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Great theme. Question, I want multiple rows (masonry list) with the newest/latest offers on my frontpage. For example show 24 newest coupons in once on the frontpage. How can I do this?


Hi, unfortunately there’s no masonry page template available by default in the theme, sorry. You will need to customize it

I want the homepage slider to occupy the full width? how can i do that???


Sorry for the late reply, glad you fixed it :)

1) I want to exclude one COUPON’s category from the category list in +add coupon page (page-template-submit.php) – my idea is to prevent user from adding coupons in one particular category.

2) And planning to put the excluded category list (ie coupons) to coupon slider (ie: new-coupons.php). I guess we need some tweak on the new-coupons.php code.

Thanks in advance

Question 1) is RESOLVED, plz help on the question 2) its kinda urgetn. THANX

Question 2) RESOLVED

Sorry for the late reply, glad you managed to fix it


1. I want to create a profile for each of my clients, then to publish coupons for the clients, but people can see all coupons from one client, and clients can then access any manage their deals or coupons.

2. Also, i want the URL to have the client coupon name

3. The client publish coupons/deal every one month or every period, how can I filter the coupons by period

4. Can I charge the clients to publish more than the deals/coupons, like to create online profile add images, videos and others.

Can the above be done


1) Unfortunately that’s not really possible by default, without customization. By default, the frontend submission can be used by anyone. I think you can set a custom role to your newly registered users or just create manual “author” accounts to your clients

2) The URL has /coupons/ and the title of the coupon inside it. The coupons part isn’t adjustable based on your client, but your client can add his own name in the deals titles

3) Unfortunately that’s not possible by default

4) Not by default. With customization, sure, but I can’t offer any assistance regarding that

My idea is to add “Select your category” in the select list (category list), instead of showing one of the category from the category list by default.


Glad you fixed it :)

SEARCH function is going through all the pages and the post, can I make it only search through coupons categories???

I have answered your other message regarding this :)

How can i disable the slider navigation button in mobile version??

I have answered your other message regarding this :)

Can you pls give me the code for – when adding coupons, I want to add 2 categories, one is user selected from the select menu and one is already selected by default. for example my by default categories ID is 20.


Glad you managed to fix it :)

popup is not opening in Firefox when click on Get Coupon link, Its worked well in chrome. www.ecouponswala.in

I’m using Firefox myself and it works fine. What OS are you using? Can you try on a different PC / laptop?

I have checked on 3 windows 7 laptops but not showing popup. which os you are using? i think the theme is not compatible with windows 7 os.

I’m on OS X. I asked someone with windows 8 and he said it works fine, I’ll try to find someone with win 7 and see. Also make sure you’re running the latest version of the theme


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Hello, the WP developer I’m working with is having trouble configuring the theme to look like the demo. He suggested the issue is the theme is not compatible with the latest version of WP. Can you please confirm and if so, what is the latest version of WP the theme is compatible with? Thank you.

You’re welcome!


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Hello again, we’re having an issue with the blog page: http://dealy.nz/blog/ – the webmaster advised “Issue with the blog is that it is not updating categories to include. thats why even pages are being displayed within blog. we have to consult theme provider. Please see screen capture: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwLZrf-XJ5_WcUk3WWRUQ0YwN1E/view?usp=sharing Could you please advise what we can do to correct this? Thank you.

Hi. Make sure in Settings > Reading the blog page is not used anywhere..


1) I try to find answer to this problem all over the internet and no success. Is there any solution for – deleting posts also deletes image attached to it?? – like featured images in the media.

2) limiting the upload image size, what if somebody uploads super big size images? And is it possible to delete the large size image, once wordpress crunch the size?

Thanx in advance.


I want to display certain categories first (priority) while displaying all the categories on the frontpage – thanx, ab

Hello. You can send the problems and the details via the contact form on my profile(click on my profile and there should be a contact form).

But unfortunately there’s no option in Couponize to order coupons by priority or categories, they’re ordered by date as it works in native WordPress. And unfortunately I can’t offer support for customization requests

kindly help me the secondary issue. I know for you it’s just the quick coding – i tried to find the answers all over the internet, if it’s not possible, kindly guide me where i should edit the code

thanx in advance, AB


I want to integrated the google map to the coupon location, and I know that it’s purely customization, but can you give me any idea, direction, or logic behind it. Any plugin suggestions ??? thanx AB

Hi. You will need to edit the single-coupons.php and fetch that info from a custom field (you can choose whatever name you want). And then, simply add the google map code to each coupon in that custom field.

Hello there,

Our blog second page is showing 404 error. Please let me know how to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, can you send me the URL of that page and a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile? Also include the problem

Details has been sent to you. Thanks :)

Ok, I’ll answer there :)

I want to increase the width of the sidebar widget, please do help me


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Hi there & Thank you for the Theme!

I bought the theme back in November & have been customizing it a bit since then. I did not know crap about html, php, css when I began so this has been a great learning curve for me. The purpose of the website has also changed since November so I don’t even use the Coupon functions anymore. It would however be too much work to change the theme right now so I’m sticking with Couponize for some time to come.

But now to my question:

The BROWSE button next to the SEARCH Button in the header has stopped working on my site for some reason. Is it possible for you to check it out & see what the problem is since you know the code? Also, Is it possible to change the button to list tags instead of categories?


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Hi there,

I’m using WordPress latest version (4.5.2)

I just running the sample data and data is there, but when i see homepage, it’s not working at all, you can take a look on: http://quierofertas.gt/ (there is a jquery issue) and nothing is showing up at home.

Also, i can’t see any “company” feature when i create a coupon, where can i find it? https://snag.gy/3VUnj7.jpg

Please, could you help me?



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Hello guys, do you have comments on this?



When I submit my coupons, it is showing Hello World! at the browsers tab, can you plz guide me where i can customize in the code.

thanx in advance, ab

can you plz tell me how to make the coupon slider responsive, thanx

Where I can add the new field in the coupon post – for example there are 4 custom field right?, such as “Value of the discount” etc.

Hi Presale question: Can i remove the option for users to upload discounts? I just want people to press on the discounts and not upload them by themself. I will do that as the admin

Best regards Henrik

Flexslider is no longer working on our site, can you point me in the direction of the Flexslider files in your build so I can get it fixed?


Dear Author,

I have trouble when i install Theme Couponize.The hompage do not display at all coupon item on slider as demo. It just display one coupon item on slider new coupon. Please see image : http://bit.ly/1WLwSeE

How i can fix it?

Please kindly support me.

Thank you so much!