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also home page slider links do not work. they go back to home page.

regarding code [galleria id=”1”]: How do you identify the id number?

I’ve been trying to get the gallery going but missing some info. I’m referencing the documentation and following the steps. Also This site already has images (not starting from scratch) as it is a redesign project. So I am not able to get the gallery page going.


thanks, J


Thanks for your purchase!

The gallery id is random, you can put any number there as long it’s not a duplicate.

Please post an URL where you’re experiencing problems.

Best, Cristian Gogoneata

Hi Cris,

This is my 3rd template that I bought from you as I was very happy with the fast response you provided on theme issues in the past. You also have great themes that are very solid and minimal in glitches. One of the main reasons why I continue to purchase from you.

The main problem is the thumbnail for a post laid out with portfolio template does not load the video in the lightbox. Instead it opens up a new window to the actual link of the video.

I had sent u an email from the email address associated with this acct. It provides backend access. The cache folder’s permission has been changed to 777. PHP version is 5.2.

I have previous postings (6 days ago) with no response as well as emails. A response would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance. J

Hello Zrahman,

I already sent you a mail.

Sorry for the delay.

Best, Cristian

Hi Cris,

any update on video link loading in lightbox? I also mentioned in email that slider links on home page doesn’t work.

thanks much, J

sent u info by email.

thnx. J

Hello, when one of the pages using the template “one colum” and have a form does not display the text entry boxes, with other templates not only with the passing of “one colum” as I can solve?



Hi there,

I’ve recently purchased Corporate Works and am in the process of setting it up for a client.

Is there any way to have video (either from Vimeo, YouTube or as a SWF I ’ve uploaded myself to the client’s webserver) as one of the featured items in the front page slider?



right side has “HTML files” but I couldn’t fine html files how can i get the html files.

I bought this already.

ThemeForest Files Included : Layered PNG , Layered PSD , JPG Image, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files, PHP Files

I love this theme but my site is SUPER , SUPER SLOW !!!

I thought about disabling the cufon, PrettyPhoto and other unnecessary javascript that I really don’t need.

How could I disable them? I don’t see them in the header.php file?

Is there anything else you think I can do to speed-up my site?


I am waiting for my Paypay account to recieve my bank transfer so I can buy this wonderful theme!

But I have a question: Can I dynamically change the “catchy placeholder”, thus change a file using PHP ?

Yours, Alexander


My payment has arrived and I finally have his great theme! But my question still remains unanswered: “Can I dynamically change the “catchy placeholder”, thus change a file using PHP ?”

Yours, Alexander

Hi, I brought the html version of this template but I presume the home slider is set up in the same way. I deleted the white image behind the text in the home slider but for some reason in IE it is still showing up? Can anybody help please? DO I need to add extra code in the css file? Thx

hello, I would like to contact you because we bought this theme and I could see that in IE topic titles disappear. but not in FF and Chrome and Safari.

Have you an idea of ??the source of this problem?

Thank you in advance for your help.

ok i fund , it was the cufon not up to date. www.benmoussa.net


The slider doesn’t show the post… I’ve created a post.. with a category… put the same category in the slideshow tab… but the slider shows nothing!!! please help me out!!

Hi, I bought the corporate Works theme. I have a problem with the Portfolio Gallery page. When I upload many photos, it works correctly and very well but at the time I just uploaded one and only one photo, the picture does not respect the CSS and it goes out the layout… Same thing for the default picture when you have no photo uploaded. What should I do ? Please help me.


Hi do you still give support for this theme?



Is there any way to show the name of the Author per post in the blog? It’s causing issues with readers not knowing who wrote the post.


portfolio gallery light box not working how to fix it

please reply immediate


Has there been an update for this since Oct. 25 2010?


Thanks for your comment.

There has been only minor updates, but a big one is scheduled in the next weeks.

Best, Cristian

Thanks for the fast reply Cristian. Can’t wait for the update! Can you please tell me where I would be able to download it. For some reason I don’t see the purchased theme in my history but have the receipt.