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but there is no way to do this without editing the code? for example the contact 7 form is user friendly in terms of adding spam filters and creating extra fields?

Hi, you can create a new page, and use the contact 7 form shortcode. I can only tell you these. Hope can help you. You know the authors don’t support to 3rd party plugins.

Hi there, just purchased this theme and it rocks! How can I translate it to Spanish?




You will find the language file(es_ES.po) in: wp-content/themes/languages/, Edit the file with poedit.

Good afternoon. I love the theme so far. Great job :)

The theme is easy to customize, both through the panel and the editor. One tweak has me stumped though—would you be able to help me out?

I’d like for all the images on the site to appear greyscale, and fade to color upon hover. What would be the simplest, most direct way to customize this?

I’m pretty handy with Wordpress, but I’d love to make this adjustment without completely breaking the site LOL

Thank you in advance for your time and for creating such a dope theme. Exactly what I’ve been looking for.


Hi, thanks wakeupstar!

But I’m sorry for this, it’s impossible to do it with this theme.

The reasons:

1). It needs to use the “timthumb.php” function, but it’s not safe for your site. And it needs 1-2 days to change all the images, it’s a big project.

2). You know the authors just support small custom and the useage of the theme, don’t support to customize for users.

Hey Matt, this seems like a great theme thus far. A quick question though: How would i go about setting the twitter feed on the home page’s footer correctly? I’ve input the correct twitter account but it continues to show the envato threads.

Please make sure that you don’t delete the file “footer-tweets.txt”

Yes! the default cache time is: 1 hour.

You can change it in: wp-content/themes/coraline/php/footer.php

line: 129 Set $twitter_cachetime = 0;

thank you very much, that did the trick. much appreciated

You are welcome!

Hi Matt,

What code would I have to edit to reduce the amount of white space above and below the logo and above and below the slogan?

Thanks, B

Hi, thanks for purchasing my theme!

Please edit the below code, and add it to the admin panel: Coraline => Settings => Styles => Custom css

.site-title { padding: 50px 0; }
.slogan-dotted-line{ padding-bottom: 45px;}
body.home .fullwidth { padding-top: 50px;}

BTW , if you have any issue. Welcome to our Support Forum

great that worked for the title, is there another chunk of code for the slogan – in your example it reads ‘hello, my name is matt mao…’

Please show me your site, I will check it for you.

on the homepage i want to reduce the white space above and below where it says ‘book your complementary 30 min…’

Please edit the below code, and add it to the admin panel: Coraline => Settings => Styles => Custom css

.site-slogan { margin-bottom: 50px;}
body.home .fullwidth { padding-top: 50px;}

Welcome to our Support Forum

it doesnt seem to be working, am I missing some code?

Did you add the code as I told you? I have checked your site, but I can’t see the code!

yes… in setting style custom cc … above the code for the logo

I can’t find the code. Please send me a message from my profile page contact form with your WP username and Password.

I’ve sent these details over to you Thank you

Ok, I will check it for you.


I’ve purchased this great theme and it works just fine :) I only have one question: how can the Editor role create portfolio entries?

Thanks and congrats for your work


Hi, thanks for purchasing my theme. I’m sorry. Could you please explain more clearly? I’m not sure that I know your mean.

I’ll try to explain more clearly:

The profile roles are: Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber. When a user with “Editor” profile logs in, that user can’t create a new portfolio (see screenshot Otherwise, the menu looks like this (


Hi, I think you can try to install a plugin for this. ex: role scoper, wp cms post control, etc…

HI, I purchased this beautiful theme, but I’m having some serious issues. In my previous/current WP website, projects from my portfolio were created as POSTS (since the PORTFOLIO entity doesn’t exist natively in WP). So I’ll have to make the effort to manually copy/rewrite all the posts as portfolios. Problem is, when I activated the theme to test, I created a portfolio, but clicking on the thumbnail/featured I got a page with missing/no content. I switched back to my original theme and now ALL my original posts are missing (on the front-end) giving me the message of missing content both on home page and single pages. Basically I couldn’t get my original website back running, which isn’t fun of course. May you help me?

Please send me a message from my profile page contact form with your wp login information. I will check it for you.


Great theme! but I found code bug:

light-green.css line: 13 body.single-portfolio #top-menu ul li a:hover { background-color: #FF6600; }

Replace body.single-portfolio #top-menu ul li a:hover { background-color: #FF4400; }

Thanks and congrats for your work!

Hi, thanks! I will update it.

Hi, Buddy!

Thank you for purchasing my theme!

Please post your question at the theme’s Support Forum.

In my effort to provide you with better support I’ve setup an independent Forum where all comments are searchable, you can insert

code with code-highlighting, etc.

You can subscribe to the Support Forum HERE .

Hope to see you there. Regards

Hi Matt,

For the 1.7 update can you let us know which are the files that have been updated as we have modified a few things and don’t want to lose the functionality.


Files changed:




Thank you very much Matt.

That’s ok.

Hi Matt -

I just started working with your theme, and I’m pretty new to Wordpress. I have a featured image set for each of my portfolio items, but I can’t get an image added to create a slideshow or (larger) image for each portfolio. Can you help:

Hi! when you add the portfolio item.

1). In the metabox: portfolio options => types => checked slideshow.

2). In the bottom metabox: Image Options => Upload your images.

If you have any issue with the theme, welcome to the theme’s Support Forum.

Hi Matt -

thank you for the quick reply, but it’s still not working for me. When I go to Image Options > Upload Image… do I want to “Insert Into Post” from the MEdia Gallery? This is what I’ve tried and it hasn’t worked.

I have been able to add a featured image, and I thought this would automatically show up in the slideshow for each portfolio, but it does not.

Can you tell what I am doing wrong?

Thank you

Hi, you don’t need to insert the images, just upload them.

Hi Matt -

I see your reply that I don’t need to insert images, and just upload them -

this is what I’m doing:

In the Image Options box, it reads: Upload images to be used for this portfolio (images should be at least 660px wide).

...Followed by a button that says “Add Images”

When I click the “Add Images” button I get the screen that reads “Add media files from your computer” – when I can chose “from computer” – “from URL ” – “Media Library”

I choose Media Library – and then select an image I’ve uploaded to the Media Gallery

Then my only options are to “insert into post” or “set as featured image”

...I feel like I’m missing something???

Thank you! Wendy

upload from computer => select the images => upload=> done!

yup. I was just doing it wrong. Thank you Matt!

That’s ok.

Hey Matt,

Is there a way to change the /portfolio-item/ in the url to a custom one?

Purely for SEO reasons.

Cheers, Carl

Hey! Thank you for purchasing my theme, I truly appreciate it! Support for all my themes and templates is conducted through the support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or the support team can take a look at your issue !

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