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Hi Matt,

Really enjoying customizing this great theme. I was wondering if there was a Pinterest button that could be added to the social icons?

Many thanks, Claire

In: assets/js/template.js line: 15



Great, thanks for that. I’ve successfully removed the fancybox however the images are still active and open in another tab. Is it possible to switch that off as well?

Many thanks for all your help, Claire

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Hi Matt,

I’m trying to exclude 2 pages from the top menu and am trying to find the below code to amend but have looked everywhere… is there another way of doing this?

    <?php wp_list_pages(‘exclude=17,38’ ); ?>

Hi, you don’t need to do this. Go to dashboard => appearance => menus => Create a menu, then you can custom it by yourself!

Good work friend!;)

Thanks mate!

Hi Matt, How’s everything,

Men, I’m working on my website, just want to know how can I config the social media Icons on the footer so they open the link on a “_blank” page, not on the same page as it does by default.

Thanks Sr, Greetings

Please send me a message from my profile page contact form, I will send the file to you.

I have installed the theme and set most things up, but when I went to start adding items to the portfolio, I am getting a 404 error when I click on the item.

Click on “Harrison’s Room” and you’ll see it has a 404 error. I have already deleted and tried to re-add the portfolio item.

Hi, go to Dashboard => Settings => Permalink => Set it and save it again.

Hi Matt,

Can you let us know, which particular files have been updated in the 1.6 release so that we don’t have to upload the entire thing as we’ve made a few changes to the default template. We are unable to find the files updated in any of the documentation. Thanks.

There are the below files:

1). assets/css/responsive.css

2). assets/images/social-networking.png

3). assets/js/template.js

4). php/header.php

5). functions/themes.php

Thank you for your help Matt. May be you could consider putting up this list every time you update?

All the best.

Sorry! As there are many files, so I will not add the files in the update detail. Not everyone wants to update the files by self.

Hi Matt,

Was wondering how does one add a sidebar to a blog page like the one you have here:

I’ve tried adding one by creating a sidebar, then adding it to the blog page via “Sidebars” feature on the Coraline theme, but it’s not showing up.


Hi, Please send me a message from my profile page contact form with your wp login information, I will check it for you.

Hi, Matt! How i can sort portfolio by clients?

Add the categories by clients.

Hi Matt, How Everything Sr,

Man, I got an issue with the “sidebar” class. I added a text widget sidebar on my contact page, but there’s too much space between the contact form and the info, you can see here what I’m talking about: I edited the width on “sibebar” and “content” classes on the CSS and made it look like this:

Looks really good, but it makes the blog page to look wrong, because it uses the same CSS classes, can you please help to fix this up?


Add the below code in: Dashboard => Coraline => Settings => Styles => Custom Css #content { width:520px; } #sidebar { width:390px; }

Matt Thankyou!! I really appreciatte your help, thanks! :D

You are welcome! Man!

Any way to make the Nav Icons on the homepage slider move from the top of the slideshow to the bottom?


Hi, you will find the below code in: wp-content/themes/coraline/assets/css/flexslider.css

.flex-control-nav { top: 30px; left: 20px; }

.flex-direction-nav li a { 
    top: 20px; 
    width: 30px; 
    height: 30px;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-image: url(../images/slider-arrow.png);

Change the “top” to “bottom”.

Thanks so much!

That’s ok.

Hi, Thanks for the great theme. And need some help too, in a page or a post, How can I hide table border even if I set it equals to 0? thank you regards

Add the below code in admin panel: Dashboard => Coraline => Settings => Styles => Custom css

table { border: none; }

First of all, beautiful theme, Matt!

Wanted to know if the single porftolio slider could be bigger? When viewing it on mobile, the slider is a bit too small, which beats the purpose of having images if they can only be viewed at the size of the current slider. Would be nice to have fullscreen option for mobile screens (PhotoSwipe plugin maybe?)


Hi, Thanks!

Yes, but it needs to do some change.

Hello Matt

Beautiful theme, which I have purchased. It’s great for a portfolio but I purchased it to be used primarily as a blog because of the clean look and feel that is perfect for my client. I would like the home page to be the blog, not a portfolio, however it does not seem to support the usual way of changing to a home page blog (changing Front Page to Blog doesn’t seem to work).

How can I make the home page the blog?


Hi Matt

If I do that I lose the slogan at top (which I would like to keep). Is there a way to do so.


You can do it as I told you, then add the slogan code with html in the file: coraline/index.php

After line 12

<article id="content">

Thanks Matt!

Hello Matt

when i make thumbnail image for post – i select jpeg 690×690 with best quality. After that – i got pack of images, named like “filename _450×340.jpg” – with poor jpeg quality, and ugly cropping. When i can set quality and crop factor for this pict?

You can find the settings in: coraline/functions/themes.php

line: 169-171

Sorry, Matt – but in this strings is no variables for jpeg quality of different pict sizes, only crop. Please, tell me, when i cvan find variable for changing jpeg quality of authomatic generated theme picts

Hi, it’s the default quality of wordpress. We can’t change it.

And my next 2 questions 1. how i can delete unused social buttons on the right down corner of site? 2. how to increase a body text font size and change body font family? PS. great thanks for answers and patience!


1). If you don’t want to use the social buttons, just leave it as blank. (It will be disabled.)

2). You can add your css or google fonts in the admin panel: Dashboard => Coraline => Settings => Styles

Hi Matt, I’m testing the contact form, It works fine, but, when you write letters instead of numbers on the phone or make another mistake, the error message is something like:

‘Fatal error: Call to undefined function __() in /home/www/ on line 30’

I tried on you live template and there is also happening, Thanks for your help, Sr.

Hi, DaMontana!

Thanks for your reporting! I have fixed the issue. I’ll be sure to update this thread as soon as ThemeForest has approved the update and it’s available for download.

If you need to update the file at the moment, Please send me a message from my profile page contact form

Hi, the update has approved, please download it from TF.

Hi Matt, I see the Blog shows a part of the blog posts cropping the information and adding a ‘read more’ button. In my case all the posts are shown with out the read more button, I see the whole information on every post.

I was searching on the admin but could not find the way to activate it, can you please help me with this?, Thanks

Hi, you need to add the below code in the content.


Click the “Visual” tab if it is not yet enabled. This ensures you are in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) mode.

Hey Matt,

Great theme buddy! Really love it.

How can I create a portfolio item with full width. The only options are image, video and slideshow. Most of my portfolio entries have small thumbnail images and lots of text.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi, divyebokdia! Thanks!

It needs to customize some files, it you want me to do it for you.

Please send me a message from my profile page contact form

Thanks Matt. I sent you an email.

There is a section in the Theme Settings > Styles to add a Google Fonts API which I have done as follows:

<link href=',400italic,400,300,700' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

I would like to apply this font to the Hgroup but have not been able to do so in the “Hgroup settings” portion of Styles. I also tried adding as Custom CSS without results. I do not see this covered in your documentation. Can you please assist?

Thank you.

Add the below in the admin panel: Coraline=> Settings => Styles => Custom css

h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {font-family:'Your font';}

Hi Matt, love the theme. Is there a way to improve jpeg quailty of the feature image? Thanks!

Also is there a way on the “Image Options/Add Image” area to delete images? (Sent you an email earlier)

Thanks a bunch! Sean

Hi, thanks!

1). What do you want to improve of the quailty? (It has the highest highest!)

2). If you want to delete the images, you can click the button, then delete the images.

1- All good, I dug aroundin the wp includes, nothing to do with your theme 2- Cool, I was hoping there was an easier way to delete/sort images than clicking “Add Images” then going to media library.