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Hi, how can I show only one month in date picker?

thanx in advance

Hello, unfortunately that’s not possible by default, sorry, only with customization

problem solved.

While uploading the coupon’s image – it is showing unattached status in the media section, therefore can I attach the images associated with coupons.

Because when i delete the coupons from the front end, coupons image is left in the upload folder.


Hi! The coupon image is set as the featured image of that coupon so it should be attached to it, can you please elaborate?

im interested in your theme but have questions first

1) can i just have simple coupons no view deals big image no expiry date. just simple coupon print or website deal 2) do you have a file for the theme to be in French language , is it language ready.. meaning it is done automatic with file 3) do you have videos to help set up theme Thks


1) There’s no print functionality in the theme, but I can provide the code to remove expiry date, image and everything else that you won’t need

2) There’s no file for french, but the theme is translate-ready and you can use the provided english files to translate it to french easily with PoEdit

3) Well the theme is fairly easy to setup, there’s just one custom post type that can be managed from the dashboard just like normal posts, there’s nothing else. :)

There’s a documentation file available and if you need any further help, we’re here to help!

Hi, I wish to buy your template and integrate with my working site with a lot of registred users, a few questions:

1 – Its translated? How?

2 – Can I use the same users registred on my website? I wish to use Multisite function.

3 – Can I create a Menu for Cities, Search form for Cities for the Itens?

4 – Can I change the e-mails sent using HTML?

5 – Where I can see the dashboard functions for things like payments, sells?

6 – Can I charge comissions from any view of the coupon?

thank you!

Hello. The theme comes as seen on the demo and works only with WordPress, integrating it with your website requires quite some work and we can’t provide any support regarding that.

There’s no functionality for payments, comissions available in the theme, they will need to be custom coded if needed. You will get exactly what’s on the demo, nothing more or less.

hi..i have purchased couponize theme from you..but the problem is ? its not look as the demo u have show…so plz help me ..how can i custamiz the theme …and i even did not got the option to keep coupons,..my theme is just looking like a common blog theme…plz help me out

Hello. Try importing the sample .xml file from the /sampledata/ folder in Tools > Import > WordPress. By default, if there’s no content available, it will look like a standard theme, that’s normal, you will need to add your own coupons and set it up as wrote in the documentation

i already kept sample data to it..but its not working..plz check www.crazyhub.in my website

Well, your coupons are added as normal posts, they need to be added as “Coupons” in the dashboard.

And besides that, you will need to create a new page with the “Coupons” page template and then select that page as your homepage in Settings > Reading.


i have alredy kept sample coupons and also created a page with coupon page template and kept that page as a home page and the problem is that the coupon slider is not working .and i also kept some categories with images but that images are not showing in popular company slider…and i have kept some footers but that also not working…plz help me out with this problem ..

thank you.

Hi! I have just checked your website and it seems to work fine, the sliders work as expected, same for navigation and footer, do you need further assistance?


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I’m having trouble displaying coupons on the home page. I’ve added 4 coupons yet they are not displaying in the “NEW COUPONS” or “POPULAR COUPONS”

site: omgvouchers.co.uk/



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Can someone please help me?

Hi, the coupons seem to show up fine for me now, do you still need assistance?

Hello, I’m interested in purchasing this for a niche coupon website. I tried clicking on the coupon code and it revealed the pop up window but there was no redirect to the affiliate website. How we get commission like this?

Hello. Some coupons only have a coupon added, not a URL as well. “Visit offer” should be the one that should open up a URL as well

Hi i am looking at buying this theme 2 quick questions.

1 How do people add deals(offers) and can you change the ADD COUPON button to ADD COUPON / DEAL

2 On the home page can you have under the banner the coupon results list instead of the popular and new coupons.