Cosily - WordPress Theme for hotels

The Cosily WordPress theme is an excellent for hotels, hostels, resort, private villas, holiday homes, holiday apartments or other types of service which requires a booking type system. Cosily will offer a set of amazing features and customization options that will help you make unique and beautiful site.


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Change log

Version 1.3.2 (October 22, 2014)
- Visual styles updates
- Updated theme translation
- Fixed issue with email addresses
- Files changed: header.php, page-templates/_reservations.php, inc/room-options.php, style/style.css

Version 1.3.1 (October 2, 2014)
- Various visual fixes 
- Updated theme translation
- Updated Shortcodes and Revslider plugins
- Fixed Twitter hashtag link
- Files changed: inc/admin.css, inc/meta-boxes.php, languages/, languages/language.po, page-templates/_reservations.php, style/shortcodes.css, style/style.css, functions.php, inc/plugins/, inc/plugins/

Version 1.3 (May 13, 2014)
- Added new Shortcodes as plugin
- Added new version of Revolution slider
- CSS Fixes
- Files changed: functions.php, inc/meta-boxes.php, page-templates/_contact.php, script/common.js, style/shortcodes.css, style/style.css, inc/plugins/
- Removed Shortcodes folder and added installation file
Version 1.2.4 (January 28, 2014)
- Removed text hyphenation
- Files changed: /style/style.css

Version 1.2.3 (December 23, 2013)
- Added preloader to slit slider
- Files changed: /style/style.css, 
/templates/frontpage.php, /script/common.js

Version 1.2.2. (October 3, 2013)
- Fixed bug with contact map
- Files changed: /script/common.js, /style/style.css

Version 1.2.1 (August 29, 2013)
- Menu css fix for smaller resoultions
- Files changed: style/style.css

Version 1.2 (August 28, 2013)
- Room search properly shows gallery and video thumbnail
- Added option in admin to adjust logo and menu margins
- Fixed single room image stretching 
- Removed white space that was showing on iPhone
- Few smaller css fixes
- Files changed: header.php, admin-settings.php, style.css, single-rooms.php, ajax.php, iphone.css 

Version 1.1 (August 18, 2013)
- Major theme update


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