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Good luck with sales.

Thanks mate!

Thanks mate! Your works are nice too.

Great job, theme looks amazing! Before I buy it, just want to ask some question:

1). Does the homepage ajax portfolio support 2 /3 /4 columns?

2). Can I customize the homepage layout?

3). Where can I use the Unlimited Sidebars/Slideshows?

4). Does it support self-hosted video?


1). Yep, it supports 2/3/4 columns, you can set it in the theme options, or you can use the ajax portfolio shortcode also.

2). Yep, if you don’t want to use our default Various Homepage Modules, you can easy to customize the homepage with the Modules shortcode, slideshow shortcode, sidebar shortcode etc…

3). When you add a page or post, you can set the custom Unlimited Sidebars in the options, or you can use the Sidebar shortcode in page or post content. Btw Use Unlimited Slideshows in page or post content also.

4). Yep!

I hope these can help you!

Is it responsive theme? Can I use it as a blog or business website?

Great work! Good luck with sales!

Yep, it’s a responsive theme. And you can use it as a blog or business website.

I hope these can help you!


Nice work, I like your design style – look forward to future releases.

Thanks dantehicks! Keep in touch!

Greetings from Japan! Welcome to TF, good luck with sales!

Thanks! I’m from Canada. Lives in Japan at the moment.

It’s perfect! For me, a newbie with wordpress. It’s easy to install the theme, I like the modules of hompage, all the modules support shortcode. So I can customize my homepage, just want to say: “thanks for really a great theme!”

Thanks for grabbing a copy! Thanks for your real comment!

If you have any issue with the theme, please let me know!

With the home page slider can you have incorporate selection of images and Youtube or Vimeo video for display?

Hi, danielm123! The Unlimited Slideshows just supports image at the moment. But you can use the ajax portfolio to display video: Youtube & Vimeo & local Video(Mp4, Ogv, Webm).

Very nice work, good luck with sales :)

Thanks mate!

Good luck, buddy :-)

Thanks buddy!

One of the greatest websites I have ever seen ;). Really nice design + coding :D. Can you tell me how much time did you spent on this ?...


Thanks buddy, about one month.

One more think to ask you. I am sorry because I ask here. But I need to ask this great talent :D. Where did you learn all these Wordpress coding can you give me some links. I am big fan of website developing for now I know CSS / HTML but want to know more and that’s wordpress coding…

Thank you.

You can get more information by google, you need to learn the skills form:

That’s all!

Looking goooood! Great work, love the clean design and the different color styles. Will definitely consider this theme for next projects!

Cheers, Robbert

Thanks buddy! Welcome to use it! If you have any issue with the theme, please let me know.


Can we load on Iphone and Ipad the full website without responsive?

Or even better, can the customers have a “full site” link on the footer?


Yep, there is an option in the backend, you can disable the responsive. So you can load the full website on Iphone and Ipad.

Awesome work! I can’t wait to play with it!

Thanks mate!


Really nice theme! I wanna ask you if this theme comes with a custom CSS field in admin panel?



I have added the custom option in admin panel, just let you know.


Tks for reply. Just bought it!

I’m gonna start to work right now.



Thanks mauricky!

If you have any issue with the theme, please let me know.

My website is ready now, thanks for the great theme, give you 5 stars!

Thanks mate!

WOW ! That’s great!

Some questions,

Can I upload image with width 1100 pix > ? How it will be displayed in gallery? Or the max. width is 660 pix?

Can I add in to home page more than 9 images?


1). The slideshow (Gallery): max width: 930px, mix width: Unlimited.

2). Unlimited Slideshows, and Unlimited uploading images. (any number images, if you want, you can upload more…)

I hope this can help you! If you have any issue, please let me know!

Hi, like the theme. I’m a newbie thinking about this for my own very basic site. A few questions:

1. Can I select my own custom colors for the background/styles in the admin panel or would I have to change css files?

2. Can I change font of button text?

3. Is twitter feed at bottom optional?

4. slider on homepage is optional right? I can just add my own content/shortcodes/html on that page?

5. Does it include a linkedIn icon?

6. Can I add my own favicon? Thx!


1). There are 15 skins and 12 patterns ready. If you want to add your own custom colors, you can add them to: custom.css (It’s better than add the css to the page.)

2). Yep, you can change the button text.

3). Yep, you can enable or disable it, set the username, showposts.

4). Yep, you can set it in the theme options. Yes, you can custom the homepage by yourself with shortcodes, html.

hello Matt, I think there is a bug on the portfolio page when viewing on the iPad or iPhone :S Thanks!

Thanks for your report, blueness!

I have checked the portfolio page, but I can’t find the issue your said, please test it on:, or ipad and iphone. If you still have the issue, please send an email with screenshots to me, I will fixed it ASAP .