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Very cool. Good luck with sales.


Thanks guys for your kind comments – really appreciate it – I put a LOT of work in to this one and I hope that shines through to everyone looking at purchasing it.

Does it work with ChimpMail?

Chimpmail do nothing special that I know of – any html email will work with any sender. They will probably have their own tags they want you to place in the html for your sending address – link to view online etc etc but all sending services do the same and it’s very straight forward to add those.

Very nice package. I’ve tried a lot of other templates in the past, but this one is so easy to customize and looks perfect on top!

Works perfect in Streamsend as well.

Hey @dvanhove – thanks so much for the nice comment – you just confirmed for me that what I set out to accomplish is indeed the experience you received as a buyer – thx and enjoy!

Many thanks for this just used this template yesterday and works perfect very easy to use thumbs up :-)

Happy you like it and found it simple to use! :)

Excellent costruction and very simple to manipulate. Easily the best $15 I’ve spent on ThemeForest! Just need to see how it performs in the wild – but the coding is very professional, so I’m not expecting any issues. Well done!

Thanks so much for the wonderful comment and recommendation ukbob – appreciate you letting me know I did a good job – everything was tested in MANY clients / sending services etc but if you have any issues just mail me from my profile page!

Thanks again.

Great functional template. Good help files included.


Are they campaign monitor ready?

No sorry – adding campaign monitor tags is as easy as it gets and so rather than me dictate to you to use one service over another I have decided to leave it to the buyer. Even absolute basic html editing knowledge is enough to simply add your service providers tags and all service providers have detailed tuts or videos showing you how.


Great template! This might be a very basic question but I am new at this :)

What value do I give to the the links’ a href that should take to me a certain section of the newsletter? Does that make sense?

I appreciate your help with this matter. Toni

You will need to add anchors to have a link on any html page / template / email then you href that anchor name – here is a link to a tut for you

First of all great template. Sorry for my bad english, but I have a problem with the printing of the newsletter. I use Outlook as email-client and I use the version with green background color. On the screen the newsletter is perfect, but when I try to print the newsletter, the background color is lost. In the printing the background color of any tables in the newsletter is white. Could u give me some advice?

Thanks. Piero

Hi – unfortunately I believe that is simply a limitation of how most printers / browsers print tables – there isn’t much you can do – you could however take a screen snap of the page and print as an image rather than a html page.

Sorry I can’t be any more help on this I’m afraid but hope that information helps you a little.


Can you create a YouTube icon?

I don’t see one in the files.

Thanks Brian

Just wondering: How big is the area set aside for company logo?

Thanks, Rob

It’s alotted 76% of that row.


Does this template work in Aweber?

Thanks! LaWanda

As long as they allow you to import without altering the code any email sending service will work with standard HTML templates.

Many thanks


Is this e-newsletter Constant Contact friendly?

It can be edited in any HTML editor (or plain text editor) and uploaded to anywhere that does not alter the code. Not entirely sure about CC as I’ve never tried them myself, but as I mention, as long as they do not alter and send as is it should be fine. Maybe ask the Constant Contact support for a firm answer on that?


Is this responsive ?

Hi – no, this is a fixed layout.