayde Purchased

jCurve right. I’m waiting for the theme’s support to answer a simple question for like half a year!

Do you have a sample text I can install. Makes it much easier for me.


??? a little support would be greatly appreciated

Too bad there is no support for the issues in this theme. Looks like it could be a great theme.

Hi, can I use facebook access to comment or rate or submit a recipe?


Hi, i need some help with language support. I have managet to translate the theme to Slovak language and everything was working great. Suddenly, my site is showing some text in english, but everything is OK. Please contact me.


Still waiting for some support. Unbelievable, it’s been 10 days now and still no response. I sent in a ticket for support without success. Most of us bought your theme so a little support in return would be greatly appreciated. Themeforest can you guys help me please.

I can’t use the search option for ingredients. I’ve added the tags for the ingredients, but they don’t show in the search option. Also my comments get assigned to the wrong post. It’s always the same post the comments get assigned to. How can I change that? I need to have comments on a cooking site. If I activate another theme it works properly. Tried deactivating all plugins, still doesn’t work. HELP!!!

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Hi.I’m working on my new website with cookingpress theme and I have a problem with adding a slider into the post, means with the option”Generate shortcode for gallery” When I’m adding new pics and then click on “generete…”, no code is generated. Can you help?


Is there a support regarding this theme, please?

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Can you send me the import file so I can import everything you show in the demo and modify from there?


Will there be an update on this theme anytime soon?

I purchased this theme and had many issues that went unresolved due to lack of support. Finally, I opted to switch my site to a non-recipe theme and use a recipe plugin. It works great and looks awesome. You can see the results here: http://onceuponatine.com


I’m so disappointed!! I thought cooking press would be amazing, but the support is non existent and I see I’m not the only one with this problem! The recipe editor doesn’t work (it doesn’t even exist on my posts!!) so right now this theme has been a waste of my money and time.

How do I add more taxomony my self, and make them visible in both “add recepi” and in advance search??


Any one know how to get the featured image to appear when using a Multisite? The url is wrong.

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I would like to change the advanched search options to spanish. How can I do it?

Does this comes with layered psd files ?