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The Breadcrumb does not work unfortunately. It strips the Parent from the breadcrumb… i.e. Home > Parent > Child displays as Home > Child.

Great theme though! Excellent Theme Options interface too.

How can I remove the “Take a Tour” and “Pricing and Setup” buttons in the Slider?

Also I am looking to add a link in the footer and the theme seems to be calling the domain first and wont let me put the correct link in the footer??



1) very sorry, unbelievably stupid of me, forgot to add the buttons to the theme options, please email me for a quick fix or wait for it to be uploaded to themeforest. Very sorry.

2) how are you adding your link?

<a href="linkgoeshere.com/index.html">link name</a>

This theme is crap!! bugs everywhere.

Image do not show

1st article is not linkable

no light box effect once you have drilled down to original article!!!!

forewarned is fair warned!


you’ll have to purchase the theme to find it does all work..

nmmark Purchased


How can I slow down the slideshow timing? I have tried a editing a couple different source files and cannot find where it pulls the timing from.



Hey navigate to js/customfunctions.php and find

 $('#slider').after('<div class="controls">').cycle({
            fx: 'fade',
            slideExpr: 'div',
            sync: 1,
            speedIn: 1200,
            speedOut: 150,
            pager: '.controls',
            pause: 1,
            pauseOnPagerHover: 1,
            prev: '#prev',
            next: '#next',
            cleartype:  true,
            cleartypeNoBg:  true,
            pagerAnchorBuilder: function(idx, showcase) { return '<a href="#"> </a>'; } 

add another option in their called timeout and give it a number of milliseconds to switch at.

timeout:       6000,

6000 = 6 seconds

I must be missing something. How do you define the URLs for the buttons in the showcase section. It is not immediately obvious either in the theme settings, or by looking at showcase.php.

I have bought the template to use in a Portuguese (Brazilian) site. How can I use characters like ã, á, â, é, ê, í, ó, ô, õ, etc.? I have tried their escape codes like “?”, “á”, “â”, etc. But didn’t work.

When I write: “Sua opinião nos ajuda a criar um sistema realmente útil ainda assim simples e intuitivo. Participe e recebe nossas novidades.” It shows: “Sua opinio nos ajuda a criar um sistema realmente til ainda assim simples e intuitivo. Participe e recebe nossas novidades.”

ogezzy Purchased


I’ve recently bought the theme I would like to use the cufon font for titles inside the posts section. How can I do this?

Also how can I use another font?




hey do you have any html knowledge?

open js/customfunctions.php and down the bottom you will find lines of replace codes for each element that has cufon as below.

Cufon.replace('.widgettitle', {fontFamily: 'kozukal'});

all you need to do is replace ”.widgettitle” with the element you would like and “kozukal” with either “kozukal” for light, “kozukar” for regular, oir “kozukam” for medium.

so if you wanted kozuka regular for the headers in each post you would do..

Cufon.replace('.entry-content h1', {fontFamily: 'kozukar'});
Cufon.replace('.entry-content h2', {fontFamily: 'kozukar'});
Cufon.replace('.entry-content h3', {fontFamily: 'kozukar'});
Cufon.replace('.entry-content h4', {fontFamily: 'kozukar'});
ogezzy Purchased

Thanks for your reply.

Also I’m getting an error every time I add content to a post.

Warning: substr() expects parameter 3 to be long, string given in D:\wamp\www\Bizexpress-2011\wp-content\themes\corma\includes\custom-functions.php on line 10

I’m running on my local.

Thanks again.

How can I remove the “Take a Tour” and “Pricing and Setup” buttons? How can I use another font?


pogona Purchased

I setup up the blog page and created a post; however, I do not see anywhere where people can come to my blog and make comments on the posts. The title links back to the home page.

Also, seems to be a big request by others and I too would like to know; for the buttons, “take a tour” and “pricing and setup” how do we customize this (change title and add a link) or even remove them?

Thanks in advance for the help and overall theme looks great!

pogona Purchased

I figured out how to change those buttons on the homepage. Pull up showcase.php and edit this line of code:

a class="slider-button" href="#">Take a Tour </a><a class="slider-button-right" href="#"></a><a class="slider-button" href="#">Pricing and Signup</a><a class="slider-button-right" href="#"></a>

Where it says href=”#” delete # and insert your URL and simply change the title from Take a Tour or Pricing and Signup to whatever you want.

I still need help on the blog; cant figure out how people can leave comments on my blog posts.


Hi, how do you allow for more text in the slider? Thanks!


Hi, you will need to open includes/showcase.php and find

<?php echo truncate(130, ' ... '); ?>

change 130 to the amount of characters you would like displayed and upload the file to replace it.

eddeaux Purchased

I’m having trouble:


Adding links to the slider images – it’d be great if this was an easy Custom Field where you could say “Button Right” is titled “__” and the url is “__”.


I can’t figure out how to add the blog pages to the site. Normally there is a template page for that.

Oh, and what about adding Video to the slider? Is that an option?

Other than that, the theme is beautiful. The control panel is amazing, the layout is flawless and the shortcodes are awesome. I just need more control over that slider.



Hi, yes sorry that was supposed to be an editable option where you can title and link the button but it was missed out on accident. If you would like to email me I can send you a file to add this option, or it will be available to download on Themeforest shortly.

To create a blog, first create a category and when creating there will be an option to select the layout, select “blog”, you could also edit any category you would like with a blog layout and change them. Then any post in those categories will be in the blog.

sorry there is no support for videos in the slider at this time, I don’t think it would be that hard to do, if you have knowledge in embedding videos to a site then I could probably make a custom field for you so you can add embedding code of the video and it will display at a certain size for the slider (will slide with the rest of the slider etc.)

eddeaux Purchased

Hi Template Up,

Yeah, I’d love to have those files this week if possible… many thanks!


sorry for that, it has been sent

ErichTHT Purchased

I bought this theme because it was absolutely gorgeous but like you I didn’t have much luck with it. Ended up deleting it and using something simpler to set up. If the bugs were worked out I’d love to use it again.


Hey, as far as I’m aware the only bug is the small slider button not being editable, which I can send you a file to fix, If you need help with setting up this theme let me know, I can help or set it up for you.

ErichTHT Purchased

Thank you very much for the offer. I would love to get this theme working, it really is beautiful. I will contact you by email when I run into any problems setting it up?


Yes, use my author page to email me

nmmark Purchased

First, I love this theme and the ability to customize it.

However, the blog page where all the posts are listed lacks any sort of formatting. The blog text appears as a run-on sentence with no line breaks. This makes it incredibly hard to read until the visitor clicks on the headline.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Site: http://www.nevermindmarketing.com/marketing-blog

Hi – I bought this yesterday and tried to upload it to my wordpress site but its saying “Incompatible Archive. PCLZIP _ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature” Wordpress also says on broken themes “stylesheet is missing”. Can you help?



hey, what you need to do is first extract the theme on your computer and then you will find the themefiles folder, inside that is “corma” go into that and make a zip of that folder and you will be able to install to wordpress the way you were trying. The reason I can’t make it install that way from the main zip itself is because then everyone using this theme would have copies of the .psd’s accessible by others, sorry for the inconvenience let me know if that’s unclear.

How do you designate a page as the portfolio? I don’t see anything in the documentation and there’s no “portfolio” page template or anything.

This is a nice theme. I really like it. Just need to know how to do this.



Oh I see. Then how do you designate a page as the portfolio page to show these posts?


you don’t need to :) just add the category to your menu and everything’s done


Thanks. That works great

Is there a way to turn off or change the links in the large slider? Right now when I click one of the sliding banners it just opens the banner in a lightbox. I’d like to either link to a page on the site, or pull out the link altogether. I’ve been playing around in the showcase.php, but I can’t find a way to remove it.