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Hi Matt,

Can I update WP to 3.8 without any issues?


Yes, but please backup all of your files and database before you update.

Hi MattMao,

I don’t use the logo settings I am using a plugin called “Custom Header Images” mainly because I wanted different header images on most pages. It works fine but I just can not set an image for the blog page?

I don not want to set it as you describes above as this will show on all pages then?

At the moment I am adding the img straight into the loop-blog.php file http://www.bpo.ie/about-bpo/blog/ but I would prefer it to be the same as the about page http://www.bpo.ie/about-bpo/

where it is added as a full width header?

Hi, please use the current account which has purchased my theme to ask question here.

Wonderful theme! I plan to purchase it, could you just please confirm for me whether or not it is completely compatible with Wordpress 3.8?

It’s completely compatible with Wordpress 3.8.

1). Please make sure you don’t change anything of the theme, if not sure, please download it form themeforest, then re upload it.

2). Disable the plugins you have actived.

3). If you have added any JS code, please remove it.

Btw, the speed of your hosting is very slow. Please wait for all the images and text have been loaded, then test the issue.

Hi Matt, Nice theme! I’m having a problem with the accordion shortcode – I used it on a Portfolio item and it does not work there – all accordions are already open when I open that portfolio (Ajax). When I access the portfolio as a page from my navigation menu, it works. I imagine this has something to do with the Ajax but it’s beyond me… can you help me fix it? Relevant link: http://hef.wpengine.com/#grants I have no plugins installed yet. This happens on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Thanks!

The accordion shortcode can’t work on the ajax page. It’s only can work on the normal page.

Thanks for the quick response!

That’s ok. I will think about it, maybe the feature will be added in next version.

Hi Matt,

I sent you an email as a reply from a previous email you sent me regarding another issue. I received back the auto reply message from your email account requesting I post here. So, I thought I would give you a heads-up that I emailed you directly. It will be from Eric. Design firm: 229 Design

Love the Coraline theme and have been very happy with it.

Many Thanks, - e

Thanks, I have replied you about the message.

Thanks Matt.

Thanks Matt.

Hi Matt, heres my site: elainemeese.com

I’ve noticed that the previous and next link arrows at the top of each portfolio page do not link to the correct places. They seem to be all out of order, some of them only have arrows that point in one direction when there should be two, etc. How do I correct this problem so that the arrows move through the pages in the correct order? Thanks in advance.

Now the list is using the orderby menu_order, you can go to: wp-content/themes/coraline/modules/portfolio.php about lines: 64-65, 74-75


'order' => 'ASC',
'orderby' => 'menu_order',


'order' => 'DESC',
'orderby' => 'date',

Hi, this theme looks like just what i need. Just had a couple of pre-sale questions:

1) does this theme automatically resize uploaded images for the blog and thumbnails?

2) what happens if all your thumbnails are landscape but you get that one portrait image and upload it? can you crop it through wordpress or does it show up as a portrait shaped thumbnail and mess up the clean look of the grid?

thanks in advance!

1). Yes.

2). It will be copped as the theme settings. It you want to change the size, I can tell you how to do.

great, thanks! When it crops portrait images to landscape, can you control where it crops?

No, it can’t.

I guess I should have asked before purchasing this theme. But can I have a dropdown menu? I need it for business purposes. I have to add a lot of pages and I don’t want them all at the top on the menu, I’d like them as dropdowns from one menu item

I hope this makes sense.


I have figured this out :)

Hi Matt,

When I click on an item in my portfolio it doesn’t open like the Coraline demo does and I would really love it if it did.

What can I do?

Thank you :)

Okay, I got the answer to this as well.

One more ( I hope!) question. Can I change the “launch project” button to say something else?

Thanks :)

in: coraline/single-portfolio.php about line: 79

Hi Matt,

I’d like to remove the category icons from the blog. Can you tell me how I can do this? Also, I would love to omit the word “Posted” and just use the date by itself.

I’ve included an image of what I’m referring to.


in: coraline/single.php

1). About line: 27


<div class="link"><a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" title="" rel="bookmark"><?php the_title(); ?></a></div>

2). About line: 28 Remove:

<b><?php _e('Posted', 'TR'); ?>:</b>

BTW, if you need to change the file by yourself, you should have some skills of PHP, HTML.

Thanks so much, that’s what I needed.

That’s ok.

hi Matt, I am having the same problem as other users like alekseylex and some others but I can’t find a fix in the comments – I tried all 3 of the following shortcodes and my gallery won’t show up at all in my page. Can you please help? [gallery columns=”4” ids=”76,101”]

[gallery columns=”4” include=”76,101”]

[gallery include=”76,101”]

[gallery ids=”76,101”]

[gallery columns=”4” include=”76,101”]

Make sure you have uploaded the images to the current page.

Hi Matt,

Just letting you know that using Visual Composer completely breaks your theme. This is not normally happening but it does in your theme, i can send you a screen shot if you want ?

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 523800 bytes) in /home/public_html/wp-includes/query.php on line 3246

I have deactivated all plugins and same error… it only happens on the pages that i actually edit with VC.


Hi, could you please tell me which page are you using the VC? I will make a testing, if it’s my theme’s issue, I will update it.

Hi Matt,

I have implemented the password protected feature on one of my portfolio pages, but it only keeps some of the text from being visible and still shows all the images and other descriptors. Is there a way to password protect all of the content on this page? I’d REALLY appreciate your help with this one! Thank you.

1). Create a page.

2). Enter the shortcode in the post content.

[portfolio column="3" posts_per_page="12"]

Thanks for your help. Should I do this to a new page with the Home Page template, or the Default Template? Either way, when I include this code all it does is repeat the items that are on my regular homepage, but the formatting is all messed up. I need to be able to include different items in this new section. Thanks very much!

1). Default template.

2). You can add a cat, then add the items in the cat, Ex: cat id = 8 Then you can use it as:
[portfolio column="3" cat="8" posts_per_page="12"]

Quick question before purchase – are we able to have BLOG posts handled in the same way PORTFIOLIO items are? Love the sortable menu available for portfolio items, but can those be Blog posts instead?

Willing to do some customizing of the code if there is a hack.

Thank you!

Sorry, the blog does’t support the feature.


I’ve never updated a theme like this one. I usually just get the notice there is an update and press a button.

Is there somewhere I can read how to update?

Thanks :)

Do I overwrite existing files?

One more question, is the the zipped Coraline folder I upload or just the blue Coraline folder?

Thanks so much, sorry for all of the questions. I searched but couldn’t find how to do it :)

Upload the coraline folder, if you have not changed any files of theme, you can overwrite.

Thanks again! I finally got it!

Hello there, I’ve tried to implement a pagination for the ajax gallery in homepage but nothing is showing i’ve tried next_posts_link funnction and paged parameter with query and also not working.

Could you show me please what code to put and where to put it thanks.

Hi, the ajax portfolio does’t support pagination.

Hi, My site is currently running Coraline 2.1. Since Coraline does not support a child theme, I am wondering what happens to my custom css when I update to the new version of your theme? I added it through the Coraline > Theme Settings> Styles window. It makes me uncomfortable not to have a child theme and to update the theme because I’ve always been told this is the proper way ( but otherwise, great theme!) Can you please confirm my styles will survive when I update the theme, thanks!

Hi, if you added the styles via theme options. It will not be lost when you update the theme.

Hi. A quick question (hopefully):

How do you hide the category filters on a portfolio page? I’ve made manual pages to view categories so it’s pointless to have for example “show all” and “category 1”, when they both display all of “category 1”.

Is there a shortcode or do I need to delete some lines of code somewhere?


You want to remove the nav, so I told you the code you can remove! Do you understand me now?

Ah sorry, I was being stupid. I thought I was supposed to ADD the code. It works perfectly now – thank you!

And another question (sorry!)

There’s a bit too much blank space between the site header and the content (video/featured image) for portfolio pages. Is there a way to reduce this?


Edit the below css, and add it in the custom css.

.fullwidth, .left-side, .right-side { padding: 50px 0; }

That worked although it affected any other pages which have a title at the top. I think I’m going to have to live with the space above the videos – it wasn’t so bad. Or I might switch the title to go above it which should fix the problem. Thanks for your support – sorry it took so long to figure out what I was after!