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Just one thing, if you guys want, i converted almost all plugins and extensions for angular, and pulled some already made bootstrap directives what here made, a few still missing and im working on it, so to save time, and if you guys would like when im finished i can send the packages to you guys, would be a time saver.


Sure send it over.



About to purchase, but trying to decide between this and ThemeKit. Anything you can share to assist in the decision? They seem fairly similar, but coral has more elements/templates ready made, is this accurate?


Hi brianjd,

As it currently stands Coral does have more Admin targeted components where ThemeKit has a few advantages such as refined user interface, development suite, multiple themes and a better framework.

We recommend ThemeKit.


thecube Purchased

Any ETA for the next update yet?

Hi, I think this template is awesome!

I do have a couple of questions, though. I’m trying to implement the ajax version.

1. What is this code responsible for:
var basePath = '/',
            commonPath = '/assets/',
            rootPath = '/',
            DEV = false,
            componentsPath = '/assets/components/';

If I delete it – nothing happens, no console errors.

2. I’m having trouble with loading App.Scripts correctly. When I leave the path as ”../../” – then everything is ok, but when i put a absolute path or use Assetic (yes, my project is based on Symfony2) when instead of swapping old js files for new ones, script is appending them, which freezes ajax loading (i think that’s because of the multiple file’s conflict)

Thanks in advance for your help!


I have already handled problem no. 2 – Assetic was changing “&” into “&” which was causing problems with old scripts removal while ajax call. Still don’t know an answer for no. 1.

takmate Purchased

Great Template ! I might have a problem though .. I have uploaded files as stated into docs. I have tried some files from html folder and it seems ok. When I tried to run the files from /php/admin folder … nothing happened. It gives me blank page and in logs I cannot find anything valuable as there is just one error: 500 Internal Server Error. I have tried to run those files on two servers now. PHP versions are ok, files are there, all the stuff mentioned in docs are ok and it seems that I have missed something.

Am I doing something wrong? There are some physical limitations – hardware – or OS limitations ?

I presume that there is something about the 61 line from functions.php… What can I do to correct it?

Any planned update for future?