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Great Template. Keep it up. GLWS :)

Thanks Bro.

Nice work guys. Keep it up!

Thanks Esmet very much.

Beautiful work, good luck. :)

Thank you AirTheme :)

Great work buddy!!!! ;)

Thanks Juan a lot.

Good job Besim & Afrim, GLWS

Thanks Bro. ;)

fabulous, and so many well coded pages for such a small price :)

Thank you my friend a lot. As for the price what can you do about it this is Themeforest hehe we have to adapt to it. Thanks again.

Woow, glad to see a template that is made with {less} css. Congrats guys, well done!

Thanks premiumlayers. We are giving maximum to satisfy our clients.

well done Mate..GLWS

Thank you my friend ;)

Thank you Erick. I appreciate it.

nice work, gud luck :P

Thank you AliA. ;)

Congrats!Good luck :)

Thank you ThemeRox very much. :)

Very nice! I love it :)

Thank you my friend.

Hi, I really like this theme & wants to purchase it. The only thing that bothers me is that the menubar is not fixed, which is very important to me. Will I be able to change that?

Hi and sorry for delay. Yes you will be able to change that with no problem


Nice theme BUT why is it when you view the website on a Mobile phone there is no logo for the company just seem very strange why is this and how can this be fixed, there has to be some way of showing this on mobile devices.

well i think you better have a look at your own website link http://premiumlayers.com/afrim/copper/ on say a iphone there no logo at ALL on theme what so ever at the header of the page.

it is a bit silly to not have any branding on the header of the page when you land on it, let me make it clear the logo is in the drop down navigation which isnt good for branding any business because if you land on the site there is no logo to even tell you what website you are even on.

Also you have some layout issues with the test on the home page slider the sub text in the class

Any text in here

when you view the site on a mobile device the text is all pushed to the right of the page and some is even hidden off to the right of the page because you have set it to left in the style sheet and i cant fix this can you please look i am ready to launch the site and this is the only thing holding me up.

Hi, is it possible to add an archive functionality to your blog section? Thanks….

Hi, is it possible to add an archive functionality to your blog section? Thanks….

I noticed too that the logo doesn’t display on mobile, is that something you will be updating?

Thank you.

Hello. Great theme! I have an issue in my home section: In the section where it says: CONOCE NUESTROS PRODUCTOS the boxes are displayed wrong, as you can see, there is a blue space there ( this only happens in a smaller display) please tell me where in the css should I change parameters. Thanks!