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Thanks for your reply. The menu.js what we have received in the theme is a compressed(minimized) version. So we couldn’t edit it. Could you please send us the uncompressed menu.js file so that we can edit it or is it possible for you to provide us a code to show sub level menus on hover?

Hi, Thanks for your reply. We are using split menu. We wanted to show the sublevel menus on hover. If possible provide us the code or send us the uncompressed menu.js file.

We have uncompressed the file – menu.js . We would like to know how to show sublevel menus on mouse over. We need your help at the earliest.

I had gone through the menu.js seems helix menu did not give option to change from there. Can you please ask on helix forum http://www.joomshaper.com/forums for that. They will give you a solution.Sorry for delay respond. We are here in holidays. Thanks


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Hello, I have noticed that your template use special layout for iPhone and other smartphones. How can I force the template to show standad look without any special modifications. Thanks a lot!

Hi, To disable it you have to delete all the content from template/rox_coroti/css/responsive.css and also from media_quires.css of plugin/system/helix. Thanks

Hi, This template is not supporting IE8, eventhough it is mentioned in the template. Could you please tell me what we should do to make it IE8 compatible? Please reply ASAP since the priority is high.

Hi, Go to index.php and delete unnacessary css file which was loading for hover style.It was conflicting. We are giving an update today for it. Thanks

Hi there, i have a little question.

Do you know a way to target css style only for Sadari or chrome (only one browser not both Browsers)

I try to use @media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0) but target safari and chrome and i just need to target one browser.

Thanks:) Nice template

well i found this solution, specific for Safari: http://browserhacks.com/

just to inform :)

Thanks :)

Hi there again :) im trying to include this plugin into my joomla, but when i include jquery it breaks the webpage and cant make it load, any suggestions?

This is the plugin: http://harvesthq.github.io/chosen/


Hi, Check jquery version in plugin. Which is very old check here https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.6.4/jquery.min.js. 1.6.4 Joomla is now using 1.8 + version. You can try to disable loading jquery from the plugin. It will load jquery 12from default joomla library.It will solve the prob. Thanks

Hi, I’ve installed your theme with Quick Installer V1.5 for J3.2 following the documented instructions. I’m surprised not seeing your template in Extension>Template Manager as rox_coroti folder is present. Also K2 components files are present but not declared in joomla extensions MySQL table. Is there other steps to perform for deploying your theme ?


Hi, You had missed to select install sample data. For for there its not showing. I had just tested to be more confirmed.At the end please select English db sample data. Check this screenshot http://d.pr/i/ClGA Thanks

Thanks a lot, working great!


I am getting 2 menus!!! It is pretty anoying. Also I cannot seem to get drop down menu.

I have



Your template makes those nice menu items but I also get regular menu items.


The only thing that works from the “menus” tab in your template is split menu. Thats the only option that yields results!


Hi, Check reply there. Thanks

Im sorry but I cannot find that reply. As a matter of fact I cannot find the PMs I sent you since this whole page is piled up with stuff!

Hi, Can you please make a forum post here http://support.themerox.com? It will be great because there will be record also you can share site details there. Everyday I am gettings too much mail so did not able to find the reply as you said you did not got it. There forum will be great for help. Thanks

Hi there,

why I have a copyright on file in my source code? there is the following:

“You need to purchase copyright removal license from http://www.joomshaper.com/pricing?tab=copyright in order to remove brand/www.joomshaper.com link.”

thanks in advance.

Hi, Check templates/rox_coroti/features/brand.php and edit copyright according to your need. There JoomShaper copyright is a framework copyright and its GPL. So you can remove it. We had used joomShaper Helix framework version 1 to develop the template. You do not need to purchase anything from JoomShaper for this template. Thanks

I bought the template, and I want to install this template for my site that has already been build using default Joomla (3.3) templates. What is the best way to only install the template rather quick install package. It seems to look like my investment has wasted. Also I want to change the default color to red. Any suggestions?

Hi, If you want that then install template only file. But make sure thats for advance user. After install that you have to install all required extension what will make the template run. Then you have to follow its layout and have to make your own site. But my advice to work on Demo Pack. Its much easier. You can hire any developer to customise your site with the template. Cos if you use template only file then the module position etc will be different with your current site so everything will be hidden. You have to organised them. Thanks

Does this theme work with Joomla 3.4? Can I upgrade my Joomla site to 3.4 without any template issues?

Yes you can. Its ready for joomla 3.x version. Thanks