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Hello, we are really happy to use your template !

Our site :

Responsive Design works fine on iPad Horizontal Mode, but just 2 problems on IPad Vertical Mode :

- The Title Font Size is too hight - There’s an empty column on the right for pages like this :

I hope you understand me, I’m french ;-)

Thanks for you help !



You can see iPad screenshots here :

When the iPad is horizontal, it works well,

but when it is vertical, there are two problems (red indications on the screenshots) :

- Font size of title is not the same (too high) - An empty column appears to the right of content of the page and formatting is not good…



1. You can change page header size using Core admin > Font

2. The right side area for widgets. When you create a page you can select sidebar for it. Then you can add widgets to sidebar using Appearance > Widgets.


I understand but you don’t answer my question.

Why, for the same page, it works when the iPad is horizontal and when I return it vertically, formatting is wrong ?

Header size is correctly defined in core admin, and I want to remove the widget column (like gallery pages) ! There’s something wrong with the code that defines responsive. What are the files that define it please ?

Do you have an ipad to test this page :


As well as the FB button issue – is there a way to make the flow less responsive, it seems to fly past when touched.

I have problems with my blog page. Let me tell you a little …

I have in my website two installations of wordpress and have installed both the topic. In the installation I have in I placed portfolio type static pages, welcome page, etc.. On the other hand, I did another installation of wordpress in a folder called blog: / blog where I want to appear different post that I write.

The problem comes when I see old post, that the move to the next page the answer is that I keep coming back to the same page at the beginning and I can see the old post.

Can you tell me what will happen, please?? :’(

Sorry I can verify 1 regular license purchase from you. So it means you can install for 1 website only.

See license agreement.

Please purchase more license so I can continue providing support.

Hi Peerapong,

Just wondering if it is possible to omit dates to blog posts?

Thanks – Carl

Hi Peerapong,

Fullsize gallery is working well on a computer and phone but not on my ipad. Only a quarter of the image appears on it. Please help!


Open Core admin > Blog Portfolio > disable auto fit image to screen

Hi peerapong,

The auto-fit is already disabled in core. Full size gallery still not displaying correctly on ipad. Any other suggestions?


Is there any way for me to SORT ORDER (hundreads) of uploaded images within a particular gallery? The Drag-n-Drop one by one image just isn’t practical with these many images. When I’m in a gallery – the only Bulk Actions (options) I see are.. Detach from Gallery and Move to Trash.. a SORTING option with the a gallery would be great!!!

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

The missing FB button issue is this – <iframe class=”facebook_button” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0” allowtransparency=”true” style=”border:none; overflow:hidden; width:100%; height:21px;” src=”//”> 

although I am not sure where I need to add this information, can you advise please.

As for the flow responsiveness it turns out it is very responsive on Chrome and not as responsive on FF?

Has anyone managed to create the home page like the demo with “full screen style” and have the menu disappear? Please provide a link if you have.

Hello Peerapong, can you help me out with by these points? 1. I have no sound in iPhone 4S and iPad3, how can i fix that? 2. I have used your social profile with vimeo in the adminbox, and now i want ad soundcloud for me, but there is twitter, facebook etc. only! Is there a way to put soundcloud in? 3. How can i use the black and white switch, i use white as standard and if i click black i came to the Core samplepage! What can i do? Thank you


Cool Theme! Can I add a picture also in two galleries?

Thx 4 reply!

Sorry you have to upload images to new gallery from your computer only.

Hello, I have problem to instal the theme. Would can you help me?


The messagem given by wordpress is that:

Module FastCgiModule

Notification ExecuteRequestHandler

Handler PHP-FastCGI-simples

Error Code 0×80004005

Requested URL

Physical Path e:\home\hkphoto\linha\Web\wp-admin\update.php

Logon Method Anonymous

Logon User Anonymous

Sorry could you ask your webhost about this issue please. It’s issue on your server.

I would like you give me a tip – if its possible – to understand wha is happenning, because my server only give support to wordpress 3.1 and I have atualize it to 3.5. and now I need to know if its problem is something I could solve or if it is a configuration in the server – that I could not do anything.


Sorry the required Wordpress 3.5 and it doesn’t support 3.1

Hi, I’m unable to figure out flow as well, I already looked at the steps provided here and its not getting it to work. Using an admin account, I selected core>homepage> gallery, flow slideshow style and it doesn’t work. Ken blurs, and full screen works fine. its a blank, new wordpress, if that makes any difference. I’m using wordpress 3.5.1, core 4.4.3, deactivated all plugins. Can you point me to what the problem might be?

Please contact your webhost. This file

returns “Internal Server Error” on your server.

qbdx – in your Wordpress dashboard, go to – Settings, Reading and change the Front Page Display to Your Latest Posts. Hopefully the flow page will show up then ;)

Dade_F , thank you for the suggestion, It is set to latest post, it is not showing up. Do you have any other ideas?

apart from ensuring that on your Pages, Home – you have selected the right gallery from the right Page Options, Content Gallery.

Once that is done scroll down the page to Page Attributes, Template and select Gallery Flow

then publish

If you have done all that then Peerpong will have to help as thats all I know :/

hello, i just bought the theme and trying to upload it, but Wordpress says there is no stlye.css. i see that there is one, so not sure what wordpress is talking about. Any advice? i have downloaded it twice and tried to upload twice, but still the same answer.

thank you


open up your download folder and get to the main

its like download name .zip – then core 4 4 3 .zip, and then

and see uploading the last one fixes your problem

So I went into developer tools and it gave me this for my error about gallery flow not loading “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘getElementsByTagName’ of null jquery.ppflip.js:97 “

does anyone know what i can do to remedy this?

Please see my previous reply.

Hi Peerapong,

Is there anyway in Fullscreen mode for the homepage to make the bar at the bottom containing the thumbnails black instead of white to match the dark skin? for reference. Also, is there a way to not have thumbnails at the bottom? If not, no biggie, but I’d definitely like the bottom bar to match the rest of the site. Thanks

Thanks for reporting. I will release the update for thumbnails bg color in black skin in the next release.

Awesome thanks! Any idea when the next release will be?

I just noticed there’s a thin white line at the top as well that I’d like to be black to match the dark skin. Also, is there a way to get rid of the arrows since I only want to use one image? Thanks!