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Twitter does not appear. I added the widget but do not understand why it has not appeared. The local site works fine but when sending to the server does not work

nice theme, but the support is awfull :( I can’t put more images on the home page slideshow and can’t create a slide portofolio gallery. anybody has any ideas? thanks!

Are you guys providing support via this forum or your forum in Gogo Themes? Please respond!


I bought your corporate works theme. I am actually very happy with this theme but i have small problem.

When i open the pages (or posts) strange white plate blocks the upper part of the page. Here is the screenshot.


This block is seen every browser (chrome, opera, ie, firefox). However, in chrome, block disappears after 1-2 seconds. But in ie9 it remains and cannot disappear.

You can check http://biyorss.com/?p=5280 with internet explorer 9.

How can i solve this?

Please help me? :(

Anyone there? :/


Your problem is caused by the “upprev-nytimes-style-next-post-jquery-animated-fly-in-button” plugin installed.

It uses a style which puts a white background on the block it displays. On some browsers it seams that the css is not acting good.

You can try to make some changes to that css (it’s located in http://biyorss.com/wp-content/plugins/upprev-nytimes-style-next-post-jquery-animated-fly-in-button/upprev_flyout.css)

Try to put a display:block; property on ”#upprev_box ” class. Or, try to delete the z-index property and see how it reacts.

If you cant make it work send me a temporary admin password, maybe i will figure it out.

Regarding the delayed answer … your problem is caused by script you installed, the support priority are the problems caused by the theme itself without any user modification, that’s why your answer was delayed. I hope you understand.

All the best, Cristian

Thanks for reply. I disabled that plugin, but the problem still continues.

I sent my account name and password to your mail adress. “gogoneata_cristian[at]yahoo.com”

Hi man!

SUPER ! Great theme!, just bought and set it up in 10 mins :)

- A slight problem though, when i put in the standard widget: “Arbitrary text or HTML ” (both empty and with content), the sidebar freaks out.

Any tips?

Looks like a great theme! Two questions before purchase:

- how difficult would it be to add a background image in the header and footer areas?

- the front widget area – can these be simply text widgets?

Look forward to your prompt reply – keen to purchase and start work


Thanks for the interest show in this theme!

You can easily add backgrounds to those areas, but it must be done in the code.

You can put a background class on the wide_wrap div’s that holds the header and footer.

Yes, you can use those as text widgets. In fact you can put any widgets you want there.

Best, Cristian

I think this is the Wordpress version, no? Anyway, awesome looking theme, am sold :)

It’s not compatible with Wordpress 3.1.

Also, i send at least 4 emails to disgogo, but they never returned. Thanks for this.


Is there a way to make the Blog page the homepage?

I figured out how to make the Blog the homepage but I’m having issues removing the “reply” section off of my bio page.


hi, this theme looks great, i havea quick question, does it support wordpress 3.5 or higher?



Yes, it works without problems.

Best, Cristian

sorry it should be 3.1 and higher ?

Please Disgogo!!

I am waiting an answer since you told me to update it to the last version to solve some drop down menu issues.

Please check my emails since I need an urgent reply

Waiting your comments. Jose

Please Cristian,

I have sent so many times requests for support. I am still waiting for an answer to a drop down menu problem still to be solved.

Here is the link in the support forum:


I am wondering why you do not support my problem WITH YOUR THEME . I think the theme problem is quite clear with screen captures of the problem itself and it is more than one month in your Corporate Work support forum.

You Told me “The theme got an update that solves those problems.” but it is not solving the problem.

Please, give me a solution urgently!!



The theme got the update, weeks ago. Please login to your ThemeForest account and redownload the theme.

Thanks and sorry for any trouble.


Please Cristian,

Still not working. I have sent you a DM and leave a comment on it in the Forum section.

What date has the last theme version? I do not understand why do not number the different versions. I am accessing the Themeforest account for donwloaded themes and this is the version I am using.

This matter is being taking so long…already almost 2 months since the first inquiry.

Please, we need urgently to solve this issue

Waiting your comments


Totally Dissapointed by this Theme and the support people…I won’t recomend to use it. :(

Asking the same thing over and over again with an issue which is solved in two minutes…

Hello! I have a problem with the lightbox and that the images I have left below the menu bar! I can do?



I bought this theme a while ago. I have the problem that when I activate this so is my website which is white. Does anyone have any idea why?

Hi, could you tell me why in the portfolio the images are not showinf when i clock on they?



what is the shortcode so layout looks like your news page? I don’t see it on the documentation page or shortcode page.

Also if I set the page template to be “Blog” the sidebars for Blog do not show up on page.

Lastly, the videos do not play for the portfolio page. In this case it is under /web/videos/press-news/.

I will send you an email with a link to backend and temp user created yesterday.

Thanks. Jeanie