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Hi, How can I add Google Maps to my contact page ? In addition I couln’t find the font that you’ve alreadt used in livepreview.



1. You can use map shortcode. Get sample code here http://themes.themegoods2.com/core/maps/

2. Select default font in Theme admin panel.

Thank you for all your help and quick replies. I appreciate the good theme support, and I love the way the theme looks. I like the responsiveness of the site, but I would like to fix one thing.

Is it possible to create a responsive logo so it’s smaller when it is on a mobile device? Otherwise, the slider floats over the logo. i like the positioning of the responsive menu bar and the rest of the theme otherwise.

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Hi, I like this theme BUT I am having issues

One: Cannot reorder images in gallery Two: I have to disable ALL plugins to add new images to any gallery Three: Is there any way to scroll through images in a post? like in the galleries, if you click on an image in a post it opens the image but you cannot click to view the next image

Can I run any other gallery plugin with this theme? www.weddingstudiosaustralia.com.au



There are javascript conflict between theme’s script and plugin’s script.

Really sorry, I can’t support on all 3rd party plugins issue. Please try to read its documentation or contact plugin author.


What about reorder images? and point three scroll through blog post photos? Can I run any other gallery plugin with this theme?

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Hi, i have an issue with the visualization of the 2-columns gallery on mobile. On desktop it works fine, but on a smartphone are too big. There no space between them and the image on the right goes out of th screen, in both visualization (portrait and landscape). I have the same problem with the other type of columns gallery but i need the 2-columns. How can i solve this?



Thank you for purchasing.

Provide URL of page which has issue please.

So I asked prior to purchasing awhile back about the song that was playing and you said once I purchased the theme you could tell me the song’s name. I’ve purchased it now :)



Please contact me using my profile form mail. I will send it to you.

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” image flow page templete ” it applies only to if you click the image from a light box each screen pages you can move on to Make a link link, every image?



Thank you for purchasing.

Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you send me some screenshots with description please?

Hi there!

A question about auto hide menu>

Is it possible to have onClick or onMouseMove instead of onMouseOver event?


is there an easy way to update a theme? thanks) and btw did you fix the problem with mega huge headings on ipads in portrait mode?

Hi, my pictures in the full screen gallery havenĀ“t a good quality. Which picture size has the picture to be, to have a good qualitiy in the full screen gallery? Thanks for an answer Mosaikstein

How do I change or remove the ‘close’ and ‘arrow’ buttons on the photos at full-size. They detract from the photos. I’ve read through all the chat, and been into the CSS/screen.css. Someone above said the close button was ajax-loader.gif – I changed this for a new png but nothing changed. Someone else said “The name of the button file is fancybox_sprite.png – when I try to change that it is java script and I don’t know how to change that. Please help me remove or change this button – which piece of script is it in HTML in the CSS/screen.css? Thanks a lot. The theme is great, except for the close and arrow buttons, and I’ve been able to make other changes in the script to get the look I want.

Core Theme seems not to display Web site properly on mobile device when URL is re-directed?

Hello, let me describe my problem and why I think it is a Wordpress theme problem.

I have two domains ie. http://kovic.at and http://markokovic.photography

I asked my ISP to arrange all requests which come to http://markokovic.photography to get automatically re-directed to http://kovic.at

http://kovic.at is my Web server and http://markokovic.photography is only domain I use for Marketing purposes.

On desktop computer everything works perfectly o.k. but unfortunately problems are with mobile devices eg. smartphones and tablets…. ?!

“Mobile Web site view” on mobile phone browser which would need to get activated (only when when user comes from markokovic.photography URL address!) does not work. Instead “desktop site view” is enabled and consequently users have difficulties accessing Web site content on mobile device. I have tested it with Chrome and Boat browsers on Android and Safari on iPhone; results are all the same – user can note access/select Web site menu.

With other words you can easily see difference if you enter the following two URL addresses on any mobile phone device ie.

http://kovic.at and http://markokovic.photography

There is a problem with Web page menu on http://markokovic.photography which does not work as it should.

Bottom line: when user on mobile device enters markokovic.photography URL address on his/her mobile phone he/she needs to get exactly the same content presented on the Web site as the visitor who enters kovic.at URL address.

My ISP says on the server side everything runs normal and that the problem most probably comes from programming of the mobile site.

I kindly ask you to help me fixed this as soon as possible. Thank you!

regards Marko p.s. I already submitted this ticket quite some time ago on Evnato Market Support side… however today they advised me to publish this request here….