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Good Work , GLWS ;)

Thanks :)

Very nice job. Good luck dude :)

Thanks Vicky :)

awesome work :)

shukran :)

Hello, very nice template, just a few questions if you don’t mind. It looks that something is not working in the image slider, usually there is an active field or something that allows me to click on given image (that is part of the slider) I dont see anything like this, I can see it is trying to do something but it only narrows down to the upper left corner. Also the single project link in portfolio doesnt seem to work – http://uouapps.com/corpro/professional/single-project.html Thanks

Thanks! I think that answers my questions, sorry just one more thing I just launched it on my Samsung galaxy android and it doesnt seem to be responsive – it does behave like a responsive page though when I make screen smaller on my PC

Hi again, would you mind opening a ticket at http://uou.ticksy.com and make a list of the things that are wrong and we’ll fix it by Monday Thanks Cheers UOU Apps

Hi I’m. Testing it on a noka lumia and its responsive can i bother u and ask you to check if the demo version is responsive on your devices?

I couldnt upload theme to wordpress after numerous hours of trying. It doesnt contain “style.css” file, it contains “styleS.css” but that isnt by Wordpress codex and it will return stylingsheet error all the time.

Hi this is a template (html) not a theme (wp) you find a similar version by purchasing glocal wp cheers uou

This templates work on safari?

yes i know but is www.uouapps.com/glo working with safari ?

Can you make Corpro – Corporate & Professional vCard Template make it work on safari?

I’ll ask the dev to look into it to understand why it’s not workign with safari please send me a reminder next week Cheers UOU

As the Arab Company Is it possible to translate the template in Arabic

We hope to respond as soon as

Marhaba Mohammad, I would suggest that you either take Glocal wordpress or Glocal html

WP: http://uouapps.com/wp/glocal/company/my-new-company/#company-tabs-page

HTML: http://uouapps.com/glo/company-tabs.html

it offers more flexibiltiy and it will be easier for you to work with the left or right sidebar becaue the options are available

i wish we could help you but the problem is that we are working under pressure and we have a lot of work in the pipeline so we can’t take external projects

so what I would suggest is that you choose one of the projects and you look for a developer on freelance.com – odesk.com – microlancer.com who can help you out

Salamat UOU

ok Glocal wordpress

Shokran :)

Hi !

Is it possible to hide the contact details (phone / fax / email) with an external membership plugin ?

Just like in your Metrodir template.


Hi, thanks for your interest, this is a html template not a theme so you can’t use any wp plugin with it Cheers UOU