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I’ve few questions :

1) In your demo we can see (in the coupon section) page numbers (1,2,3,4…) in my website there isn’t this but : ” Older Coupons ” How can i change this ?

2) How can i import some coupons ?

3) There isn’t any documentation about the newsletter (it doesn’t works for me)

Elie Thanks

1) You can install the WP PageNavi plugin

2) You can use the sample .xml file from the /sampledata/ folder and import them in Tools > Import > WordPress


You’re welcome!

Hi, 1 more problems :

I’ve made a coupon page. On it i want to put the thumb rating as it is done on your demo. I can’t! The thumb rating only appear on the categories page


You can send me your problem + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile and I’ll check it.

I’ve sent you an email

Ok, I’ll answer there

Can I use woocommerce with this theme?

Hi, no, not by default

Thanks, but what for this image? Visitors do not need this image they need that when to click to “SHOW COUPON” it will show coupon. You have to click 2 times quickly to get it open. But it is not normal way and makes visitors confused and lots of them cant get this coupon code..

ALSO next PERSON have asked too question about this SAME PROBLEM.

“1 – You seem to have to click ‘show coupon’ twice in quick succession to get the info box to pop up – is there a fix for this?”

You again ask question about this question and NO REPLY. It is evident that it doesn’t work normally in normal browser what most of people use. I have already waited quite long. If not anything new in next days. I will consider for some other theme..

I will check it on windows + firefox, that image shows how it looks on Firefox for me, on OS X. It seems that the issue only happens on Windows and I’ll check and fix it in the following days, for the next update.

Any news?

Hello. I’m on MAC and couldn’t check it on windows so far, sorry. I’ll have a windows laptop by the weekend and will check it then. The issue only happens on firefox + windows as far as I saw, as on MAC it works fine, with all the browsers.

Sorry for this delay.

Hi, Did you have time to see my problem ?


Hello, the username you sent me is invalid, I have answered via e-mail


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ok never mind, i will not use the thumb in the home page… Thanks


I developed a website using using your theme in Firefox but whenever I use internet explorer, is not showing properly. The whole layout its messed up. This also happen when watching it from a laptop, the image slider does not show properly.

Could you please help?

Many thanks!

It’s not me that handles the payments & refunds, but Envato, you can open a ticket with them and ask for a refund. IE8 is an outdated browser and while I offered support back in 2013 for IE8 when the theme was added, in 2015 not even jQuery supports it or the libraries I use for the theme. You can send Envato a link to this comments where they can see I’m ok with giving you a refund.

I’d recommend updating your browser on the computers though, as IE8 is pretty much history now.

You are right, its old but is not so easy to make such a change as companies many times move very slow on this. Ok I will contact Envato, thanks


This theme is excellent, but for some reason the popular coupons/new coupons don’t show up on the homepage.

I have tried everything you have suggested: www.musclevoucher.com


Hello, please send me your problem + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile and I’ll check it.


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I sent a message through the contact form, please respond! :)

Thank you so much.

Answered via e-mail :)


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Is it possible to make a page with content and to add at the bottom the coupon from a category ?


Hello, that’s not possible by default, sorry, only with customization (if you’d create a custom page template)

If I want to charge companies to put coupons on my site, I can use the regular license correct?


1) It doesn’t require login because they’re added as pending and need to be approved anyway. With a little bit of customization, you can require the user to be logged in in order to see that page.

2) Unfortunately not. I can provide screenshots, but it’s not much, I kept it as simple as possible, the coupons are added as normal posts, the coupon-specific details are added via metaboxes that are below the big textarea for content.

Ok Can I add a FAQ plugin? Can I control what coupons get added to the Popular list?

Hi, you can add any plugins you want, but I can’t offer any support for them in regards to their integration with the theme.

As for the popular list.. no, they’re ordered by the number of comments


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IS it possible to make the share buttons (facebook, twitter…) appear without a click ?


Hi, you can add this to style.css

.share_toggle {
display: block !important;

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You’re welcome!

The “show coupon” modal window does not close when viewing on a mobile device. Can you provide a fix for this issue please?

Just a snippet of code for closing the window that we could drop in would be great. Thanks!

Hi, try adding this code to style.css

@media only screen and (max-width: 768px) {
    .popup .box {
        max-width: 80%;
    .popup .box .coupon-details {
        width: 80%;
    .popup .box .coupon-details {
        width: 80%;

it should reduce the size of the box and you should be able to click outside of it and close it.

How can I make the first page show all the coupons like an infinity scroll rather than just 10?

Unfortunately infinite scroll isn’t possible by default in the theme, sorry. The number of coupons shown can be set in Settings > Reading.

How can I increase the number of coupons showing up from 10 to all of them, like infinity scroll? I also sent you an earlier question. You can hit me up at jamesquine@aol.com please. My phone is 808-250-1201 and I’ve made you an admin at mauideals.org/beta it’s themeforrest and finaldestiny2015. Thanks, James

Hello. I flagged your comment becaues it had login details. The theme doesn’t have infinite scroll functionality by default.. and you can change the number of posts shown from Settings > Reading.

Hi! How to setting a popup window to show it http://prntscr.com/7i62an

Hello. I’m not sure what you mean, the popup shows up automatically if you add just a coupon code to it

How to show not all categories in this block? http://prntscr.com/7im565

Hello, please post your question using the account you used to purchase the theme, as you don’t have the purchased badge on this one.

I can’t bacause I was buy your product nearly 1 year ago.

It doesn’t matter when you bought it, the “purchased” badge stays there forever, unfortunately I can only offer support for verified customers.

Dear Author, I am using this theme since one month. I am facing two problems. One is when we click on Older Coupons button in Coupon section, it is showing page is not found. Second one is that the popup coupon code is not working. My url is www.dealmojo.in

Hi, please post your question using the account you used to purchase the theme, as this one doesn’t have the “Purchased” badge

Actually my developer has installed the theme, So I don’t have that account. Kindly help me in resolving the problem.

You can ask your developer for the purchase code and send it via the contact form on my profile, along with the issue you’re having. I can only offer support for verified customers.

Pre-sale questions:

1- Is there a way to restrict the ads visualization only to logged users?

2- Can users login with facebook account?

3- Can I have 2 kinds of users (2 atributtes), so only one kind can submit coupons and the other not (only see and print coupons)?

3- Can I distribute codes for free submitions of coupons or allow free submitions on a certain period or only for the first submition of that user?

4- Can I configurate the princing plan to “number of clicks to print the coupon” instead of periods (i.e. U$ 100,00 for 200 prints of the coupon)? If yes, is it possible to limit the number of coupons per user?

Thanks a lot!


1) Not by default, only with customization

2) Only with customization, you can take a look at the “Nextend facebook connect” plugin for that.

3) That’s functionality that should be achieved through plugins, the theme is only for showcasing posts / coupons. If you want further restrictions on users, you’ll need a 3rd party plugin.

4) Same as 3. Themes shouldn’t take care of such functionality, that’s the role of plugins. The theme has the core, showing all the coupons, you can take it from there and use plugins to create new user roles and integrate them with the theme(limiting the number of coupons or anything else)