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Hey Tirtakusuma,

You can disregard my previous questions, I’ve figured it out. But I do have some new questions if you don’t mind:

1) Subscriber.php, I like to be notified via an Email when a user sends their E-mail address, possible?

2)The Countdown percentage definitely not working when I change the Start and End year to 2013. The number of days and min seems fine, but the percentage either stays at 0% or goes up to minus percentage! Odd! Please help. Thanks.

3) I can add an button to play MP3 music to this template yes? Thinking about replacing one of the Social Media Button at the bottom.



1. You can use subscriber-gmail.php or subscriber-mail.php as to handle your subscriber’s system;
2. Thanks for your report and I’ll check it asap..;
3. Yes you can but you need to add new code/script into COSoo..

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Hi Nice Work. The error responses on the forms appear in a new page. Is there a way to having them appear in pop up window?



Please tell us the url of your website, we’ll check it..Thanks