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pulsa Purchased

Hello All…

Actually is a good template, but the support is not Exist at all! i’m waiting 1 month already for an answer and still nothing… so, just to know it…. if you buy this template and you have any issues, You re alone!

tolytes Purchased

on the under construction page, Count Down is not working on SAFARI on Mac and IOS 7 device on iPhone / iPad but it works on the older version of IOS

Can’t get on to support forum.

User: DeanHeagle Item Purchase Code: 50d2f89d-2719-4629-97e1-74ab81381600

It says I don’t exist.

Please help,


Dean Heagle

markfitz Purchased

These guys had great support and were planning an update to this template but something must have happened because all their activity online stopped at the same time. It’s a great template to work with though the authors have dropped offline.

will it work with russian language?

fromdev Purchased

Hi, I have installed your template on my site at – http://www.billionfollowers.com/

We are planning to add a blog to our site, is there a comments support for this template? Or should we stick to disqus like solutions?

Please suggest.

argus10 Purchased

I purchased your html template but there is no boxed version, how do I get that. Its kinda urgent, I need to have my site working fairly soon. Thank you

hsmbs Purchased

Hello. How can I change the default image size when I use elastic slider?

I hope I could use 1920*753 pixel images for the slider.