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Where do i change the color of the white background when in boxed mode, i tried in the sytle.css and bootstrap also looked in the html doc files….speady reply please need it changed for in the morning. thank you…

The wrapper in which all the elements sit on…or the container.. thanks

Is there a way to have more then one modal on a page, i have the tab element that is on the services page, then i have the launch demo modal on the first tab and i need it on each of the 6 tabs opening a new modal. what do i need to change on each modal for it to open a new modal with that tabs information?


Hello sir, I have inadvertently purchased your HTML template and wish to purchase your WordPress Theme for CoWorker. Is there any way I can get a refund for the purchased theme – or is there a way to receive a discount when I purchase the WordPress version? Thank you Bruce:cry:


tixi23 Purchased

I am very sad to see that this wonderful site has been abandoned.


I’m looking at purchasing both the wordpress and HTML versions of this theme as there are some parts of my website that use javascript and I can’t figure out how to get it working with wordpress!

Anyway, I’m wondering about updating menus in the HTML version. If a new page is added will I need to copy and paste the HTML code for the new menu into every page on the site or is there a master file that applies the menu change across all pages?

Thanks for your help. Emily

hello, Your theme “Codestyling Localization” & “wpml” Does the plugin supports 100%?

Hello, I’m working with 1.8.2 version. I need to put a gallery in a tab, but the images are shown one over another. Please see and click on “Immagini” tab. How can I solve it?

Is there anybody out there?


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I placed a google map on a modal.

It doesn’t display the whole map immediately… if you toggle your viewing fro Maximise(full screen) and regular size of the browser it start showing up.


how can I adjust the width up to 1240 Pixel?

atm the container is only 990px :(

Trying demo on mobile. When i open the main nav menu and the try scrolling down the menu, the menu disappears and closes on me. Can’t scroll and click on anything in the menu because it closes. Any help on how to fix this? Wordpress version of this theme has totally different menu style, so that works okay, though it doesn’t look as nice.

Any way to make the FAQ page open with a default category selected. Something like this: faqs.php#authors —but of course that didn’t work for me. ??

Will there be any updates to theme, Cheers!

How can you mark this template as bootstrap? I hate lying people just for selling more. Now i have to build a theme with this template that supposed to build on bootstrap. You are not even using bootstrap grid.. god..


stemalo Purchased

Hi , i need urgently help but I did not get an password email from your system after registration.


stemalo Purchased

Tried again to register, but :

Sorry, but that item purchase code has already been registered with another account. Please login to that account to continue, or create a new account with another purchase code.


stemalo Purchased

I see that you did not answer questions for a long time . What the hell is that ? Only grabbing money without support ? Also the support forum is not working anymore. Can I please have my money back !


stemalo Purchased

Your template make only problems and no support around. Prospective buyers should look for another item. With this item you buy only a pig in the poke.

I’ve just tried loading in a IE8 WinXP virtual machine and IE8 just hang without being able to render the page.

Does this template really works on IE8?


enber79 Purchased

Hi all. Anyone know how to open a page with a opened toggle? Thanks

it is also possible to use a vertical menu with two and three levels? If this is possible how can I do?