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Yes i mean the default index page, sorry…

Would you like me to send you the page? I can send you the html file if that is easier to understand? Please let me know. I appreciate it.

Thank you so much Puja


Yes send me the page via mail…I’ll check it out! :)

how can i attach the file?


use your gmail or something like that… my email is themes@trendywebstar.com

MattWT Purchased

When viewing the template in IE, radio buttons and checkboxes have some nasty rectangle box around them, how do I remove this? Thanks

Hi, I`m using the nivo-slider and changed the pauseTime in nivoslider.js to 9000, but nothing changed? Where can I set the pauseTime between the slides?


Ok, I saw it in the custom.js.

Hi, I want to use prettyphoto for slideshow and for youtube video. The problem is, when slideshow is activated (“true”), then the youtube-video also looping after 10 sec (Pausetime). Is it possible to disable the slideshow for videos and enable for the image slideshow?

Thanks for help!


Would it be possible to create a responsive version of this template please?

icf Purchased

Hi, I have purchased your template. I am a complete amateur and therefore am looking for some kind of help files / instructions to show me how to build pages in Dreamweaver etc.

I open pages and to me it just looks like empty boxes, pages devided into all different bit of everything and none of it makes sense to me.

Do you have a ldf doc, or something that will help me get started.


icf Purchased

I meant pdf, sorry

Hello, I’ve a question. I’ve purchased CorporatePro theme, but I have a problem. In portfolio, when prettyPhoto is called to show the picture, NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons doesn’t appear, and also on the left I see “undefined” label.

Can you help me? I sse that the problem is visible also on the theme demo at http://themes.trendywebstar.com/CorporatePro/portfolio-four-columns.html

In some case at you address prettyphoto doesn’t work al all.

Thank you in advance. Max

danielias Purchased

Hi, I sent a email for support, Contact form isnt working. Thanks in advance, Daniel

ballyhoo Purchased
hi a client has pointed out that the menu has disappeared when viewed in chrome v33 on PC even the demo site the menu is hidden on my pc http://themes.trendywebstar.com/CorporatePro/

any ideas?

ballyhoo Purchased

finally fixed the error, it was the font ‘Droid’ once i removed from the css file it reappeared. Hope this helps people


When I try to add links behind the social buttons (top right) they don’t work. Not clickable … could you help out ?