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Nice looking theme. Probably a huge top seller.


Thanks a lot. hope you are right mate :)

Grate Work, Next Elite Author :) Good Luck


Thanks mate. I’m so excited to be :)

WOW ! this is very well thought out. layout 4 is best use of wood ever. Whole lotta eye candy here man, fantastic work. I’m in :D


Thanks for your nice compliments. I’m waiting your supports guys…


Great f*in theme man! Love the fashion & cartoon versions, now if I just had a use for this template. Hopefully in the future! gl with sales


Thanks man, we’ll be waiting for you :)

hi from Greece!

if your theme is bug free, then it will ROCK !!! absolutely STUNNING !!!

i’ve seen quite a few great looking themes so far and most of them could not hold on promise… i really hope you make the difference

give us a test server to play with it and then your sales will skyrocket :-) also give us an open support forum to prove quality of code & support service

wish u all the best!

in next version/update, please add woocommerce & bbpress support

congrats again!



and hi from Turkey :) thanks for all wishes… You can check all presented layouts. even if there s a bug we’ll fix and add on new features. we spent 3 months to develop it. I think it deserve a bit high sales mate :) doing our best to make customers happy.

you mean test user on admin panel?

we’ll add woo-commerce but not sure about buddypress. let s see what brings the new day for us :) stay tuned



i wish it sells super !!!

woocommerce support will be great! i mean a test server with admin access for us to play and see it in action… (at least for 30 minutes… and every 30 mins all content gets deleted)

a support forum is also important

cheers, tasos

it is great theme!, but it Do not loading on my galaxy s3. I’ll be waiting for this bug fixed


THanks. could you please share us screenshots. so may investigate what s goin on your side.



it happened only on home-1 of this theme in my Android Chrome. On other homes everything OK.

Can you add PAGE CONSTRUCTOR at the posts and related items at bottom of posts?


oh sorry! Page Derigner allready done on the posts. It very fine!

Amazing looking theme! Bookmarked. Good luck! :-)

Viewed the video on the Page Builder. On a computer, this looks great.

If people were use the WP admin from a touchscreen Phone / Tablet (using a browser or the official WP app), would you consider adding buttons to increase / decrease the horizontal size of page elements and the vertical order in which they appear? Maybe it’s just not practical at all?

How modular is the design?

If I don’t want to use the included shortcodes, can I simply deactivate them?

If I won’t be using the revolution slider, can I easily disable it?

Are there any Custom Post Types in use? If so, can I just decide to not use one or more of them if I don’t need them for a particular project?

The goal behind this questions is ultimately to reduce feature bloat before deployment of any site made with this theme.

Aside from feature bloat, it would be somewhat annoying to have an issue / bug in a part of the theme I’m not using break the theme / site in the future.


Thanks WPWiseOwl ,

- The Design is very flexible as you can see. 10 pre-defined layout + 10 skin colors included. or you may create your own style with tons of trendy features.

- you can use drag&drop page builder instead of shortcodes if you like. - yes we have included custom post types. and yes u don’t have to use them if not prefered.

- this is simple take what you want theme. and we’ll add more features on it. please read profile page for more information or live help documentation.



I understand I can use what I / not use what I don’t. However, to be more clear, what I really was asking is whether I can “remove” these undesired elements with relative ease before delivering to a client so they don’t even see them.

Hi free vision,

On iPad, only getting the circle images for home page, can’t select the circles or go anywhere else. Looking forward to viewing the theme on the iPad mostly. Thanks. Mike


Hello Mike. yes I noticed that. I’ll figure out something. other than everything works fine on ipad or mobile devices… please have a look above I wrote all layout links once again.


Hello we’ve improved theme select page for ipads also supported on IE8 . for your info.


during the local time it s time to get some sleep dear friends. I’ll reply all questions or requests by the morning.

thanks for your kind supports once again.

The bomb kardesim, bol kazanclar :)


sabah mutlaka konusalim lutfen:) tesekkurler simdiden

Really like this one, gonna sell a lot for sure, nice job!

The theme like many others here but looks not bad. Good luck with sales.

Great theme! Impressive.

But, do you include sample data, so we can get the template up and running quickly? This is always a welcome feature that saves lots of time and trouble when working with a new template.


of course… all sample data included. good luck!

beautiful! i will find a need for this soon!

Stunning theme! good luck with Sales, I’m after woocommerce support also, and need it to be viewable on ipads. If you sort those out soon you have another sale here.

Thanks :)


Thanks, we will add on after a while just gathering feedbacks and it works fine with ipads.

torianth Purchased

Just bought this and trying to build off your homepage 2 layout. I looked in documents for predefined, but the page is saying not found. I tried importing xml file, but most the files failed to import. What is the easiest way to start with layout two (smooth grey with robot guy)?


Hello thanks for buying out theme please open a ticket on our support page so we will investigate ur issue. Shouldnt be a problem

Nice theme, Next Elite Author Good Luck :)