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Just purchased the theme, and I love it! I have two questions.

1) On the home page, the “Related Works” slide show works great, but the “Related News” slide show remains blank, even though there are posts up on the blog page. How do I make them appear on the home page?

2) Is there a way to choose which part of the “featured image” appears in the slide show? I will be using many images that are a solid color with text in the lower right-hand corner, and I don’t want that text to be cut off in the slideshow. Thanks so much!

Hi, thanks for your purchasing!

1). Did you set the featured image for the posts? If not, please set it.

2). You can try to set it when you have uploaded the image, click “edit image”.

If you have any issue, please let me know. Welcome to my support forum.

Hi, Just purchased the theme. I made a video portfolio post and I don’t like the cover image of my youtube video in the post. Is there a way to upload a cover image along with the video so I don’t have to look at the cover of the video? thanks!

Hi, thanks for purchasing my theme. The cover image of youtube video does’t been changed. If you want to custom the cover image, you can use the self hosted video.

Hello Matt,

How is it going? I have one more question for you on the Coraline theme. How would I upload pictures to the slide show? When i go to the slideshows menu and click on add/edit images, there is no option to insert the image into the slideshow in the dialog box. Also for the portfolio side, there is no option to delete an image. Can you please help.

thanks a lot!

Hi, thanks for purchasing my theme!

1). For the slideshow: You will find the way in the documentation, G). Slideshow. When you have uploaded the images, you don’t need to insert the image to any where, Just upload it, or you can set the caption and link for the slide item.

2). For the portfolio slideshow: You don’t need to insert the images also, just upload them. When you need to edit or delete the images, you should click the “Insert Button” that it’s above the edit.

Hi, ?att! i have strange problem: in blog entry when i use body text – i have line spacing between text blocks, but when i put this text in portfolio page – is not line spacing between text blocks. When and what in css i mast write for text line spacing in portfolio pages?

Hi, please post your issue on here: Support Forum, and you need to show me the page with issue.

what is purchase code? ABN or Invoice No or order code?

Great theme btw. I’m having one issue with jQuery lavalamp not hovering when clicking on a sub-menu i.e. it does not hover over “Portfolio” after clicking on one of the portfolio pages. It hovers over “Blog” instead. If I reset the “Post page:” to default in “Settings > Reading” its fine however.

I think its adding the “selectedLava” class to the wrong element but i’m struggling for a fix! Thanks for any help in advance.

Hi, what the version are you using?

Hi i’m very happy with your work, y really love this theme! only one question, it’s possible make big the blog page deleting the right part (posted, date, comments…) y really love the space on blog entries.

Since two days Twitter feed is unavaibailable is this normal?

Hope you like it!


Hi, thanks! Please post your question on my support forum: I will check your issue ASAP .

I’m fully up to date coraline 1.7 and using wordpress 3.4.2

Hi, I’m out now. Please post your issue on my support forum: And show me your site url. I will check your issue, and fix it up ASAP for you.

Hi I am interested in this theme. Is it child theme compatible? that is the deciding factor on which one i choose. thanks.

Hi, thanks! I’m sorry, it does’t support this as default.

Hi Just purchased the theme, and I love it!

one question: in the theme demo (Features> Home Example 3) i’ve seen 3 boxes with icons + title + text (“The Icon Box Title”) .. how can i activate them?? THX !

Hi, thanks!

You need to custom the homepage via shortcodes. If you need the code, Please email me using my profile contact form., and send your website url also.

Hi there!

First of all, congratulations, great work!

Now, I’d like to know: can I remove the arrows and bullets from slideshow? How?


Hey! Thank you for purchasing my theme, I truly appreciate it! Support for all my themes and templates is conducted through the support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or the support team can take a look at your issue ! Support Forum

Hey, Great theme Matt! Loving your work.

I would like to delete the breadcrumbs at te top of all pages and posts.

Look forward to your answer

In: wp-content/themes/coraline/php/page-header.php line: 86

Remove new theme_breadcrumbs();

My twitter feed on the homepage has stopped working as well, and i can’t access your site.

Hi, please update the theme to the latest vesion: 1.8, the twitter api has been updated.

Thanks for the quick response Matt! great :)

That’s ok.

Hi Matt, I am considering buying this theme and had a couple of questions before doing so. Note, I am not a coder/developer in the least.

I want to use this as a portfolio site and wondering – can I remove any references to Blog, Social Media, etc., easily?

I also would like, once a portfolio thumbnail is clicked, to have the images scroll down the page, as opposed to be in a “gallery” with arrows or buttons. I see that this happens in only some of the instances. For example, Studio Lin shows items in one window with the arrows/dots. But Advanced Nonwoven allows the images to be all on the same page and so one just has to scroll down. Nonwoven is exactly what I need, and so I want to make sure I can do that for all of my portfolio items.

Lastly, can I make the main navigation buttons anything I want, such ase Services, Testimonials, etc.?


Hi, thanks!

1). What’s the mean: remove any references to Blog, Social Media? Could you please explain more clearly?

2). Yes, you can select it in the metabox when you add the post.

3). Yes, you can custom the menu by yourself.

The text on the portfolio page says: “Not Found. Sorry, but you are looking for something that is not here.”

And, one of the menu items says: “Single Project (invalid)”

Did I install this theme wrong?


Hi, could you please show me your site? I will check your issue.

Hi Matt,

I have the portfolio set as my homepage with a three column grid. When using a touch scree device and touch one of the pieces of works it takes me to the slider—however, when using an iPad3 of iPhone3 the left and right arrow button in the top right-hand corner don’t show up. It works great on my desktop. Thoughts? I’m really puzzled by this.

Thanks in advance for your help,


Hey! Thank you for purchasing my theme, I truly appreciate it! Support for all my themes and templates is conducted through the support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or the support team can take a look at your issue !

Support Forum

Matt –

Just wondering if you can help with a quick question. We’re using a real estate plug-in for a website based on your Coraline theme. One of the widgets that’s part of the plug-in is a search tool that returns listings and a Google map pinpointing the locations. The map is not working properly. The plug-in support people say it’s because there’s another Google Maps API call on the page that’s conflicting with their widget. This is the line of code:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

Is that part of the template, and can I turn that off?


If you don’t use the default google map of my theme, you can remove it from: wp-content/themes/coraline/php/footer.php line: 165

Matt -

Thanks so much – that took care of it!


Hi, Frank. That’s ok.

Hi Matt,

I have an interesting/difficult question. Is it at all possible to use the code for your menu on another theme? I really, really like your menu bar, but am using another theme with functionality I need. I’d be willing to pay for the theme if a sort-of-dummy like me could get the menu to work on another theme.

Hi, zenkamal! Thanks for liking the menu bar. I think it’s impossible to use it in another theme.

How are you. When i add several images to the blog post, in the image options section, the images post randomly instead of in the order that I attached them. How do i fix the order that images are added to the post. Not the portfolio order but the images in the actual post.

Hi, it orders by “menu order”, if you reorder them in the gallery. It will display as the menu order.