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Your demo seems to be down…

sorry for that i am working on it. please after 2 hours.

hi, whats the modules sufix? example: “style-green animate icon-time”

? cant find , module suffix list in template documents

Hi, please look at that module advance option. it’s not in template setting.


mijalis Purchased

I have version 1.0 How do I upgrade? Also now with Joomla 3.3.x we need update for this…compatibility mentions up to 3.2.x

you need to wait for next update because, we need to compatible it first for latest version of joomla.

Hi happy new year,Is RTL supported?

Hello, Happy new year, Yes it will support RTL language.

Hey BDthemes,

Having issues with the demo package, both J2 and J3. J3 does not proceed further than the first installation page and J2 gives me another error. Please advise.

Cheers mate

Actually it’s php version issue, can you upload it online so i can help about installation directly.

Is there fix for offline installs ? I won’t be going online anytime soon as I need to develop further on localhost. Any fix is greatly appreciated. Using Xammp on Mac.

Please send a support ticket so support team will send you latest quickstart package.