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Hey Matt, After uploading version 1.7 my twitter feed in the footer is now broken. Enable Footer Twitter is checked and the handle is correctly spelled. Also, where in the code is the little smiley face at the bottom? It’s putting an awkward space between the bottom of my content and the bottom of the browser.

Hi, thanks for your purchasing!

Note if the flickr images and twitter are not showing please set the below folder and files permission to 777.





Thanks Matt, I really appreciate the great customer service you provide. Still curious about the smiley face at the bottom, though.

Hi, I can’t open your website, but I think the smiley face is not causing by my theme. In my theme there no code for this. Please disabled all your plugins, then check it.

I’m having an issue with the portfolios not loading a large image. They load up the featured images, but when you click on it, it opens up with the description, etc. but no image. Do I have something set wrong? Thanks.

Nevermind – got it figured out!

Hey Matt,

Thanks for all the help with the Full screen portfolio page. I really appreciate it.

Another quick question, the theme is not showing caption for any of the image (even when i enter the caption field). Is there any way, that the caption could be displayed at least on the single portfolio page.

Thanks a lot and I must say, you have wonderful response time.

Hi, thanks! Now you can insert the images in the content. I will update the caption feature in the portfolio gallery to next version.

Hi! If portfolio page has pagination? I want to show more than 50 products in the portfolio.

Thanks :)

Sorry for the later reply! Yep, you can set it in the admin panel => Coraline => Settings => Portfolio => Display Mode [Classic sortable Or Classic sortable Filter ]

Hello, I’m having some problems with getting the portfolio item to show up in the same format as your sample. I have set up categories, and started with adding one portfolio item, which is a slideshow. I have set a featured images, which is excluded from the slideshow, but when I click on the featured image in the portfolio main view, it only displays the featured image, not the full portfolio item page, with 659×526 slideshow area on left, client name, URL , and description on right. What am I missing in the set up of a portfolio posting?

thanks so much

Sorry for the later reply! Please send me a message from my profile page contact form with your username and I’ll check it for you.


I bought the theme yesterday and I would really like to know wich fonts are used in the theme. One is Helvetica, for sure, but what is the other one?

Also, is there a way to have the words in the menu a little bit smaller? Or maybe in lower case?

Thanks for the elegant theme!


Sorry for the later reply!

1). There is the google fonts(Noticia+Text) for using in the theme. If you want, you can add your own fonts by the admin panel.

2). Yep, you can add your custom css in the admin panel to change the menu font size.

#top-menu ul li a { font-size: 12px }

You can change the size, then add the code in the admin panel: Coraline => Settings => Styles => Custom css

Hello Matt! How i can change color and weight of lines (HR in shortcodes) ?

Sorry for the later reply! You will find the code in: wp-content/themes/coraline/assets/css/sortcode.css line: 299-304

.shortcode-hr {
    font-size: 0;
    height: 5px;
    line-height: 5px;
    border-top: 1px solid #E5E5E5;

Hi Matt! Looking into purchasing this for my design company but wondering if there’s a way (or a compatible plugin?) to allow clients to login and see pages that are ONLY accessible assigned usernames/passwords? Obviously, I’d be creating those through the wordpress backends, but I wanted to see if you’d had anyone do this with your theme already.


Hi, lindsaygoldner! Sorry for the later reply! I don’t see someone do this in my theme. If you want to have this feature. I can do it for you without plugins. (But it needs some additional costs.)

If you need, Please email me using my profile contact form.

Hi Matt, is there a way to make the coraline header logo description a bigger font? Thanks.

Hi, please add the below code in the admin panel: Coraline => Settings => Styles => Custom CSS

.site-logo p, .site-name p { font-size: 14px; }

Hi again,

I’m a newbie, and I’m wondering what to do about the translation of my site.

In the features it says: Localizable with .po .mo translation files included.(Includes: de_DE, en_US, es_ES, fr_FR, gl_ES, it_IT, ko_KR, lt_LT, nl_NL, pt_BR, ru_RU. )

1. What does that mean?

2. What do I have to do to have my site in french?

3. Is it possible to have mys site in french AND english (i.e. with the option somewhere to click and have the site in english).

4. If yes to no. 3, will the language change according to the browser’s language of the user?



Hi, Sorry for the later reply!

1). The .po files are ready for the languages (de_DE, en_US, es_ES, fr_FR, gl_ES, it_IT, ko_KR, lt_LT, nl_NL, pt_BR, ru_RU.) You just need to translate it from Eenglish to Your Own language.

2). You need to translate the fr_FR.po file by poedit.

3). Yes, you need to do it with a plugin. (You can search some information by google.)


Can I show a vimeo video onto the home page, after the logo, instead of the slider?

Thank you

Hi, you can use the custom homepage mode, just need to add your own code in the homepage content. (Find the page for home: Dashboard => Pages => Home)


Is there a way to manuallly set the order of the portfolio catergories?

Sorry! It’s impossible.


How can I hide all the social media icons and leave only the mail to ( envelope) ?

Hi, please leave the options that you don’t want to display as blank.

Hi, I was going to do it through css editor, haven’t noticed this elegant solution.

Thanks very much

That’s ok.


In the portfolio section, ones you enlarged the image , there’s a LAUNCH PROJECT button, how can I make it to open that link in a new tab ?

Please send me a message from my profile page contact form with your username and I’ll get you fixed up:

IN CHROME : SLIDESHOW BUG I have the custom homepage setup, but for some reason the first image on the slideshow is not appearing when you first load the page. It cycles fine, and it will eventually show the first slide. This only happens with certain configurations of where you put the slider. For example, if I put the slogan with dotted line, then the slideshow, it is fine. BUT , if I put the slideshow first, and then the slogan, the bug appears. This does not seem to happen in Firefox or IE.

Also, is there a way to add the double line (dotted line) in random places? Can it be used as a standalone HR or shortcode?


Hi, jkostick!

1). It’s not a bug. When you visit your site IN CHROME , it needs time to load the slideshow images.

2). Yes, you can use the shortcode [hr] in any place.

Hi Matt,

Since I updated the Carolinesettings have not been very responsive, i have been trying to have in the home page 12 portfolios and It seems not to let me, also I haven’t been able to set up the slideshow like in the Home example 1 you have on the demo. If Possible could you have a look what is going on.


Please send me a message from my profile page contact form with your wp username & password. I’ll get you fixed up:

Adding a video the theme is no more responsive. I added a Vimeo video on the top of the home page.

Hi, could you please show me your site? So I can check your issue.