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Hi Airtrucker,

I purchased and installed the theme. I am unable to place my own logo at the top. I have followed your instructions. Steps 1-10 went perfectly.

When I try to save (at step 11) it says “Module must have a title” so I gave it my own name.

After completing step 11 I see the new Module in module manager. But I still see the default logo from the theme. I tried deactivating the existing module called “Main Menu” but I am unable to activate my logo on your template. What have I missed.

My logo is 770×120 pixels (not exceeding the 120 pixel limit). is there a limit to the width of the logo? I am using joomla 1.5.15

Please help.

Regards, Alexander

I got this template, and the top menu items I want are long. Somehow, it cuts some of it out. Example, the title of one of the drop-down was supposed to be “Engineering Services Offered”, and it cuts out “Services Offered” and displays only “Engineering”.


Hi, explosive0,
sorry for the late answer, I didn’t get an email of your question.

Both problems sound strange to me. Maybe you can give me a link to see whats happening?
Cheers, Rene

Hello, (sorry for my bad english)

I have two questions on Joomla Template 19741 before to buy it.

1: Is it possible to have (by the menu) a private access to a section ? For example, VIP ’person or team’s organization etc.

2: Is it possible to have a search engine on first page ?

Thanks a lot for your help.


1.) This has nothing to do with the template. Joomla itself has a complex user and access management built in. For this you should take a look at the Joomla Documentation: http://docs.joomla.org/

2.) Just publish the search module in any template position you like.

Hi.. Does anyone know if the white background colour can be changed an how it is done?


Change the CSS in line 8 of the file:
> templates > corporate > css > corporate.css

body { ... background: #fff; }
lu5 Purchased

firstly thanks for your template. I have a question, I optimize queries and would like to ask you how you can reduce, combine queries in the menu (I use menu_suckerfish_blue) I’m talking about these queries:

templates / corporate / images / blue / module_head_light.png templates / corporate / images / blue / menu_bar.png / Templates / corporate / images / blue / menu_begin.png / templates / corporate / images / blue / menu_divider.png templates / corporate / images / blue / menu_end.png / templates / corporate / images / blue / menu_hover.png templates / corporate / Images / blue / menu_active.png templates / corporate / images / blue / menu_click.pnzh Sincerely Lutetia.

I can’t get the logo replacement to work. Please help. em@3clickmedia.com


I would like to ask if your template is compatible with joomla 2.5